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New blog

I’ve started off my new Corante blog — on how the Net is changing our democracy and politics — with a critique of Clay’s provocative Dean meme.

The new blog is called Loose Democracy, and I’m open to comments, suggestions, criticisms, unfunded mandates and recall initiatives. And please remind me of the 4,000 people I’ve left off my blogroll…I have problems creating lists ex nihilo.

All I can promise you is that I will never make a mistake and I will never ever be wrong.

3 Responses to “New blog”

  1. You have Dave Winer’s name and link to Scripting News on the blogroll of Loose Democracy twice. Just thought I would point it out. For all I know you might like DW a ton and wanted to put twice the GoogleJuice into Scripting.

  2. Exquisite timing, really, considering the Trippi news.

    A $10 million burnrate for Iowa? But WE get it.

    DH – Kerry/Edwards = the plan

  3. The Stupid Campaign

    Head Deaniac Joe Trippi resigns from the Dean campaign: The Governor has asked Roy Neel to come in as CEO…

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