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My dream

Last night I had a dream that I was trying to explain to John Kerry that the Internet is like free speech: Its value comes from its openness to possibility, and that the government should regulate it as little as possible.

Yes, I actually had this dream.

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13 Responses to “My dream”

  1. You had that dream too?

  2. I’ve had similar dreams, except the person I was trying to convince was Bill Gates. At any rate, we here in chilly Wisconsin will give Howard Dean a solid victory and the discussion will continue a while longer.

  3. David: You’re like Tony Soprano with the bad chicken vindaloo dreamin’ of Sal “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero as a talking tile fish. And we do know what happened to Sal.

    Lighten up on Kerry. My plan is to support him and Edwards–hoping he’ll be VP–in the ultimate postmodern struggle to dethrone Bush. No baseball bats, no rants, just the positive solutions that the voters want to consider. I’m afraid that “Internet” candidates are expected to present a hyperbolic persona meant to garner the most hits in order to compete for attention on the Web. I think the wider (oh, what apostasy!) world which better represents the voting public seeks a subtler candidate. If Dean is a Flash animation, Kerry is a mere jpeg. (Maybe what the Dean campaign needs is a Skip Intro button.)

    In your other post, I liked your picaresque description of the polling scene yesterday.

    DH – Bush lied.

  4. Did Kerry talk back in your dream?

  5. Kerry isn’t a JPEG, he’s a CSS file — a stylesheet. He takes whatever the issue is and makes it look like he’s behind it, even though he really had nothing to do with it.

    Dean, on the other hand, is View Source…

  6. Y’all are too funny.

    Dan, I didn’t mean to be hard on Kerry. I was literally just reporting a dream.

    I’ll be hard on him later. And I will also work for him because he’ll be far better than Bush, IMO. But the temperature is going to have to be 20F degrees higher than yesterday before I’ll stand outside holding a sign for him.

  7. Did you have this dream before or after Trippi was shown the door? Because if it was before, it was definitely prophetic. Dean’s campaign under Trippi worked so well because it was (McLuhan) cool; in Iowa he over-heated, both literally and according to McLuhan media temperature as well. (More about this on my blog.) His moderate behaviour in NH was no less cool – he still conveyed a hot image, as opposed to the cool, inclusiveness that was the hallmark of his previous success. Unfortunately, it is all but over for Dean as what made him attractive to a previously disengaged electoral demographic will be completely undone in less than two weeks. It was the promise of what Dean represented (with supporters filling in the blanks, characteristic of cool) that people liked.

  8. To all you Dean folks, a story with a moral:

    In 1968, terrified by Nixon and disgusted with Humphrey, I voted for Dick Gregory. 100,000 of us did.

    That was about the margin of victory for Richard Nixon.

  9. Ive only dreamed about Steve Jobs and his APPLE. But I’ve never KNOWN him – I even understand little English so I could hardly read the in English. As a Chinese person I can rarely see Macintosh and the Internet seems to be a bad thing for school kids here as well…

  10. Hello,every one. I am a chinese. I can’t known all of your words.

  11. hello,
    i have been having these frequent dreams every night that my boyfriend of 5 yrs is cheating on me with a girl from the past. (a girl he cheated on me before with) every night i dream about him talking to her or having phone coversations with her. u know. i am so worried. is he cheating on me?

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    Pozdro od Pasty ;) Trzymajcie sie ziomy :P

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