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December 25, 1999

Predictions, lists and violence: Predictions can be an attempt to control the future, especially when it comes to the Web.
Millennial forecast: Continued Ignorance: JOHO's attempt to control the future.
Knowledge-based fingertips: We need new standards for keyboards so our fingers can continue to stay ahead of our brains.
How Microsoft could kill document management: All it'd take is one simple widget.
Misc.: The abuse of "So" and other vital topics.
Links I like: Great places to go, discovered by our readers.
Walking the Walk: They want to track your every mouseclick. They must be stopped!
Cool Tool : Stupid PowerPoint Tricks I couldn't get to work on my computers.
Internetcetera: The Clinton Brand tracks detergents and all IT bows to the Gartner brand
Mail, smirks and outright lies: Your contribution, swell as always.
Bogus contest: Separation anxiety

December 1, 1999

The Undernet: The intranet that's under the radar is where the real work is getting done.
60s Recidivism: Is the Web a second chance for us failed hippies?
Tacit docs: Tacit knowledge is overrated — what counts are tacit documents.
Odd behavior: Robotic personalization and foolish trades.
World record spam: Is a 100K spam attachment reasonable? Nah.
Real Life Tales of Frame Jacking: Getting the context radically wrong.
Links I like: A reader-generated site-seeing tour.
Walking the Walk: Cluster Competitiveness goes paperless.
Cool Tool : Well, maybe 1st Page isn't so cool.
Internetcetera: The Internet 500 adds up to less than meets the eye.
Email, rants and uncalled for innuendoes : The usual fabulous email from y'all.
Bogus Contest: Separated at e-birth

November 15, 1999

Branding Knowledge: Beware of mistaking branding and intentional stupidity — inside and outside your organization.
The standards game: Companies that propose industry standards are so selfless! Yeah, right.
The Danger of Portals: Much of the power of the Web comes from its use of familiar document metaphors. Portals threaten that.
Journal of Collaborative Overkill: Computers around the world band to crack a "secure" encryption scheme. Where will it end?
Why Search engines lie: They do, you know.
Portal Overuse Early Warning Signs Dept.: Your portal to the overuse of the word "portal."
Links I like: Users contribute great places to be.
Walking the Walk: PHH lets you track your leased vehicles,and even listen in as drivers sing along with the radio.
Cool Tool: A traceroute site lets you track your packets, and even listen in as drivers sing along with the radio.
Internetcetera: Meaningless stats someone paid to unearth.
Email, field reports and passive-aggressive missives: Your mail, yah bastahds.
Bogus Contest: Instant recall.


October 25, 1999

The right information: There's no such thing as the right information when it comes to making decisions...and looking for it is a sign of deep fear.
Hermetic Microsoft: The Digital Dashboard reveals the bubble in which dwell the Microsoftians.
IQport.com and the price of info: This new site wants to create an information economy, and the hippie in me rebels.
Ask Marilyn why search sites suck: The World's Smartest Person discovers the truth about search engines.
Links I like: Great links from readers.
Misc.: Self-supporting world views and much more.
Walking the Walk: A Charlotte bank replaces paper with an intranet.
Cool Tool : Xenu, Amazon warrior or link checker?
Internetcetera: Meaningless stats presented with a straight face.
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual great email from readers.
Bogus contest: Web Scams

September 30, 1999

Time-Jacking: Web returns control of time to the individual
Can a business be authentic?: Does the term apply at all? Existentialism lives!
The Knowledge Conversation: Knowledge isn't an asset. It's a conversation.
Misc: Oddities that will change your life, guaranteed!
Links I like: Your guide to inessential knowledge
Cool Tool : PicoSearch lets users search your site, for free
Internetcetera: Portals doing business
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous email
Bogus contest: Offensive Product Line Extensions


September 10, 1999

Traffic and commerce: Customers aren't just "particles with motives" — we're networked, smart and full of vim.
How to be smart: First, figure out what matters.
Pornographic Intranets: The Web will transform intranets just as it has transformed porn.
Misc: Knowledge auctions and a buncha stuff.
Links I like: Virtual crack and a buncha links.
Walking the Walk: Brunswick Tech decides to let its employees know what they do for a living.
Internetcetera: Factoids about the correlation of email name lengths and buying patterns.
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous mail from our readers.
Bogus Contest: Russell's comparatives.


August 25 , 1999

Consuming Donuts: Consumers link up and find out more than they want to know about what really happens when it's time to make the donuts.
Why Search Engines Suck: Add inadvertent racism to the list of charges...
Links I Like: Finally, a Y2K disclaimer that tells it like it is ... and it's pretty darn funny.

August 5 , 1999

Fear of Browsing: Your business likes portals because it thinks they'll keep you from browsing — but browsing is a basic form of human attention.
Forms of marketing: Two eforms makers, two XML standards. Sigh.
Evaporating Business: Business is the thin line between markets and employees ... getting thinner all the time.
Why search engines suck, Part Whatever: Stop the presses! More evidence is in!
Framejacking in our time: Guilty of willful distortion of context.
CEOs Who Get It: CEOs who Get It apparently don't get email.
Links I like: A miscellany of links, mainly contributed by you, our unblenched readers.
Misc.: Have a better way to innovate? We're suing your sorry ass!
Walking the Walk: Open source medical research?
Cool Tool : Gooey lets us chat together at other people's web pages.
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous email from y'all.
Bogus contest: ExMail Lists : When people leave a company, what should they name their mailing list?
Bogus Results: Fearless readers reply to previous contests.

July 8, 1999

Microsoft's Near-XML Experience: A Conversation with Tim Bray: Why didn't Microsoft do the 1% of additional work to make Office actually XML useful?
Digital dashboard . Perfect example of nothing: The Digital Dashboard is highly touted, but it's not a product, it's not a demo...so what is it?
The Web is a world: Businesses that confuse the Web with a medium are not making a rare mistake.
KM Summit: The third annual summit shows the industry is actually advancing.
Payback time: Eat lead death, Creative Labs.
Links I like: Tom Petzinger's new newsletter plus lots more
Misc: Oddities of the Web world.
Walking the Walk: First person account of how travel books will be written
Internetcetera: Too much email
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Never enough email from our fabulous readers.
Bogus contest : Expando-Theme Business Books
Contest Results

June 15 , 1999

Windows 2000 — Greatest Product since DOS 6!: We don't need an improved desktop. We need to have a web instead of a desktop.
Microsoft KM: Microsoft makes more Knowledge Management noises. Snorts, snores or derisive laughter?
Messages in bottles: Sometimes a human voice pokes through a product, and it's thrilling.
ThirdVoice: Is this new product a spray can for vandals or the great democratizer of the Web? And how could we possibly tell?
Why search engines suck: Part of the continuing series...
Misc: Airline food and other horrid topics.
Links I like: Miscellaneous contributions to take you away from this newsletter. ("Eyeball repellant"?)
Walking the walk: Jiffy Lube takes care of its customers.
Cool tool: Little utilities that actually work.
Email: The usual fascinating missives from you, our readers.
Bogus contest: No-ops

May 20, 1999

Metaphors and distraction: When it comes to valuing metaphors and valuing things just as they are, we're stuck in another Hegelian cleft stick — an optional article if ever there was one
0:1 marketing: 1:1 marketing only has a real "you" at one end of the equation — and we need to do something about it
Webby collaboration: The Web has forever changed the way we work together
Open source bombing: Everything else is open source, so why not this?
The Other Y2K: Unix boxes are going to time out in 2038. It's not too early to frighten yourself
Links I like: Miscellaneous goodies
Misc.: Short takes and savage briefs
Why search engines suck Dept.: The latest in the continuintg series
Walking the Walk: Budget Rentacar is taking bids for your next rent-a-heap experience
Cool Tool: SurfSaver combines caching and bookmarks
Internetcetera: No one likes IT
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous mail from our readers
Bogus contest: Classic Business Books

April 30, 1999

The importance of being wrong: You can't go wrong being wrong.
Let me count the KM ways: What do 8 cases of KM have in common?
Are portholes bigger than the sum of portparts?: Portal madness
Isn't it (sweetly) ironic?: The compacting of Compaq
Leading indicator: Fly Delta's intranet
Reference Works: David Isenberg on "KnowWhy"
Links I like: Maybe you will, too
Spam I didn't opt into and didn't finish reading: Write to strangers if you hate spam!
Walking the Walk: Intranets cure cancer
Cool Tool: Correlate rates
Internetcetera: Web buying is up
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous email from readers
Bogus Contest: Smell o' Death Press Releases

April 10, 1999

1. The KM Impulse: Why do we care?: Beneath the buzzwords is an impulse to understand
2. Knowledge vs. ideas: More differentiation concepts. Thrilling!
Why search engines suck, part whatever: Sun's site, Sun's tagline: Results = 0
Vaguely ironic miscellany: A handful of oddities
Links I like
Walking the Walk: McDonnell Douglas lets the bidding happen electronically
Internetcetera: The Web overthrows the tyranny of the alphabet
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual fabulous mail from our readers
Bogus contest: Webindromes
Contest results

March 26, 1999 - Special Issue

The Longing: Why is our culture on fire about the Web when we can't even say what it's for? A desire so fervent must express a deep longing, a spiritual longing.

In fact, we embrace the Web with such enthusiasm (literally, being filled with the spirits of the gods) because we hope it will enable us to end the contract we've implicitly signed that says we'll give up our human, individual voice in exchange for the illusion of living in a managed world.

The Web is unmanaged. The Web returns our human voice.

That's what we long for.

March 15, 1999

Diversity and the Web Lunch Table: Will the Web let dogs and cats play together, overcoming mutual prejudice? Or will it let cats find other cats and dogs find other dogs?
Filling out forms for XML: XML, the Great Document Liberator, will actually have us filling out more forms than ever.
Buzz Soup: OBI: Open Buying on the Internet, a standard explained.
Xerox: The Whatever Company: Knowledge management continues to prosper by not having a thought in its chipper little head
Microsoft's KM: Do Microsoft's leaked plans to put KM everywhere validate KM? Ha!
The Myth of Human Fallibility, Part 1: A new series featuring people and companies who never, ever make mistakes.
Tag line evolution: Sun's statements are eerily consistent.
Linux Vulcanization: News from the Linux and hardened rubber front.
Links I Like: Miscellaneous happy spots to visit
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual wonderful email from readers.
The Bogus Contest: Personal Mission Statements

February 22, 1999

Business Turing Test: Does your business have a human voice?
How Text-y is the Web?: Why the Web will stay a place of words, many of which are spelled correctly
Zisman on Knowledge: Lotus' Strategic VP's inner thoughts
Low Expectations in Hollywood: How to pick up Jada Pinkett
Deconstructing Clip Art: Reading the Zeitgeist in Microsoft's Office2000 clip art
Bad Ads: The ads you love to hate
Links I Like: Miscellaneous goodies
Walking the Walk: CFN brings human service to its employees
Cool Tool: HTMStrip downgrades HTML
Internetcetera: Flash! Email use to rise!
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual splendid mail from our readers
Bogus contest: Off by One
Contest Results


February 5, 1999

Knowledge Narratives: Stories are to information as information is to data.
Linux Bandwagon: More tales from the front
Ads foretelling the end of civilization: Limits are never broken, they're just re-defined
Links I Like: Here are some that are at least interesting
Walking the Walk: Ericsson's intranet portal
Internetcetera: Lying on your resume.
Email, Sardonic Wisecracks, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual wonderful mail from our readers
Bogus contest: Methodical Madness
Contest Results

January 23, 1999 - Special Issue

Down with Reality!: The person staffing the ticket desk asks me: "Do you have an electronic ticket or a real ticket?" Two thousand years of philosophy, and this is what it comes down to.

It's perfectly clear at one level what she meant. A real ticket is made of paper. An electronic ticket is just a notation in a computer that I paid for a seat. But why think of the paper ticket as "real"? Why not think of the e-ticket as real?

"Reality" is a value judgment...

January 5, 1999

Why Don't We Vote in Business?: We all think voting's just fine for matters of war and peace. So why don't we vote in business?
One-Question Interview: Alok Nandi on How Worldy Is the World Wide Web? Are all sites destined to become as similar as the fries you get at MacDonald's? Or is there hope for humanity?
Self-Plagiarism: The Industry Standard seems to, um, borrow from itself.
War as Usual: Dire predictions of continuous, total war. So, what else is new?
RageBoy on Marketing: 13 rules to market by ... from the Devil himself
Business and Time Follow-up: Thoughtful responses from our readers to the previous special issue.
Ooky Coincidence?: Amazon and BarnesAndNoble have identical book summaries -- right down to typos. Hmmm...
Links We Like (or maybe not): A miscellany from our readers
Walking the Walk: Michelin's intranet has negative ROI ... and they love it!
Cool Tool: The Microsoft Cordless Phone moves from cool, to flawed, to unusable.
Email, Comments and Open Sores: The usual splendid mail from our readers
Bogus Contest: Unpredictions Things that won't happen in '99
Contest Results

December 15, 1998

Is Knowledge Stupid?: Knowledge management is in danger of turning knowledge back into information. Knowledge isn't just useful information; it's much more important than that.
Proximal Inconsistencies: Two cases of thoughts that shouldn't be brought together, but are.
Media Entrails: Reading the mood of the media, on XML, NCs, operating-system-less databases and Linux.
Wallets, Not Eyeballs: Are web visitors eyeballs or deep pockets?
Arguments in Favor of Either Communism or Euthanasia, #1: Henry Hyde doesn't know enough to know that he's an idiot.
Links I Like: Make your own traffic sign and make your own stereograms ... preferably not at the same time
Walking the Walk: Yamaha uses an extranet to help its boat dealers
Cool Tools: My 'zine mailer craps out. And you can have it for free! What a deal!
Internetcetera: There are 20,000 software companies. And how does that help us?
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: The usual splendid email from our readers
Bogus contest: Frame Jackers
Contest Results

December 9, 1998: Special Issue

Business and Time: We're seeing an important shift in the nature -- not just the pace -- of business time. We're moving from a type of heroic chunkiness in which projects are private until published to a collaborative granularity in which much more is exposed to public view, for longer, and deadlines are not as important as readiness.

The rhythm of our work life will move from punctuated equilibrium -- narratives with dramatic scenes at the end -- to constant effervescence (with just a hint of lemon). The wits and the bon vivants -- and, therefore, the lightweights and the gadflies -- will flourish. Chatter beats speeches. Repartee trumps tragedies. Nimbleness creams Schwarzeneggerian heroism. The lunkheads perish in the cold. The mayflies swarm, flit, swarm some more.

November 25, 1998

Document Communism: The means of publication are in the hands of the worker ... and the corprate document wall is coming down
Buzz Soup: DMA: Will this document management standard be Real Important?
Dumbass Ads and Business Diagrams: Andy Groves, pizza ads, and grammatical car violations
Linux's Good Week: The upstart OS gets some breaks
Where Do You Want to Market Today?: Microsoft's marketing-free zone is hardly
Boeing Walks the Walk: Their extranet saves them a bundle
Cool Tools: Set up your own free mini-extranet, and use a JOHO-developed tool for creating a table of contents just like this one!
Internetcetera: Ecommerce will be worth trillions! We're all going to be rich!
Links I Like (or find annyoing): Oddities, curiosities and bad rashes
Email, Innuendo and Unintended Inferences: The usual splendid email from our readers
Desperate Cries for Help: Why errors are the big winners in life's Natural Selection Sweepstakes.
Bogus Contest: Computer shopping and extremely bad puns
Contest Results

November 5, 1998
DOM Perignon, the Champagne of Object Models: The Document Object Model is goddom important, y'hear!
Microsoft and XML Make Nice: The Giant of Redmond is embracing XML ... but the way a cobra embraces a jackrabbit?
On the Sunny Side of the Street: Your intrepid reporter is back from a briefing from Sun
Death of the NC, Part Whatever: Sun's network computer is a monument to defeat
Good Books, Bad Books: Am I alone in detesting Burn Rate? And has anyone else read Brainstorm?
Fisher Scientific Walks the Walk: Publish and sell via XML -- and the weirdest imaginable XML DTD
Cool Tool: Disk copier and meta-search engine (two separate tools)
Internetcetera: How big is the Web, how fast is it growing, and surprising news in the Netscape-Microsoft battle for your browser
Informative Responses: Heady responses to our special issue on the nature of information
Rumors, Innuendo and Rude Remarks: The usual fabulous mail from our readers
I'd like to See Bill Gates Dead, Cont'd: More on the strangely satisfying Word thesaurus
Bogus Contest: E-Words -- Let's use up the puns before they fall into the wrong hands.
Contest Results

October 30, 1998: Special Issue

Hijacked Predictions
(with Deconstructions by RageBoy)

All I thought I'd do is poke a little gentle fun at InfoWorld's 20th Anniversary Celebrity Predictions -- they asked famous computer folks to write about the future -- but, foolishly I invited Chris "RageBoy" Locke, the Scourge of JOHO, to contribute. By return email I got back a de-constructed, practically de-composed version replete with RB's scathing, scatalogical commentary.

What did I expect. Sigh.

Read and see just how stupid RageBoy makes me look.

October 17, 1998

Tim Bray on XML!: Will XML drive us to object-oriented databases at last? Will it drive us at all?
Convergence or Hole?: What looks like convergence to us old farts may in fact be a vacuum waiting to be filled by something new.
Why Search Engines Suck™: Latest in a continuing series...
Dumbass Advertising Someday we'll see 3D simulations on PCs! Imagine!
Collateral Marketing Damage (and Other Links): Serendipity strikes! Some happy sites.
Chicken Flickers Walk the Walk: 2,700 disgusting chicken restaurants achieve amazing productivity gains via an extranet
Cool Tool: A free web-tracking service
Internetcetera: What are people doing with their intranets?
Email, Rumors and Rude Remarks: The expected great mail from our readers
Enyart Bites the Big One: Pointless baiting of the innocent
Bogus Contest:TradeMocks


September 25 , 1998

Damn Humans!: Fallibility is going to be very big this year. The Web is built for it. So are we.
Degrees of Knowledge: It used to be that something was knowledge or it wasn't. Not any more.
The Death of Probes: First "probes" offed "sucks." Now "probes" is facing its own stiff competitor...
The Iron Law of Irony: You become what you mock.
Steelmakers Walk the Walk: The Web pushes hot steel, reduces inventory
Cool Tool: XML Notepad.
Internetcetera: Executives don't know what they're doing, and intranet-based training grows way too fast.
Email, Rumors and Rude Remarks
AntiVirus Rankings: Can they cure the common cold??
You're Dumb: Stupid tests!
Bogus Contest: High Wit and Misdemeanors
Contest Results


October 9 , 1998: Special Issue

What is Information?: An email colloquy among JOHO, Chris "RageBoy" Locke and RageBoy's sister(!). The term "information" is surprisingly meaningless. Conclusion: We need an information science that understands that today's information isn't the crop but the weeds.

September 7, 1998

One Square Inch of Silk: The first India InternetWorld reminds us why we started caring.
No Pun Jini Headline: Sun aims at a universal, operating system without an operating system. Lucent, too.
Making the Web Accessible: Sites for sore eyes.
Do Gooding: Look good, do good, be good.
Intergalactic Domains: NASA aims to out-universal Sun.
Cool Tool: Norton Travelers Kit -- Fluffy filler for bloated newsletter.
Internetcetera: Keeping senior executives comfortable
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks
Bogus Contest: Web personals.
Bogus Mini-Contest: Parse the email addresses. Fun for old and young alike!


August 17, 1998

The View from the Knowledge Management Summit KMWorld's Summit raised lots of issues. Reports on:
  Should KM be invisible?
  Search-and-replace marketing
  The KM map
  Who leads?
  The Web effect on KM
  Two types of KM
  What is the opposite of information?
  The degradation of tacit knowledge
  Knowledge isn't in our heads
  Extra bonus! The speech that was too hot for the KM Summit:
  The New Science of F*cking Management

D.U.M.B., Period: How do you spell I.S.D.N.? Ask the N.Y. T.i.m.e.s.
How to feel like a Jew: Go down south.
Department of Too Much Time on Our Hands: How does Outlook decide what's an email address?
Thinkly Different: Queasiness Moments with the Apple ad campaign
Cool Tool: Screenporch.com is built for conversation
Internetcetera: What are the operating systems in use?
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks
Why Search Engines Suck: Two more reasons are added to the perpetual list
Bogus Contest: Creative advertising, and contest results

July 23, 1998


It's a David-Centric Universe: Shameless self promotion.
Ignoring Linux: Can a new operating system developed and supported in a truly webby way really break the MS stranglehold? It's a generational thing, dude.
How to Feel Stupid: Keep pressing the [email protected]#$% line feed light on your printer. then replace all your DLLS.
1-800-WEB: The last ecological niche on the Web is filled
Death of Docs, Part Whatever: Are documents really dead? Have web sites killed them? Will Ashley discover that Philip is the father of her sister?
They Know What Your Other Hand is Doing Dept.: They know where you've been browsing and they're going to tell your parents! Be afraid!
Technological Breakthroughs by the Media: Peek behind the curtain as The New Republic goes techno-freak on us!
Walking the Walk: The auto industry tries to iron our supply chain hold-ups so they can pass the savings on to themselves.
Cool Tool: Homesite beta 4.0
Internetcetera: Whom do you trust?
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks
Bogus Contest: Web House Bands

June 30, 1998

Note: Only the text-only email version survived the HTML Meltdown of '47.
The Trouble with XML: 1. All hail XML, but we are about to see the Balkanization of standards...2. And here's something we can do about it. 3. We inevitably veer into the frivolous.
Devolving Definitions: All Hail Larry, for He hath brought forth NCs direct from his mighty forehead.
Why Search Engines Suck: Lycos takes a swing at this perennial question.
Walking the Walk: Subaru decentralizes its forecasting process via the Web.
Cool Tool: Fonts for the eye weary.
Internetcetera: Web maintenance is vital and being outsourced. Also, are Americans slobs? A Dutch perspective.
Gartner on KM CIOs may disagree about the value of KM, but they agree the name sucks.
Reader-Suggested Links: JOHO readers have a come up with a miscellany of interesting sites.
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks:
The usual amazing mail from readers.
Bogus Contest: The JOHO Invitational.

NOTE: All the pure-text version of this issue is available.

June 4, 1998

Displaying Intelligence: The part of our computers slowest to change is going to change in a big way ... and will alter the fundamentals
Follow-ups: Sites vs. pages (and Office 99), Zorba the Greek, and ICQ.
The Dutch Question: A question for our Dutch readers
Monkey Boston Garden: Mysterious remains and the essence of sports
Downward Definitions: How to turn Notes into a knowledge management system just by redescribing it!
Why Search Engines Suck: Two more reasons
Quality98: Getting the little things wrong in Outlook
Cool Tool: Alexa makes polite suggestions
Internetcetera: Is KM everywhere? It depends who you ask.
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks
Bogus Contest: Bad titles


June 2, 1998: Special Issue

Are Metaphors like Baloney or Las Vegas?: Side-by-side commentary by Chris "RageBoy" Locke of EGR and JOHO on the importance of metaphors.

May 16 , 1998
Early Warning Signs: First unsub and obnoxiousness warning
The Knowledge Management Metaphor: "Managing knowledge" is as wrong as thinking of the Web as "the worldwide scrapbook". Let's try a different metaphor...
Exhibition Notes: Why is face time important? And why can't conference panels be more like tv?
Why Articles about Search Engines Suck: Reportage on the size of the Web is, well, interesting
Why Search Engines Suck: One in a continuing series
Death of Suck: "Suck" is out. Here's a replacement.
Good Links: Three sites worth visiting
Meetings We Wish We'd Attended: The commercialization of the Soup Nazi
Cool Tool: Scribbler lets you try out JavaScript and DHTML
Internetcetera: Race and class on the Net
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks
Bogus Contest: Unclaimed Puns

April 25, 1998

NC Obituary: Network Computers? Larry Elllison himself has written their obituary
Shameless Self-Promotion: "Confessions of a Quake Player" ... NPR runs another commentary of mine.
The Web and Vegas: Two places that look the way they are.
Are Documents Dead?: A thoughtful reply by Eric Severson to last issue's overstated claim
Trelligram: Windows doesn't understand Web pages. Here's one way of smartening it up.
Cool Tool: AltaVista Personal Edition tames email
Internetcetera: Big numbers from experts.
Email, Ripostes and Rude Remarks: The usual fabulous email from readers
SGML Veterans Memorial: Soliciting ideas for commemorating the brave foot soldiers who paved the way for the Web

Email I Never Finished Reading Dept.:
Making Fun of Strangers: We pointlessly make fun of Lisa Simpson and James Gosling
Bogus Contest: Witty Standard Addenda


April 10, 1998

Emotional computing: Q&A with Dr. Roz Picard of MIT, author of Affective Computing
Pleonastic URLs: If it's an URL, it's online. Duh.
Walking the walk: Laffter, the best medicine
Cool Tool: Netscape HTML stripper
Internetcetera: Men are from Yahoo, Women are from Yahoo
Email, Ripostes and Rude Remarks
Revision Deflation: How many decimals in your point release?
Name Shortage: How many three letter combos are left?
Bogus Contest: Ethics We'd Like to See

March 19, 1998

The Death of Docs: The Web is eating away the very heart of docs. With a reply by Frank Gilbane.
Imperfect IS: In an imperfect world, how upset can you get?
Cool Tool: AtomTime
Internetcetera: Laid Back IS
Unfortunate Juxtapositions
Email, Innuendo and Rude Remarks
Puzzling Spam
Why Search Engines Suck: Blue 2 Edition
Bogus Contest: DBA

February 20, 1998

The Meaning of JOHO
Thinking with Your Hands: How "bricolage" can help
Buzz Soup: S/MIME and PGP/MIME
Re:Wired: A face lift and a let down?
Rhone-Poulenc walks the walk:
Cool Tool: TraceRoute
Internetcetera: 4 Guesses
Unfortunate Juxtapositions
Real Dumb Quote and Ad
Email, Bricolage and Rude Remarks
Why Search Engines Suck: Blue Edition: If Web search engines are so smart, why can't they prove the Clinton/Blows Correlation hypothesis?
Bogus Contest: Webku


February 4, 1998

Context Management: The phrase that should have caught on instead of Knowledge Management
The Myth of Multitasking: The fact that we're emotional means we can't really multitask.
Buzz Soup: ECMA Script, a debonair European standard
Nightmare Email: Smoking gun email we're unlikely ever to see
Why Search Engines Suck: A new series
Walking the Walk: The BBC's intranet
Cool Tool: Inquisit's agents are sort of smart
Internetcetera: Ethical stats
Email, Comments and Rude Remarks
Babel fish: Vivid proof that automatic transational ain't there yet
Bogus Contest: Lurking Trademarks

 Jan. 20, 1998
One-Question Interview: Dan Bricklin on Writing for Online: The inventor of the killer app for the PC and -- more recently -- the mind behind Trellix discusses what we can learn from printed paper about building documents for hyperspace.
Random updates: Microsoft's new RVP standard for "live chat," and, do you really want your car, your kitchen and your tetherball set on the Web?
Pointless Microsoft Bashing: They can't even get a pulldown menu right on their bug reporting page, but they want to rule the world? Jeez!
Pointless FileNet Bashing  Exactly what does their new product name mean in ancient Greek?
Walking the Walk  Boeing empowers its customers' mechanics.
Cool Tool  Spam your friends -- a tool to be used kindly and gently
Email Growth Factoids  
The End of the TLA  Want to register a three-letter acronym? Better act fast!
Email, Comments and Suggested Lifestyle Alterations: Great email from the JOHO readership
Bogus Contest: New Nothing Scripts  We've run out of Java puns. We'd better come up with a new language.

 Jan. 4, 1998
When Everything Is on the Web: Everything electrical -- from refrigerators to thermostats to vending machines -- will be a web server, serving up information about itself. Besides having levels of control never before imagined we're also going to see some big shifts in metaphors.
Meaningless Blather: How much computer memory would it take to capture human experience? We take apart some meaningless blather that somehow mistakes life for cleverly arranged bits.  
Fruit of the Loom Looms Large: The underwear giant offers its competitors free Web space -- and picks up market share because of it.  
Walking the Walk  National Semiconductor does serious business on its extranet
Server Growth Factoids  
Email, Comments and Suggested Lifestyle Alterations: Great email from the JOHO readership, with temperatures rising in proportion to the triviality of the topic.
Microsoft's Day Off:   Oddly, the MS servers seem to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Bogus Contest: Fearless Predictions  At long last, predictions with some teeth. Not to mention cheap shots at Janet Reno.

Dec. 20, 1997

Rare Collectors Issue! 
Microsoft Murders Netscape: MS says you'll be able to save (and open) Word files in HTML (XML, actually). Your word processed files are going to be Web files. This will make the Web not a business tributary but the mainstream. And it's very bad news for Netscape.
One-Question Interview: David Yockelson of Meta on Internet Commerce: So far, EDI (electronic data interchange) has been a way to automate simple transactions, one at a time without context. The Internet will instead provide a continuing context for long-term relationships.  
The Importance of Wasting Time: Communities -- people who care about one another more than they have to -- may look like a distraction from "real work," but in an unpredictable world they enrich the "knowledge pool" so you can better exploit the vagaries of fortune.  
Cool Tool: The Price of Liberty is Eternal Spam. Here's a tool that can help.  
Mail I Didn't Finish Reading Dept.  
User and document factoidal material  
Email, Comments and Suggested Lifestyle Alterations: Great email from the JOHO readership, including Lilly Buchwitz, Tim Hiltabiddle, Abe Kleinfeld, Jeff Millar and Gerry Murray.  
Bogus Contest: The Law of Strategic Interruptions, the Search Engine Law of Indeterminacy, the Ontological Duality of Web Page Corollary, and other scientific theories 

Dec. 5, 1997
Rare Collectors Issue! 
Tim Bray on XML: One-Question Interview: One of the fathers of the most important Web standard to emerge this year gives us the scoop
Hyperlinked Support at Western Digital: The hard drive giant risks trusting its customers 
Randy Hinrichs on Placelessness: An interesting quote from Sun's CIO 
Instant chat leads to multitasking hell? 
Old world marketing: What's wrong with this ad from Hitachi? 
Email, Comments and Suggested Lifestyle Alterations: Some great email from the JOHO readership 
Bogus Contest: Deep Thoughts 

Issue #2 (BETA!)
Rare Collectors Issue! 
The Web in 5 Words: Everything you need to know in one easy-to-remember, fat free phrase
The Hyperlinking of AT&T Wireless: Letting your people go entrepreneurial 
Buzz Soup: Netscape Aurora and RDF: And important new standard for metadata 
Internet chat 
Proof the Web is 2,000 years old: Not to mention the Jewish answer to the Year 2000 problem
Email, Comments and Suggested Lifestyle Alterations 
Bogus Contest: Safe Weaknesses Things it's ok to say are wrong with the Web

Issue #1 (BETA!)

Rare Collectors Issue! 
Knowledge Management Summit: Market leaders looking for a market 
Realism is Pessimism: JOHO girds its loins for a firestorm of sneering criticism from pro-cynicism fanatics 
Jews and the Y6K Problem 
Email and Comments: Fill in the blanks. Please. 
Bogus Contest: How to tell a first time flyer