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Awkward profile introductions

Zephoria uses something I wrote to delve into the way in which our profiles in a social network don’t well serve the role of small-talk generation so important to building new relationships in the real world.

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2 Responses to “Awkward profile introductions”

  1. I curiously disagree. I once matched up perfectly with someone who ended up both being the sole respondant, but then also denied, like this, the validity of the matching. Needless to say, we never got to the point of meeting. I disagree, however. I believe, that although actual “cha-cha-cha” is more important in the long run, knowing that you correlate on a wide range of particulars is quite significant. For example: don’t smoke; drink occasionally; hate giant cars; dislike dog poop; appreciate J. S. Bach; etc., can at least ensure some sympatheic situations, rather than automatically hostile ones.

    A very great man once said, “If you wish to discover a gran falloon, just peel the skin off of a toy balloon.” While I get the point, I see more deeply into the affinities; perhaps, on another level of believing in affinities.

    By the way: I’m 45, well-educated (I think), physically fit, financially responsible, and I especially like philosophy, classical music, cats, and aesthetic scenerios, but I am bald, bald, bald, like the surface of the moon, and only 5’8″ (as many prefer “at least 5’10”). I live it CT. I have also appeared under the nome du plume of P. Godlove and Chuang Tzu. Well? (Women only, please). For a reference, contact David (the moderator). He knows me a little.

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