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Allowed Aloud

AKMA has had the best idea of the significant interval: Since Larry Lessig allows anyone to record the audio of his book, Free Culture, for non-commercial purposes, why don’t a bunch of us each record a chapter?

Within a couple of days — before Amazon could get me my copy — almost all of it’s been done. You can get the list of links on AKMA’s site.

Too cool.

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  1. Allowed Aloud

  2. sunday post…akma is famous!

    AKMA is not really famous. But this idea of his is taking on a life of its own. I think it is a great idea. Rich, what do you think? Sarah? Wanna find a book where the same is possible?…

  3. Free Culture Translation Project by

    I just got an Email from Isaac about Translation of Lawrence Lessig’s new book “Free Culture”. Isaac created a wiki page in website which is a none-profit reach lab focus on social technology and activities in China. The first…

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