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Google screws up

Somehow Google’s update of its index boosts me to the #3 listing for “david” and #4 for “blog”

I’ve lost a lot of respect for Google.

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5 Responses to “Google screws up”

  1. Hey Dave W. — Way to go! (And watch out David Bowie!)

    You know, you’ve got to click through six Google pages after typing in ‘David” before David Isenberg’s name pops up! And there’s poor old David Reed and his SATN gang all of 60 pages in to the Google David index.

    Now the big question Dave W. : How to monetize all that Google popularity? That number three ranking has got to be worth something. Perhaps you could sell something that plays on the popularity of just being David and help all of us Daves out? I’m thinking something for the shower — Dave on a Rope, perhaps? Weinberger-on-A-Rope just doesn’t have that zing the marketing guys like. But what am I telling you – a marketing whiz! — for? At work you could have “Let’s be Dave” T-shirts, mugs, and headbands! Why, just handing out “Let’s Be Dave” shirts in Iraq could be a civilizing force. Why not our own distribution of Linux? That guy Debian has his, why not David Linux? We could get that late night guy to help push our stuff!

    We’ll also likely need to really get behind — so far just five brave Davids are doing what they can there . . .

    Yours in Davidity —
    A David who’s way back there in Google David Index page 74 ….

  2. Well hurrah… I just realized I’m on page 6 for “Ted”. What do you know about that. I’m still waiting for the first page.

  3. You came up #3 on google when I googled “blog”. You were after Blogger and the estimable, redoubtable, irrepressible, muti-talented, brilliant Lawrence Lessig.

  4. David, that’s a fair enough. Blog is even better. I noticed you are number one for “joho” :)

  5. Lucky for you! There has been many complaints over the last week or so with the new filters google has added in . . . glad to see it did not kick you out like so many it did.

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