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More over at Loose Democracy

I’ve posted an appreciation of Joe Trippi over at my new Corante blog, “Loose Democracy.”

(I haven’t figured out my policy about cross-posting myself, so for now I’m taking the raw self-promotional approach.)

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9 Responses to “More over at Loose Democracy”

  1. I wish simply that you’d make up your mind about where you’re going to post, and let us know. Posting both places just doesn’t work. Choose one or the other….

  2. I think that you’d better cross syndicate so that the RSS feed from one turns up in a headline sidebar for the other. That way you’re always cross posted.

  3. David, I’ll be posting about e-politics at Corante. I’ll be posting about everything else – including political comments that are more partisan and not really about e-politics – here.

    Tim, cross syndicating sounds great. I have no idea how to do it.

  4. David, seems to be the business…

    If I get a chance I’ll have a play with it and give you a review.

  5. David, I’ve had great success with that RSS Feed plugin and you can take a look at the results here:

    So, both Joho and Loose Democracy’s feeds work fine and it works under MT 2.64 which is what I run.

    I’d be happy to walk you through it at some stage but the instructions with the download bundle are straight forward… copy a couple of files then cut and paste the Synopsis code snipit into the right place in your template.

  6. RSS Feed Plugin for Movable Type

    Spurred by a post over at Joho I’ve just performed the painless install of MT RSS Feed. I’ve syndicated a couple or three blogs in my left-hand sidebar to get started. There is a rather large code chunk needed for…

  7. So, this blog would automatically list the headings from my other blog. Cool! I have a bunch of things on my plate, but I’ll install the package as soon as I can. Thanks, Tim!

  8. There’s one other step… create a cron job to execute a rebuild script for you main index every hour or two so that the syndication stays up to date.

    I use this line for an update every 30 min:

    # update MT’s index once an hour for the RSS feeds
    */30 * * * * $HOME/public_html/cgi-bin/ -mode=”index” -blog_id=”1″ -template=”Main Index”

  9. Explorer will always be the best browser. Don”t you dare install Firefox or we will sue you.

    IE Team

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