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New JOHO Doc reminds me


Doc reminds me that I published a new issue of my newsletter this morning. Yeah, I remember now! In it you’ll find some previously blogged stuff PLUS reader mail and link contributions. And a Bogus Contest. In fact, here are the contents:

Links and Horizons: There’s more to the Web – and to the real world – than meets the eye

The word “horizon” became important to some philosophers in the second half of the 20th century. “Horizonal this” and “the horizonality of that” are sure signs that you’re dealing with a so-called Continental philosopher. They’re also the ones talking about silence, gestures, and, occasionally, nothingness. There’s a reason for this…

Teams vs. Individuals: Strong individuals can make lousy teammates … Hegel and the Web to the rescue!

There’s always been a contradiction of an Hegelian sort (oy, what’s with me this week!) between the value of individuals with strong beliefs and the need to be flexible enough to subordinate one’s beliefs for the sake of the team. Passion versus teamwork. Commitment versus compromise. Individualism versus collaboration…

So, You Go: The verbal tic of choice

So, you can already tell I’m a webby type of guy. The giveaway was in the very first word of this paragraph. “So,” I began, thus taking up an affectation of speech that is to web entrepreneurs what “what-ev-er” is to Valley girls and “On the other hand” is to philosophers…

Misc.: Why search engines suckā„¢, XP as pirate, and spam vs. English
The Anals of Marketing: Miscellaneous marketing stupidities
Walking the Walk: San Jose Bicycles talks the talk, in the best sense
Cool Tool: ClearType works
Links: Your pointers
Email, Arbitrary Insults, and Suspicious Hacking Coughs: Your comments
Bogus contest: Neologisms

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