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Needed: Free SMTP

I’m away from home for 2 weeks and the free SMTP server I’d been using – – seems to have gone belly up. Does anyone know of a reliable free server I can use to send email via Outlook? I just signed up for HotPOP but it’s succeeding at sending mail about one in ten times. H-e-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-lp!

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  1. I always use local smtp on Windows2000 (via the IIS SMTP service) and Linux (via postfix or sendmail), on my laptop that goes all over so I don’t have to rely on an smtp provider. Occasionally you get onto an isp that forces you through their SMTP, but I haven’t found that much at client sites.

    Conversely, you could run SMTP with postfix or sendmail on your home Linux machine and then SSH into it with port redirection from wherever you are if you’ve got some sort of dynamic DNS happening.

  2. David:
    It’s free just for the first month but I was very impressed with OddPost — an Outlook-like client built in DHTML on a web page; can POP and SMTP mail easily; good spam protector; RSS reader, too.

  3. I tried oddpost a while ago and found it was more than I needed. I just want an smtp server.

    Here are some recommendations from emails that were sent directly to me in response to my plea:

    These come from people I know and trust, but I haven’t tried them.

  4. I’ve tried and it works nicely but it isn’t free (although I believe it has a free trial period). $20 per year ain’t bad though.

  5. Aloha, David! Why not use PuTTY and set POP and SMTP to localhost? That way you will not only be able to send mail, but also have messages encrypted via SSH. Here is a great tutorial:

    Yours Sincerely,


  6. is free (there is a free version) and it provides the features your looking for. I was looking at it mainly for its IMAP features to play around with.

  7. has been fast and reliable. Can’t recommend it enough.

  8. I also use FastMail.FM and I agree that they are very good but only Members ($15 one-time fee) can use their outgoing SMTP server. I list hundreds of IMAP providers here

    and I include information about whether they let users use their outgoing SMTP server and whether users can authenticate using SMTP AUTH (which is much more robust than POP-before-SMTP authentication). Note that free providers often have their SMTP server on blocklists so some of your mail will never get delivered (i.e. when the receiving SMTP server is using the relevant blocklist).

    I hope my list helps you find a good SMTP server!
    A free trial at a PAY provider is probably the way to go.

  9. I can’t recall if you have a spam solution or what it is, but I’m evaluating for the next 2 weeks. In addition to the spam management features, this service offers an optional SMTP feature that will log addresses of everyone to whom you send mail and add their addresses to your “this is a real person” database.

    The service is priced at $19-and-change US per year.

  10. Hi,

    I have been using PostCast Server for a while now and found it to be an excellent app … highly configurable and fast – recommmended



  11. For those who need reliable SMTP, it is better to use your PC as SMTP, by installing some free software like FreeSMPT Server (can be downloaded from or PostCast Server (downloadable at

    MSN’s SMTP is not only one server, it is dynamically changing to diff. one which makes us unable to use a specific one, like, etc.

  12. I found a great hidden gem called “St. George’s International Email Services”, website is They offer 30mb of free space and a great fast smtp server.


  13. I tried signing up for an account with St. George’s International Email Services but every time I fill in and click on the submit button, I get this message: The following fields must not be empty: “Account Name”.

    Is the site still taking in new accounts?

  14. Hi,

    Yep. The site is still taking new accounts. There was a bug in the signup site. Should be fixed now.


  15. New Site is:

    Have a great day,

  16. is no more =( it was good while it lasted (about 4 days for me since i signed up), huge inbox storage capacity, no ads, pop3/webmail access. it was heaven! until it went down.

    anyway, found another email with 20mb storage (not as big as stgeorges’ but good enough). it’s good and fast (i hope!)

    cheers all!

  17. Hello all!

    We have secured new funding! We are glad to let you know that we are back up and running. We’ve also secured two new servers and faster bandwidth. Sorry for the inconvience guys!


  18. Hi again guys,

    I thought i’d let you know our site is ( We are here to stay. No more downtime (we all hope), and our company is also making money and we’ve secured enough emergency funding for the next 10 years as well. So, hopefully, all of you can join us again. We are sorry for the inconvienience that we have caused. Please accept our sincerest apologies. Hope to see you there.

    CEO of St. George’s International Email Services

  19. Hi admin (Whoever you are…)

    I think it’s great. Thanks. Too bad that there is a lack of publicity though. It’s nice, and thanks for actually setting this one up that isn’t hit with that darn netsky/beagle virus!

    J. Sutton

  20. The thought of having a POP/SMTP server locally on my machine is very, very appealing…however, I would like to set it up on my Compaq iPaq PDA running Microsoft PocketPC 2003.

    Anyone know of a SMTP or POP server for that platform?



  21. just wanted to mention that st georges still seems to have that bug in their registration form…
    The following fields must not be empty: “Account Name””

    I’ve thus far tried 2 windows pc’s and 1 linux one.
    all of ’em should have cookies and stuff enabled.

    any1 else having the same prob? any1 with relations to st georges still about?

  22. PostCast is pretty good, I’m using it as an outgoing-only SMTP server for my web server setup (Win32/Apache/PHP/mySQL).

    The one gripe I have about it is that any custom colour schemes screw up the menus… Damn programmers :P

  23. Hey… those of you suggesting to implement an SMTP server on your laptop neglect to think that one might be trying to connect from devices like PDAs and cell phones, like I am. I came here because I’m having relaying problems from my cell phone over GPRS, with earthlink as an ISP.

    I just need a free SMTP server I can use.


    You can go there for wap access as well, and it is great, believe me.

  25. When it works, it great.
    When it’s down…
    And it’s down again.
    About the time you get comfortable, everyone is using your new email address and BAM. St. George is down again. Dead to the point this time that email to support returns undeliverable.

  26. I started using St Georges email recently, and I agree that the down time is problematic. I keep hanging in there because I don’t know of any other free providers that offer what they do. Can anyone tell me what is going on, should I stay or should I go??

  27. Think St Georges might be gone for good.

    I’ve known them down before – but as the website and the lot has disappeared methinks they’re gonnas.

    Probably one of their fire bugs again – eh?

    I’m keeping my eye on a new service – if it lasts for more than a month I’ll post some info on here.


  28. i agree with all of you about the downtime. i’m a new user of st george also. but seems two days already that they are down. i hope they will still make this online since they are the only pop email service that offer huge mailbox

  29. Can’t wait any longer.
    Free is only good if it works and looks like St Georges is not. You may be right colin, must have been one of the fire bugs that did it. ( was that weird or what )
    I have found more free email, huge ones. I signed up for 3. I test them all for 30 days and may the best one win. Have a look at these: (really )

    All pop3 and smtp

    Good luck

  30. I’ve been using for the past year. It’s not free, but it’s damn close. And it usually works.

    (BTW, Yahoo just bought oddpost.)

  31. Jerry, is the one I mentioned. I’ve been testing for a couple of weeks now and touch wood no problems. The only thing about them is it may not be pop/smtp forever – from what I can find out they intend to start a 1gb webmail only service in the future and untill that is up and running the current 100mb pop service is on offer. So if you want pop later on it may not be there.

    Spymac I’ve had for a couple of months now – I’ve found the pop3 server to be very unreliable – this past week alone I’ve only been able to access it once – so I’ve been using the webmail option which is a pain as there’s a lot of glue to wade through. Smtp is superfast though. I’m not impressed with it free or not – and I see now they’re starting to offer paid services so I think if those are well recieved the free one could well get dropped.

    Blubottle I don’t know – but I’ll give em a try.

    Nerdshack is good – I just hope the pop3 stays when the webmail comes fully alive.


  32. Hello. I have also relaized that St. Georges Email is down. Does anyone know how long? This is a real bad time since we use there accoints for company email and we cannot get a hold of SGIES or the server. This is bad news, and on of my other co-workers was the one who convinced our staff that this would be a prize investment and now he and I are trying to figure out what is wrong and are considering opening temporary previous gmail accounts again because there server is down. This is a problem but we hope it can get fixed and prevented…cause we rely on SGIES. Thanks. :O :)

  33. SGIES is indeed down, probably for good. I found that the entire domain was registered under, a dynamic DNS service; I emailed their support dept. asking about stgeorges and got this response:

    Thank you for using the Support Ticket System. The following response is from a No-IP support team member:

    Date: Jul 20, 2004 (3:47pm PDT)
    From: No-IP Support

    Hello, was a host created through our free service. The owner of that host deleted his account on 7/14.

    Their mail service was not run by Vitalwerks or No-IP, we simply provided DNS for them. Also, as far as I know we have only received one other query concerning this account and that really didn’t make any sense to us. Thanks for making it clear. Unfortunately since we aren’t their hosting provider, only their DNS provider, we don’t have access to any of the data they may hold.

    It appears they were running the service off a DSL line from Canadian provider ( The last logged IP was on 7/14, 06:47:53pm PST.

    Unfortunately that is all the information I have available.

  34. It’s also interesting to note that it was all run from a dynamic DNS provider and DSL line.. I do hope it wasn’t all set up to phish for passwords and/or private information.. as it stands, the only link we have to whatever it might have been is that IP address no-ip provided me.. hope this helps if you need to figure out what happened to it; I’m going to move onto a more reliable free email provider, myself.

  35. Wait, is SGIES down for good? Explain.

  36. It certainly looks like it. If they indeed deleted their DNS record / dynamic DNS account intentionally, it certainly points to SGIES being ‘gone for good’.. but what the hell, I’ll check once a day to see if they’ve resurfaced with some other incredible explanation for their disappearance. Maybe this time there was a moose stampede which destroyed all their servers?

  37. I know of a company who emailed the CEO of SGIES ocassionally a week, and he told me they seemed legit, showed them the type of servers they run and set up accoutns for them. Now they disaperared. They were gone before…whats so diffrernt now that we didnt know before. This is wierd.

  38. Going on a week it’s been out, now.. looks like I’m gonna have to find another email proider. *sigh*. And I just gave this address to a lot of people, too..

    Well, I guess we get what we pay for.

  39. There must be a way to investigate what really happened. This sucks, I had plenty of email contacts their. WE HAVE TO FIND out…also what is the best alternative emial provider anyonse suggests?

  40. I used to use SGIES and just come across this when searching for info on what happened. I have set up a new account on which I must say does look very good.

  41. Since SG went away I have been using both BlueBottle and SpyMac. I must say, I can’t deside. They are both great. SpyMac has the more attractive web interface but, Bluebottle has a great verification process that will not allow email through unless you approve the sender. That is great. SpyMac also has a gig of email storage, web site, Blog, image storage if you need / would like all that. I just need reliable email and I bring it down to my Outlook.
    You deside. Have a great weekend.

  42. Where’s SGIES! They can’t just disspear of the face of the earth!

  43. They did. Read above. Deleted their website and vanished.

  44. Umm….

    They’re still there…

    I just checked….lol

  45. Aha! Something told me they wouldn’t just disappear forever. Glad I left my stgeorges account in my Outlook Express accounts list, even though it gave me an error every time I checked my mail..

    To all users:

    If you are reading this email, we sincerely thank you for rejoining SGIES. We know you have a billion of questions on your mind, and we will, right now, try out best to solve everything out.

    We were placed under court order from an organization (whose name cannot be mentioned) because we were accused of a matter than cannot be disclosed. We were ordered to shut down our site without any information. Rest assured, our site is back online now, and should continue to stay online. Please accept our most sincerest apologies, but we have taken this time to improve the quality of our services and to upgrade almost all of our servers.

    Support Staff>br>



    To start off this email, I would sincerely like to apologize for the inconvieniences that the sudden ‘disappearance’ of our email services have caused. Please be assured that it is most likely that this will not happen again.

    We were under court order to shutdown our services without notification to our users immediately. Most of the materials of this court session have been deemed as confidential, but we are assured that this will not happen again.

    On a bright side, we were paid a quite substantial amount of money to compensate for our losses. We have used this money to purchase new servers. We hope that you accept our sincerest apologies and continue to use our services. For those who provided us with an alternate contact address, we did our best to notify you. If you have not already done so, please email our survey staff ([email protected])

    Please note we are extremely sorry.

    Best regards,

    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Comm.
    [email protected]

  46. Damn, sorry about no line breaks. Looks like they didn’t wrap to fit.

  47. I’d recommend which has been around for a few weeks now.

    Web mail is currently a bit plain (as of now just in beta) – but pop/smtp very reliable.

    Box is 100mb – but I asked if I could have a bit more and promptly got upgraded to 200mb – can’t complain about that.


  48. Hello,

    Glad many of our users post on the blog here. Just thought i’d let you know personally that all is well now. We have been reassured that something like this won’t happen again. Please trust us, we’re ever so sorry. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Comm.
    [email protected]

  49. Please note that SGIES ( email provider is now offering free 500mb email services with free pop3/imap/smtp support.

  50. I notice on the restored page that they no longer accept Yahoo group messages.

    One minute they didn’t – then they did – now they don’t again. I wonder if this is what got them into trouble – mass storage of naughty pics.

    Offering 500mb is asking for trouble when it comes to storing binaries and them Yahoo and other determined people can easily find a way to get around the groups thing – it was done before with another free outfit I tried and they folded because of it.

    I don’t think I’ll be going back again as I can’t see it lasting.


  51. Damned – the word wrapping on this page has gone to pot – sorry about that.


  52. Well, I can’t agree with you colin though…

    I got a personal message from the president. Let’s all keep in mind that SGIES did keep their promise. They said that they wouldn’t fold without giving their users two months of advance notice. They haven’t folded yet. They’ve come back, and are stronger than ever!

  53. St. George’s is working. Now Nerdshack is down. :)

  54. SGIES is back on the map. Do u think it is for good? Google still has 1 GB and so does spymac, but SGIES is better. Even though, I CANNOT access my SPYMAC 100MB web spacw, WHY NOT!

  55. I think that SGIES kicks butt. No service will beat it, and I was personally assured that this won’t happen again. So, hey, i’m back to SGIES, and their servers are really really fast now!

  56. You guys do what you want…

    But I know i’m staying with SGIES after the commitment they made on their site (

    I think they’re the best!

  57. Hey John, what u mean personally assured, u got 500MB right, but how u know it will last, for free?

  58. Well,

    Considering the President of SGIES apologized to me personally, and their commitment is sound. If you take a look at their servers and assets, it’s impossible for them to just “dissappear”. They’re an honest bunch, and i’ve grown to trust them, that’s all.

  59. The Nerdshack had a hard drive lock up over the weekend, and nobody was there to reboot the server.

  60. John,
    How many times are you going to tell us “I got a personal message from the president”. Do you work for them or what? We all got the same messages. Even as far as the pictures of the new servers, even they admit that “they look just like the pictures of someone elses servers”. Humm. In the last 3 months, they have been down because of fire, court order, virus, hardware failure….. I’m not one to look a free horse in the mouth but come on. In the last 3 weeks, they were under court order to shutdown, don’t tell anyone, delete all evidence that you ever existed, go to court, win your case including money, get paid the money, use the money to buy new servers, configure them all and jump back into operation as if you never went away? You can’t even get on Judge Judy in 3 weeks!
    I’m just gong to hang and see what happens. Not going to rely on SG for my primary email, not for a while. I’m going to wait and see if they next come up with an offer to collect millions of dollors from a king that was murdered in Africa and they only need you bank account number to split the money with you.

    Just be careful.

  61. And one last thing:
    (Vincent Liou
    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Communications
    President and CEO of SGIES)
    Do a search on Vincent, follow up by adding george to the search.
    That will bring you to this link :
    Now find Vincent on the page and check the link under his name. It will take you here: St. George bording school. Now Vincent is not listed in any of the faculity, Board of directors, anywhere. Check the contacts. Might he be one of the students?
    Be careful

  62. Yeah…you do have some good points…

    But there’s always the thought of a ‘coincidence’ and a whole lot of other stuff. I don’t know, but what I do know is that i’ve had a good experience with them, and so have a lot of other people though. They’ll remain my primary mail provider, unless a bomb goes off in their building…again…

  63. Whoa…guys…

    Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? I know the president of SGIES…LOL! He’s about 50 years old! DUDE!…what a sad accusations….LOL

    Wait till my wife hears about this!

  64. Looks like others had concerns as well.

  65. LOL…

    God, if you guys knew the full story around here…you’d laugh..

    The owner of and the owner of SGIES were past “enemies” in University. They’re trying to stir up competition against each other…and this is EXACTLY how they do it!

  66. SGIES is down again. That didn’t take long.
    The page cannot be displayed
    There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.


  67. SGIES is down! BUt i dont think for long

  68. Their Baaack!

  69. They were updating DNS servers, and finished a new domain which will be up in around 24-48 hours, depending on where you are in the world…servers were fine though

  70. New site of sgies..

  71. John, are u a mod?

  72. No, but I did read their post on their forum

  73. i read this to:

    As you may know, we have purchased a new domain.

    Therefore, some links will be changing.

    The new board website is:

    Wap Website:

    POP3/IMAP/SMTP Server:

    Other links are posted on

    Vincent Liou
    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Communications
    President and CEO of SGIES

  74. About sgies: You got me worried, guys. I have an account with StGeorges and after reading your comments today, I went to the sgies online board where I found the following post:|offset=10
    Hello respected colleages,
    I have some news for you.
    Two days ago, we ran out of funding for SGIES. The board of directors gave me two options
    1) Lose my Job
    2) Lose SGIES
    Well, a man is nothing without his word, and I needed my job. So, I must tell you something very important.
    I decided to do this: I keep my job, and I run SGIES by myself. I know that if I told everybody this that they wouldn’t believe me or think it was impossible. For the last three days, SGIES has been run by me. I couldn’t let SGIES go “poof”, since I made a commitment to all of you guys that SGIES was here to stay. So, I kept my job, and i’m the one looking after the servers now, i’m the support staff, survey staff, and the guy who runs the board. This way, I keep my promise, I do something I like, and I can keep my job. Honesty is important, and that is why I chose to share this information with you. I have a promise to you. Nothing will change here. NOTHING at all. The Support Staff/Survey Staff will still respond to your questions just like before. It won’t take any longer, and everything will be just like the way it was before.
    Vincent Liou
    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Communications
    President and CEO of SGIES

    I don’t care if the service closes or if Vincent Liou is a kid, as someone suggested here, what worries me are the comments about “phishing”. Though there is nothing confidential to “phish” in my mail, I don’t want my account to be used for dubious purposes.
    So is there anyone from sgies reading this who could give us users reassurance as to their honesty?

  75. What does phishing mean anyways?

  76. awer

  77. wear

  78. Oh. I see what you are getting at now.

    I guess you can never know if somebody is phishing. But to have something this big happen, and to ask almost NO questions on the signup page, have a forum with nice people, a great helpdesk, and almost everybody that uses SGIES is happy, well, it would seem impossible.

  79. this board sucks

  80. this forum sucks shit

  81. Ah so it’s the truth, you are kids:)))
    Are you playing with your school’s material? Tsss, tsss…
    Just make sure you don’t play with our accounts, ok,k now we know who you are and where to find you.

  82. lol. I do think that you should stop blaming them though…you don’t have the evidence, and besides, SGIES is a nice email service. We could implicate you to be some terrorist :-)

  83. Wow, this world is sull of stupid ass people. HA! You actually think a high school kid can run an email service with so many users and all those servers…lol…you know how much cooling and hard drive cost it would take?! Go visit the forum which I found very helpful. SGIES is bring run buy a determinant CEO that makes fiber optics but also does email service.
    Go sign up for a account at or join the forum and see how good the service SGIES is here.

    LOL you jerks, thinking you can run a server that good, ha you think you live in a free world, look at your school, ask the network admin how much it costs to run those kinda of services, lol you so ignorant.

    Well all those who believe in SGIES and actually use it and like it good for you guys its a smart choice, other services like Gmail and HotPOP or Spymac they gotta worry about paying off their executives and employees way to much and have to cut costs on their server. Thats the way the corp. world works, lol who ever posts sh*t like that are prolly highschoolers, think they know the freakin world…oo im just gonna run a email service today…lol u ignorants.

    Anyways all you others who support SGIES thats great you found a good service. Go SGIES! (sometimes ya gotta admit when a service out does your previous service, things change, deal with it)

  84. Whoops, I meant the forum is at http:/

  85. Is

  86. Thanks for the post. I’ve been waiting to hear that for a long long time…

  87. Yea Robert, thats what Im talking about, you obviously know how good SGIES is.

  88. I read what you say John – but doesn’t Mr Liou admit they’re funding has dried up? They always seem to contradict themselves – one minute their coffers are overflowing – and the next they’re dry.

    And really I can’t see Mr Liou being on call 24 hrs a day – can you?

    Something’s going to give pretty soon – and my feeling is if enough users sign up with them then they’ll try turning it into a paid service.

    I’ve still got two accounts but don’t use em – I’m waiting for some sort of announcement probably by the end of this month.

    In the meatime I’m sticking with Nerdshack as I’ve had no problem with them. I’ve had trouble galore with St George in past – and everything points to more in the future.

    Just me of course – people can choose as they wish.


  89. I don’t know where you got the fact that he is on call 24 hours a day. If you look at the time he responds to questions, etc, he’s only awake for maybe 14 hours? There are 10 hours or so that everything remains quiet (in terms of responding). But you’re right, people can choose as they wish, no argument there. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, but I think we can all rest easy because SGIES offers many options, and asks for no money. I can’t see them going ‘poof’ however, because I know that they’ve got a good president keeping them afloat, with many nice people helping him (mods etc).

  90. Well I was just looking at the part of his scribe as quoted here: ‘i’m the one looking after the servers now, i’m the support staff, survey staff, and the guy who runs the board.’

    That sounds to me like he’s doing the whole caboodle and hence my 24hr comment.

    If it’s correct then my concern would be what if he goes sick – does everything stop?

    It’s just one of the reasons why I can’t see the service lasting for much longer.

    No doubt I’ll be proven wrong – LOL!


  91. Well…yah…proven wrong! LOL!

    If he’s sick, how could everything stop? He’d be in bed…the servers will stay running….or he’ll get off his ass and fix it. If he’s so willing to continue an email service even after his company’s board of directors fails to give him funding, and he’s doing it because he wants to, well, he can move the world if he wants to! hehe

  92. Guys, can we stop talking about this please? This thread was originally for free smtp services…

  93. Okay. Sorry about that.

  94. I saw this on the SGIES forum:

    Please note that SGIES is NO LONGER offering free SMTP services. Existing users, however, will be unaffected. This decision was passed with 100% vote from the board of Directors at VW Global Unified Communications.. It seems that too many users are using our SMTP servers for “Dubious purposes”.

    Best regards,

    President and CEO of SGIES and VW Global Unified Communications
    [email protected]

  95. Also, the following:

    ALL list servers (such as Yahoo Groups) have been banned. SMTP port will actually work ONLY with port 366 AND 465 –SSL

    Best regards,

    President and CEO of SGIES and VW Global Unified Communications
    [email protected]

    I assume this ban included MSN groups, etc.

  96. I won’t argue with you. But keep in mind that we were asked to stop talking about this. So, please, stop.

  97. Arg. I can’t stop myself. Sorry mr. admin, but I have to say this.

    SGIES is taking new account signups for 1GB of free email services.

  98. Can’t stop myself again…SGIES is also offering SMTP support again for free.

  99. Robert…please stop. I know how enthusastic you are…but stop….

  100. SGIES ( announced free 3GB email services!!!

  101. U can have SMTP with Bluebottle. And not only on port 25!

  102. And with SGIES too…port 366

  103. Actually they offer FREE SMTP, they just revamped it thats all….

    You guys, St. georges International Email services (SGIES) is BY FAR THE BEST.

    IT OFFERS FREE 3GB of Email space
    Free POP/imap/stmp
    Address book, calander, etc,

    it is the best

  104. One minute they ban smtp because of spammers…the next it’s back…what are they up to now…and what’s coming next?


  105. Well, we banned it because of spammers, but now we have new sophisticated anti-spam solutions, and we WILL be the BEST email Service in the world. Or at least we’ll try.

    On a separate note, i’d like to ask that all the users here stop talking about SGIES to respect the Administrator/Moderator’s decision. Thank you for your cooperation.

  106. I’m the moderator/administrator and I don’t mind you talking about this here. Happy to be of some little help…

  107. Thank you David Weinberger for posting and clearing up things. I can click on your link and it takes me to the main page of this website. I wonder who is the other Admin without a link?

  108. Hmm. I wonder who it could be. Anybody could be a suspect ;-) That’s the problem I find with blogs like this. Who knows if I am really “vliou”, for I could be anybody….it worries me.

  109. The SGIES services and website was down yesterday for about 10 hours and today for about 9 hours, so far. Yesterday, SGIES came back on about 10 am with apologies from the President of SGIES. Servers ran out of fuel. Today no word so far, and SGIES is still fixed.

  110. THEY WERE NOT DOWN. I was there the entire day…


    Matrax wrote:

    Main site is down today for a long long time posticon What is happening??

    vliou wrote:

    Aah. I was still configuring/sleeping at the same time. I fell asleep last night by accident while I was configuring the #$(# servers. Oops. Sorry.

    POP3 is hosted by about 16 different servers, IMAP by around 23 and webmail is hosted by about 15 with one new one every day (demand…). Everything should be fine now…right? (eek…)

    Vincent Liou
    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Communications
    President and CEO of SGIES

  112. And everything was working so well…
    What are you up to now, kids?
    Or are you still sleeping?
    Come on, wake up, the users are getting worried, and you know what they say: “Hell has no Wrath like a User Scorned”

  113. You little son of a bitch. Making fun of people like that. You’re the fucking kid! Asshole!

  114. I found a 3 gb email service with POP3, IMAP, and SMTP access. And it is all free. Xmail has been around for awhile and seems to be reliable.

    Web interface is basic. Information is scattered.
    Developer said there is no automatic signup, that he wants to review all requests to screen out spammers. When I sign up, it was pretty automatic. I got a confirming email right away to authentic my sign up.

    The developer seems to be a straight shooter. He said the service is being run on office computer. When space on computer is filled up, he will close signup until he gets a bigger harddisk.

  115. Ah. Xmail. I used to use it, but then I was spammed by the site admin for a reason. He kept trying to sell me a cheap version of viagra…

  116. An email service that is a bit better now is definitely Yahoo. But there are a ton of ads. I haven’t got spammed yet though..

  117. SGIES announces new Free 5GB email Service!

  118. I am a faithful user of SGIES and Bluebottle. Both services are great, ABSOLUTELY LOVE SGIES. Have a question about Bluebottle IMAP however. I can’t seem to synch any folder except my INBOX which is great between ms outlook express (IMAP) and webmail. Is there a setting I’m missing or am I doing something wrong? I continually have no ‘folders’ on webmail when clearly through outlook express IMAP I do. Help please…

  119. Speaking of SGIES, their forum seems to have disappeared. When I tried to access it today to check the server status, I got the message “No such page exists.”
    What happened, has the address changed?

  120. I asked a SGIES moderator about the disappearance of the board, and he said that the board was deleted by the Administrator because of trouble on the board. What trouble?

    RJK, I know you are a big contributor on the SGIES board, but you have to consider SGIES lack of reliability since April. Hope you have a backup of all your emails stored on the board. Did you get this email from the President of SGIES?


    Because customer satisfaction must remain a first, I have made a decision with 100% support from the SGIES board that SGIES is no longer accepting new account signups.

    However, we do realize that this may be not a terribly great issue for most of the users here who would like their friend and family to signup. So, if you wish to have a friend or family signup, email me (president(at) and I will create a new account for you.

    Let it be known that on this date, SGIES will become a private email system. Just for you, so to speak :-)

    Please note that tonight’s issues must NOT be discussed on the board as it will most likely trigger negative emotions towards SGIES. In addition, we have taken our homepage offline, and will no longer work either.

    Hopefully, this will give you a more pleasant emailing experience.

    Vincent Liou

  121. Hmmm… What trouble? What are those “issues” which musn’t be discussed???
    Negative emotions will be most likely triggered by NOT discussing issues and hiding them.

  122. Please do not attack RJK like that. It is my fault, and my fault alone. Feel free to take it out on me, but please, leave him alone.

  123. Well, they’re having legal trouble now. Someone is thinking that they’re trying to monopolize the e-mail market.

  124. Mr. Liu has announced that St Georges Email Service is closed. I wonder what happened to his promise that he will give a 2 month notice before he shut things down? Wonder how many users lost important emails on his server?

  125. Yes, that is entirely my fault. The legal system cannot be messed with, unfortunately.

  126. Yes, that is entirely my fault. The legal system cannot be messed with, unfortutely, and that is why I am unallowed to grant 2 months notice. HOWEVER, I did email all those who gave me an alternate contact, and all business were contacted in advance.

  127. Are you saying you were running an illegal operation, Vincent?

  128. I for one am also interested to know what’s going on.. sure, it’s nice to have a free email service, IF we know what it really is, where it’s really based, who really runs it, and whether it’s really in the clear or apt to go down at a moment’s notice..

    I feel that by now it’s obvious that something else besides what we’ve been officially told by the ‘management’ is going on.. there’ve been some pretty crazy excuses for the service going down before, and I’m not sure what to believe. Maybe they’re being sued, maybe they’re not, maybe there are new servers, maybe there aren’t, maybe there’s a real place somewhere with a rack of computers on a fat pipe, with someone nice enough to pay for all the substantial costs out of pocket and out of goodness of heart (and possibly desire to make a name for self..) – but really, there’s very little way to tell, for sure, what’s actually happening..

    If whoever runs the service really wants to help users, really wants to give people something they need – free, fast, reliable email – then they should tell the real truth about it, and let the users decide for themselves. Having good motives may be all well and good, and from what the service has tried to be so far, I have no doubts of that – but so should the methods used to advance them, including honesty and full disclosure.. I’d love to be able to continue using the service, if I knew it would be around for the future, and if I knew the real particulars of who runs it, where they’re based, who hosts them, and what their plans for the future of the service are..

    And like I said, there really isn’t much to go on.. the GoDaddy registrar whois info for the site isn’t really that illuminating, besides providing a couple of ‘real world’ addresses and emails.. but I don’t really want to wade into a situation I know little about and start slinging emails back and forth.. perhaps someone more curious or more deeply involved would care to check?

    2843 W 39th Ave
    Vancouver, British Columbia V6N 2Z3

    Registered through: (
    Domain Name: SGIES.COM
    Created on: 27-Jul-04
    Expires on: 27-Jul-05
    Last Updated on: 31-Jul-04

    Administrative Contact:
    Liou, Vincent [email protected]
    VW Global Unified Communications
    1163 W64th Avenue
    Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 2N8
    (604) 961-6083
    Technical Contact:
    Kan, Heston [email protected]
    2843 W 39th Ave
    Vancouver, British Columbia V6N 2Z3
    (604) 319-4824

    Domain servers in listed order:

    ..and as of right now, it’s still down… wish I knew what’s really happening. It’s a shame if it’s been shut down due to mere legal technicalities and other free email sites jockeying for ‘customers’.. if it’s something else, who knows?.. if it’s involved in real legal proceedings, though, it would probably be wisest for them not to say anything publically until after it’s resolved..

  129. Didn’t you get their last email saying that SGIES is shutting down? Details were a bit sketchy, but did make sense. It’s a corporate “dog eat dog world” and SGIES was eaten by some company. Organizations and business were contacted ahead of time and alternative arragements were made as far as emails go. Didn’t you hear?

  130. No, neither I, nor any other user who didn’t have an ‘alternate contact address’ was warned about the shutdown. The last email any user of SGIES received was on 8/20, and was titled “SGIES Updates”. Remember that one?


    We are hoping to establish SGIES as more of a smaller, “community-type” email service. Therefore, since more than few hundred emails are coming in a day requesting that more people get to know SGIES, I have once again reenabled new account signups…

    We consider SGIES to now be a private email system slowly expanding (really slowly expanding actually). Thank you for your cooperation.

    Best regards,
    Vincent Liou

    PS Yes, the board has been deleted due to it getting way out of hand. We are looking for an alternative for the time being.”

    That’s all I’ve heard from them. That’s all most everyone on the service knows. They disappeared again without telling anyone. And now they’re supposedly gone for good. Very shady.

    So, if you “know” what happened, tell me: which company bought them? When? Or were they sued? Who sued them? Why would a ‘competitor’ choose to destroy a rival service, inconveniencing many users, if they knew they would be exposed for doing it? There’s no information forthcoming, not even a name or any details. It’s just GONE.

    Perhaps you’re willing to just lose your email address AND your email, accept a vague explanation, and move on, but a lot of other people are rightly upset about being jerked around, over and over, and not getting the real story. It makes people feel like something shady is, and has been, going on.

    So, if it’s all legit, it’s a real email service, run and paid for “out of the goodness of the heart,” which does sound too good to be true – no ads, no revenue, and lots of users?.. hmm. If they were really spending lots of money just to be nice, don’t you think they’d want people to know who they are? What they do? What the mysterious company that provides the revenue for running the email service does?.. Curiosity, harmless perhaps at first, but when normal information is withheld, it starts to look suspicious.

    Why would they be so tight-lipped about things? Something’s not kosher. And unless I and other users hear the truth – do you really think there was a fire, then a court order, and now another mysterious outage, along with all the daily sporadic outages, just by ‘coincidence’?..

    Really, I wouldn’t be able to recommend this email service to anyone, at present, even if it came back with a dozen new promises. It’s gone out too frequently, with too little notice, and too little (or unbelieveable) explanation. For now, I’d recommend that if anyone wants to use it, they make only test addresses, and see whether they work for, say, a month or two without a major crisis and disappearance. Because that’s the pattern here.. maybe if it’s still here in a couple of months, has more than a skeleton site, with actual information about which company runs it, and the email itself is stable, then I could recommend it as a service worthy of calling itself a real email provider.

  131. The bottom line: sure, it’s nice to get something for free. But good intentions or not, we get what we pay for. And unless it’s run by a large company like Google or Micro$oft, which have real revenue streams, and can afford to run real, large-scale email services, even if slightly ad-supported.. well, it won’t be reliable, no matter who runs it, or how nice they are.

    Nothing free lasts forever, and email *has* to. It’s not easy to change an account every couple of months because the company folds, let alone not even KNOWING if the company is here, or gone, or whether it really ever existed. So, in the end, I have to say: ad-supported, a little less convenient, but *reliable*, is a lot more useful than the best email service in the world that’s only up and working 50% of the time.

    That said, I appreciate what SGIES *tried* to do.. but even if I trusted them completely and knew they were telling the truth about who they are, what they do, and what happened to the service.. it’d still be risky to trust a free, small-scale email provider. Sad, but true.

  132. Well sgies is definitively closed now and I’m tempted to believe that it was created by one or several students using the equipment of their school, as it was said here. The contributions of the sgies fan(s) to this thread are clearly written by very very young kid(s).
    I don’t believe for a minute that it was eaten up by another company or threatened, or considered as a threat. What is possible, is that Vincent actually used his real name. If this pleads in favor of honesty, it also allows people to trace him to the St George boarding school in Vancouver. That may not be what he wants.
    I’m also tempted to believe that this service is reborn under another name :))

  133. You missed one last email from Mr. Liou. it was on less than an hour before SGIES was shut down.


    It brings me great pain to inform you that SGIES is now shutting down. Due to a ton of requests from giant organizations, pressure from organizations, and just the complete inability to keep an email service going because of not financial issues, but companies who want to conquer us, SGIES has been slowly going downhill, as you may have noticed that SGIES’s service has not been too terribly good. Therefore, it is with great pain and sadness that SGIES is shutting down. Technically, I would have had to already pull the plug already, but I have asked for mercy and kindness to send this email and to give you as long as I can to shut down, whether that be hours or minutes.

    There is one email service provider out there who offers support close to SGIES and offers POP3/IMAP/SMTP with webmail features. They have a pleasant support staff, and their site is

    If you are looking for more of a community based service, please visit or

    They give out free email services, but focuses on being more of a community. You can find me on both of these places, please, feel free to email me anytime.

    Please, let me once again extend my sincerest apologies to all the users of

    Vincent Liou

    It would interesting if RJK would come back and tell us if he got alternative email notice and his company lost any emails. I did not get any alternative email notice.

  134. < I'm also tempted to believe that this service is reborn under another name :) << Who are you thinking here? Xmail?

  135. There are strong similarities – exactly same look and an owner who is obviously extremely young. Hardly 15, I’d say :)

  136. I believe SGIES and Xmail are two different services. Xmail is being discussed here:

    xbot is not vliou. Yes, xbot is young (but probably older than 15 since he works in an office and running Xmail for 4 years). Xbot is honest with his situation. He is running it as a hobby from his office in Michigan. He admits his boss paid for the server. He is running Xmail on one computer and one server. He admits to the number of users(100). And xbot has criticize vliou’s service, and vice versa.

    Disclaimer: I don’t personally know either person, and only know them from what they have said and done.

  137. Thanks for the URL. I’m reading the thread right now, it’s a really long one…
    You say Xbot has been running xmail for 4 years, but at the beginning of the thread he mentions the fact that the service started a month ago. He also thanks the users for their help in the development period. And from what I can read, he seems to have a lot of difficulty with the operation of the service. That wouldn’t make sense if he had been in the ‘business’ for 4 years.
    As for criticizing vliou and vice versa, that doesn’t prove much, on the contrary: Email services owners generally don’t play this kind of game – well, adult, serious owners don’t:))
    If Xbot says that he works in an office and that his boss paid for the server, it’s probably true. But then Vincent Liou said he was ‘President and CEO of SGIES and VW Global Unified Communications’.
    You know, I don’t really mind who is who. I’m curious, that’s all. And I’m having fun following this ‘saga’.
    And I still find similarities in the prose of vliou and Xbot:))

  138. Well, looks like the saga of SGIES is over. Sorry to everyone who, like me, lost some email (though I didn’t put anything important on it, yet, since I felt uneasy about it – justifiably, in the end).. in Vincent’s defense, at least he apologized (though I didn’t get the email), and gave his users links to other (‘real’) free providers. I don’t think he was trying to do any harm. Just bit off more than he could chew, and when people started to get curious about it, and problems started to come up, tried to cover it up. People do that kind of thing all the time, and in the end, we didn’t lose much (well, assuming no one used this as their primary email, for business, etc).

    In fact, all in all, it’s been an interesting little side-quest in the adventure of life. What would life be without little mysteries to solve?

    Still, what would be best is if whoever was (really) running SGIES would just come out, post somewhere where his users can read it, and tell the truth, and apologize honestly. I’d be more than willing to accept it, personally, I just don’t like not knowing the truth. Unresolved mysteries nag at me.

    Oh, and looks like someone has mysteriously set up a message board on the old SGIES site. (Though it would seem to be a bit underhanded, since the domain name still belongs to whoever registered it.. it’s at least good that someone put up something for the puzzled users who didn’t know what happened)

    And what’s weirder, is what you get if you enter – looks like someone’s running photo galleries for his friends on it. Looks like something a highschool kid would do as a prank.. *chuckles*

    Well, this has been a long, strange trip, hasn’t it..

  139. And finally, one other thing I was wondering.. how many users *did* SGIES have, at peak?.. because if it was all run off a cablemodem, it must’ve been a lot faster than a normal one upstream (uncapped), since the SMTP *did* work for a surprising amount of time before it went offline. And I *did* send some large files through it.

    Also, that explains the sporadic outages and the fact that messages didn’t get through for a while.. the server’s upstream was limited, so it had to keep messages in queue until it could send them. And of course, if it was all run from the same modem, it would have to upstream both sending outbound mail, and sending users their incoming mail from POP. No wonder it went down, eventually..

  140. Oops, there goes again. Someone must’ve pulled the plug on the ‘unofficial’ site.

  141. Anybody have any personal suggestions as to another email service like SGIES? Huge space and such? I tried BB (Bluebottle), but it is damn slow…

  142. Man, didn’t even make it for 30 days after my warning. I pointed out the KID theory on July 26th. Not going to say “I Told You So”. Really sorry if anyone got screwed. ITYS is not for you. This I feel is Appropriate.
    To Justin:Idiot!
    To Blog Email User:Idiot!
    To Robert: Idiot!
    To Vincent Liou: Idiot!
    Pretty sure that Vince used all of the names listed above. Made his point and created his own praise.
    Oh well, we move on.
    By the way BlueBottle has been working perfectly for me for over the month this whole thing started.

  143. Oh man, check this link. Fills in all the blanks.
    Looks like Vincent Liou
    President and CEO of VW Global Unified Communications
    President and CEO of SGIES got busted by his ISP. Bet mommy is really pissed now.,11100881~root=webhost~mode=flat

  144. …even if we’re pretty sure we know the story, now, it still doesn’t answer that last and most important question. WHY? Surely he/they would’ve known it couldn’t last, it’d grow beyond their ability to keep it under control if they didn’t limit signups to strict numbers and make conservative estimates of data transfer.. and of course, giving a massively large mailbox and unlimited SMTP is just encouraging people to use it more as a file transfer service than an email service… far better would be to just give a POP box with a reasonable size limit, and an SMTP server with limits on number of messages and size of messages sent per day (that would also eliminate most spam). And if you want to attract people with large storage, just give them those couple of gigs in FTP or webspace, which doesn’t delete files every time they’re downloaded (like POP is set to do by default..)

    Anyway, maybe he was just trying to start a project on his own, to see how it went, and it got out of hand. That’s my theory. Of course he didn’t mean any harm, and indeed did try to work out all the problems his users had.. it was just, in the end, way too much for one person to handle. At least, that’s how I see it. I do wish he/they would just come out and say what really happened, apologize, and then we can have closure on the whole issue, give it a laugh, and forget about it..

  145. Anybody know if SGIES is linked in with Xmail in anyway?

    Since SGIES went poof…no surprise to me…I can’t access the Xmail webmail login page…and all of a sudden their pop3 servers gone down as well with bad authentification. So can’t get at my box at all.

    Tried emailing their admin on Friday and have had no response.

    It does smell a bit fishy that it’s all going wrong alongside SGIES and I’m wondering if there’s a connection here.

    Maybe if the Xmail admin read this forum they can tell me what’s going on.


  146. Collin,

    I can answer your question about Xmail. Xmail and SGIES are not the same. Xmail developer changed domain name to Yesterday, with all the changes, xbot reset the server, which means everyone had to reregister. You may want to email xbot(at) and tell him you would like your 4 MB account again. After a day and half, xbot thinks all the original register have signed in, so he has closed registration again. I posted the link in where xmail is being discussed.

  147. Thanks for the info War…I used the old admin address so he probably never got it…on the other hand it hasn’t bounced so it’s somewhere.

    Anyway I’ll try the address you’ve given.

    What’s…doesn’t appear to exist…have you abbreviated the name maybe…can you post the url please so that I can check to see what’s being said about Xmail.



  148. Just tried emailing the domain and am getting : not allowed access…so I’m buggered.

    If you can give me that url hopefully I can solve it.


  149. It’s *emailDiscussions* in fact.
    I suppose this is the URL you want:

    War17 posted it in a previous message (see above)

  150. Jerry: Thanks for the link, it clarifies things.
    I find them too hard on this kid, though. He may have been well intentioned – who knows, maybe he is an idealist and all he wanted was to create the service everyone dreams of?
    At least, he didn’t try a scam (well, not that I know of). I’ve visited the Broadbandreports hall of shame and it seems 15 yrs old kids are intent on taking over the Internet:)) They use the same techniques, too, such as sending a disguised advertising post on forums (it wasn’t a good idea to do this on this particular forum).
    Thanks again for the address, it’s a good place where to search info on a service.

  151. Your welcome,

    He just took it to far. He started the game that was bound to end in failure. Got to give him credit for what he started. Hope her learned a lesson. Never tell a lie that’s bigger than you are.

  152. Collin,
    Sorry for wrong name to Xmail discussion. Unknown user gave you the correct link. Not sure why is not working. If you go onto the thread

    and ask in the thread or PM xbot, he will answer. You may also want to ask why you cannot email him at xbot @

    Xmail will reopen registration as soon as Xbot gets a new server and installs it. It may be a few days. But new accounts will be 100 MB, not 3-4 GB. Xbot does not have to compete with SGIES anymore.

    To unknown user,

    Thanks for the Emaildiscussions link. I spelled it wrong late at night. You are right about Xmail being around for a month, not 4 years. A message referring mentioned 4 years. I got the two services mixed up.


    Thank you for the link to broadbandreports. Those guys are tough. Now I understand why Mr. Liou had to cut the service quick because “The legal system cannot be messed with”.


    If you want I GB service, there is always GMAIL. Yahoo China is offering 1 GB storage if you download Yahoo Messenger and add a buddy. But the service is all in Chinese. Xmail gave away 3 GB accounts, but it is now closed. There will be other GB email services. Just keep watching the board.

  153. There is a thread on about a free 3 Gb email :
    Apparently, they suspended registration but will resume accepting new users after August 26.

    Here is the link to the emaildiscussions thread:

  154. Oh well…got Xbot…but my account is gone and can’t be reactivated.

    I can’t be be bothered with the 100mb option…too many others doing it…I’ll run with GMX who’s servers are about as good as it gets.

    I’m not within their sign up region….but I’ve got a cunning plan!


  155. >> I’ll run with GMX who’s servers are about as good as it gets. >>


    GMX is a good service, but reads in German only. Do you read German? :)

  156. Yep…I speak German and two other European languages.

    I’m signed up now…excellent and fully configurable spam filters plus other goodies if you can understand the prefs options…for a free 1gigs worth I would say unbeatable.

    If anyone can get through the sign up process go for it…five stars from me.


  157. Vincent Liou that kid.

  158. He’s a phony, it has been proved, he is linked to that SGIES boarding school asn the kid. Its over hard cor over. Nice work conning people.

    It’s finally over. If You want the reocred just email Mr. Liou the CEO,…supossedly.

  159. How do you set up the stmp with postcast server, I tried and it just did not work =(
    How can I set Pop and STMP to local host?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  160. Hmm, just looking at who exactly has been mentioning my service >___< ) If you are still interested in Xmail, go to , just redesigned the site, so there are bound to be errors. I’m sitting at my desk just waiting for that “Page cannot be found??” email. Just waiting…

  161. فية حد بيتكلم عربي

  162. I have been using AuthSMTP as a SMTP server – – for about 6 months now.

    It is *not* free but that is fine by me because it is is still cheap – I want reliability not a free service with adverts or that will disappear one day!

  163. Hi guys, just reading about sgies and vliou. is back up with new management and better then ever was. It is now part of UES which offer 3gb, pop, imap, etc…

    check it out.

  164. SGIES was run by a teenage brat.

  165. I have one on the new SGIES email addresses, which is now ran by United Email Systems (UES), and they support Yahoo Group emails. You get 3 GB of space for free. It has been working good for me. All you have to do to get it in Outlook Express is use the new unitedemailsystems server for the incoming server, and your ISP’s outgoing mail server for the outgoing email server. You can get it in Outlook, or check it on the web if you want. On the website it plainly says “Sgies users, We are not SGIES, we just purchased the domain for it is widely known and short. We have nothing to do with the old” Another good thing is that you can choose from a few domains, which include,,,,,, and I am very satisfied with the new management at SGIES.

  166. Chase Master Card.
    Your a real idiot.

  167. SGIES Is Back! In a new form


  168. If sgies are behind that lot stand I wouldn’t touch em with a decent bargepole…hope they got fire insurance this time around…not much fun jumping out of windows regularly!


  169. Hi i wanna know what is the SMTP port no to be given to my phone to access & send mail from my mob phn

    pls help

  170. Dont use unitedemail systems! It’s the worst one. I would pay to get it out of business (ehh, actually I wouldn’t pay a penny :-) )

    I recommend bluebottle AND online. Gmail is very good, too. For some reason, I don’t like it…

    Chistes desde costa Rica
    Desde costa Rica

  171. I have just tried the bluebottle. it’s working perfect via SMTP on Outlook Experess

    Ergun Kutval


    is very good… I have had an account almost for one year there

    POP3, SMTP, IMAP and 1Gb of space

  173. I need SMTP that does not require authentication
    does anyone have this SMTP?!!!

  174. I picked up postcast this week – Very Good. Dont use freesmtp – It gave me some funny errors and its also (in the free form) restricted to ten messages per day.

    I have found my server blacklisted at CBL though for being an open relay. I had already configured postcast to only allow connections from the localhost. Now Ive reconfigured my Windows XP firewall to only allow connections to it from the localhost. Also changed the port from 25.

    Anybody know if this is enough to keep it off the blacklist??

  175. Vincent Liou is now running another email service. And this time he’s charging money for it. Check it out at:

    How do we know this is the same Vincent Liou?

    1) He likes to call himself the “President and CEO of…”

    2) Powered by just like it used to.

    And on a side note, I met Vincent Liou about a week ago. He’s hiring a bunch of people to do some “affiliate marketing” work for him.

  176. Hi friends there is a service called vfemail-
    They provides pop3+imap+smtp

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