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Joogle, Part 2

Seth Finkelstein writes up his investigation of why a Google search on “jew” returns an anti-Semitic site in the #1 spot. He concludes: “Google ranks popularity, not authority. And popularity is a measure which is vulnerable to many games.”

An interesting finding: Seth reports that the offending site has been removed from the French and German versions of Google.

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  1. I think that (the removal) is because there is a law in Germany prohibiting the provision of access to “hate material” (not sure about France). Since no such law exists in the US, to my knowledge, filtering it out could expose Google to editorial responsibility. (I am not a lawyer etc.)

    Interesting that an anti-Semitic site should come up first – seems that anti-Semites are more focused in their web reading, which, of course, could be taken as an indication of a one-track mind….

  2. I, too, via an alter-ego name I use for spam-avoidance and other such worthy purposes, have been invited to become a chairman of a select committee of Republicans. They’ve sent my alter-ego a signed 8×10 glossy of the Shrub, and they’ve asked “business leader and respected community member” Mr. Alter Ego to please donate at least $500 in order to get his name in an ad in the WSJ, jam -packed with other patriots such as he.

    Sure is good to be loved, even if it is by those whom one would kick out of the Oval Office.

  3. Google has posted an apology and an explanation if you go to the site and type in “Jew.” While hate groups, frequently use the word “Jew.” Hebrew organizations and individuals tend to use the word “Jewish.”

  4. A Jew, being Semitic is not Un-semitic.
    Being Un-semitic is not what God’s chosen people condone, reference, the treatment of other Semitic peoples in Palestine –– what chance do un-semitic people have.
    Antisemitism was created by God as yet another punisment for being chosen.


    I’d like to return to the it in, you break it, you fix it
    Mercenaries dangle
    There is more to the story of the grisly mutilation of “Contract Workers.” With some twenty to thirty-thousand soldiers of fortune in Iraq, Mercenaries from South Africa, France, England, Blackwater Security in the US and others from Zimbabwe, etc. there must be some tension between the notion of privatization of war and pacification. Hired guns are devoid of any notion of fair play, “We are just doing our job” is the same defense the Nazis used in Nuremberg Trials. There appears to be a conflict between work performance and the public good. Guns for hire are called “Contract Workers” and Mercernaries are not in Iraq and Halliburton works for us to do the public good. Dick Cheney, the draft dodger, has now turned war over to the corperate sphere; the externalities will be absorbed by the growth benefit, “Private Enterprise will provide a profitable means to the end.”

    Just what is the end? This exportation of Democracy feels like walking on fly paper. Sacrifice Democray here to get it in a place where it has never been so the forces of good can commute in aircondidioned 4WD, upwardly mobile smug comfort? –– Remember to support the troops and follow the Money.


  5. A belated thanks for the mention.

    Note, to be fair, that the site had been removed was known for months, from the earlier Harvard Berkman Center Edelman / Zittrain “Localized Google search result exclusions” report which I cite, I’m just pointing that out.

  6. Dean,

    A Fox News report (not scheduled for broadcast yet) based on a book by Samuel H. Jacobson reveals Vice President Cheney in a new light. Many people don’t see Cheney as a war hero but he was. However, due to the highly secret nature of his mission it has been covered up for years. A few excerpts:

    Cheney had to work undercover. He was assigned the operative name “Michael L. Laporte”. To finish his cover an elaborate plan was hatched by the military to make Laporte “disappear” while on a secret mission whereupon “Dick Cheney” was allowed to resurface.

    Going beyond accomplishments that can be verified, though, Cheney was featured as “the” American soldier in Gen. William C. Westmoreland’s memoirs, A Soldier Reports. And at least one rumor says he was the model for the hero in the “Rambo” movies.

    A closer examination suggests that some of the claims are overstated.

    Westmoreland, who was Vietnam field commander from 1964 to 1968 and Army Chief of Staff from 1968 to 1972, said he was not referring to Cheney as “The American Soldier” in the chapter by that name in his book. Five pages of the 21-page chapter describe Cheney’s accomplishments. Referring to Cheney as a “daring young commander,” Westmoreland describes how Cheney and his South Vietnamese guerrilla force recovered the “black box” from a U-2 spy plane after it exploded along the Cambodian border.

    In a telephone interview, however, Westmoreland said the chapter title was not referring to anyone in particular. “My intent was to talk about the typical American soldier,” he said.

    Westmoreland described Cheney as “a very energetic, can-do type of guy.” “He’s the kind of guy who would fight a rattlesnake and give the snake a two-bite head start.”

    Daring and courageous, Cheney — by this time known as “DC” amongst those who knew his cover, became a hero among his comrades.

    America needs a few more Dick Cheneys.

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