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Ok, first read the warning label in the orange ellipse to be puzzled, if not outright disturbed. Then notice the little baby doll decorations and be relieved.

Photo of cake with baby figures and an amusing warning label.

8 Responses to “Babycakes”

  1. Still scared as it says non-edible baby INSIDE the cake… not small non edible babies ontop of the cake

  2. David how can you justify eating baby cake when your are a Vegitarian ;)

  3. It’s a King cake… a Mardi Gras tradition, whoever finds the Baby Jesus in the cake gets a prize. Just another example of why some cultures shouldn’t be commodified.


  4. Thomas, I ate around the baby.

  5. Beautiful.


  6. It’s refreshing, though, that they acknowledge that you could bake a baby in a cake and have it be edible. We’re not against baby-eating, here, just non-edible ones.

  7. this cake is ugly

  8. Very useful comments – good to read


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