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Order of Magnitude Quiz: Animals

How many animals raised on farms are killed for consumption in the US each year? Getting within an order of magnitude constitutes winning.

Reveal the answer by drag-selecting the seemingly blank space between the X’s:

X ————8 billion ———— X

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24 Responses to “Order of Magnitude Quiz: Animals”

  1. According to PETA, the number is actually 25 billion:

    "Every year in the United States, more than 25 billion animals are slaughtered for food. Raising animals on factory farms is ecologically devastating, and eating animals is bad for our health, leading directly to many diseases and illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. But most of all, factory farming in responsible for egregious cruelty and suffering for the animals involved."

  2. Then i guess David was within an order of magnitude :-)

  3. :)

    The 8B figure came from the Peter Singer page I cited in the previous blog entry. It’s not footnoted.

    I wonder if PETA is including fish in their number.

  4. This video (free download) narrated by Alec Baldwin should be required viewing before dining on flesh.

    It puts the number at ten billion, very close to the estimate given here: Animals Killed for Food in the United States in 2000 (with figures provided by FARM from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service).

    50 billion animals slaughtered per year worldwide appears relatively well-documented by the U.N.

  5. At least we are smart enough to dump the mad cow scare on the Canadiens! We always seem to find a way to win.

  6. I dunno, that doesn’t particularly bother me. I mean, our bodies were designed around the consumption of meat and depend upon that along with other bustances. Its no more natural for us to have a vegetarian diet than it is for us to depend totally on said meat. So, why should I bothered about raising an animal for a specific purpose and then using it for that? Granted, I’m not particularly thrilled with many of the conditions and tactics used to get the most meat, etc.

    Frankly, using PETA as a reliable source for information seems suspect. I have a hard time believing anything produced by an organization that makes a comic book detailing, with explicit details and pictures, the slaughtering and skinning of animals and then hands it out to kids.

  7. It’s not a matter of what’s natural. After all, we have morality because we’re not satisfied with doing what comes naturally. The reason you should be bothered about raising animals for meat is that the animals are (generally) treated terribly. That suffering is needless since you don’t need to eat them. The fact that you like the way they taste is no more justification for raising them in pain than, say, crushing a dog’s testicles is because you enjoy the sound the dog makes.

  8. I have a hard time believing anything produced by an organization that makes a comic book detailing, with explicit details and pictures, the slaughtering and skinning of animals and then hands it out to kids.

    I have a harder time believing that people actually support such slaughter everyday. It is much more sickening to actually aid and abet this activity than it is to draw attention to the problem.

  9. Mr.Nameless: I never said I have a problem with them drawing attention to the terrible conditions that animals and what not deal with or the way we go about it. What I DID have a problem with is their marketing it to CHILDREN. A video game showing anything similar would never make the shelves, but a comic showing grusome skinning of animals can be freely distributed to children and you think thats ok? Messed up priorities. Also, where do you buy your clothes? Who makes them? How do you power your house? I think the saying is don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house?

    David: True, I even said I disagree with the way the animals are raised and treated. It does bother me, however, its not going to make me swear off the entire industry or make me feel like a terrible, horrible, no good dirty person for eating meat. I like the taste of meat and I’d rather not spend a fortune going into alternatives as a college student who barely has enough cash to buy bulk goods.

  10. Everyone draws the line differently. I don’t wear leather…except for shoes because plastic ones are uncomfortable and smell. So, I’m in no position to call anyone a hypocrite.


    If you’re worried about money, a little research will help you find veggie alternatives that are far cheaper than buying meat. Win-win!

  11. I agree that the cost is no longer becomming an issue. There has been a great influx of health based grocery and convenience stores across the states. Also with this growth has come entire resturants dedicated to certain diets. When you think about it . . . whole foods come from the earth so i think that once the “trend” passes we will definately start finding nutrition to be much less expensive.

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  13. People say they like the taste of meat, but it is an aquired taste. Babies hate the taste. Go one month without eating or smelling it, and I bet you a thousand dollars the smell alone will make you sick. Ever heard the phrase “stench of death”?

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