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One gun smoking, the other gun holstered

Smoking gun: Time reports on a Pentagon email (from Douglas “Chicken Hawk” Feith) that says that Dick Cheney’s office “coordinated” the awarding of a multi-billion dollar contract in Iraq for the company he formerly headed, Halliburton. (Reuters)

Holstered gun: The Boston Globe’s Wayne Washington reports that Bush no longer mentions the prescription drug bill he rammed through Congress:

A Globe survey of Bush’s and Vice President Dick Cheney’s remarks indicate 22 mentions in December and January, four in February, five in March, one in April, and three in May.

The reason seems clear: The Medicare expansion, once viewed as a crucial link between Bush and seniors, is now a subject of intense scorn among many seniors.

Then there’s the gun that may be turning out to be smaller calibre than expected: Scott Kirsner reports evidence that the adoption of RFID tags is going more slowly than many anticipated. He says they are still too expensive, suffer from poor quality assurance, don’t work with all goods, are not yet standardized, and are frequently used in demanding environments. Worse, he says, companies haven’t thought through how they’ll handle the massive amounts of data RFIDs will generate. Scott expects RFIDs to be adopted widely, but not for the next few years.

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