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Bottom-up DigID

Tig’s Corner says what I’ve been trying to say about DigID: “… unless there are applications which use digital id, why will I want to use them?” Right on. We’ve got a bunch of digital id capabilities already, each solving some real problem such as: How can I trust that you’ve sent me money for the thing I sold you at eBay? How can I be sure that you have the right to change the way my daily email newsletter from Slate is delivered? How can I be sure that your company isn’t a Nigerian scam? To each of these questions of authority and authorization, we have developed good enough answers. Imposing a top-down, infrastructure-wide solution – even one where we get to control our IDs, which is (as everyone in the thread agrees) an absolute requirement – will fail because there is no market demand for it. It will be over-engineered and will bring with it the known tendencies towards abuse in favor of benefits that the market hasn’t asked for.

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  1. Why DigID?

    David Weinberger frequently poses the question, “Why do we need a digID system different from that which we already have? We can buy books and underwear from Amazon, file our taxes with the IRS, plead for student aid on FASFA forms at the Departm…

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