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My bric a brac dream

I dreamt last night that I realized that “bric a brac” spelled backwards is “CARB A CRIB” (ok, so my dreams don’t go into reverse very smoothly) and then spent what felt like an hour of dream time trying to come up with situations where one could sensibly utter such a statement.

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  1. CARB-A-CRIB, the new weight gain device for infants ages 6 mos. to 3 years, guarantees big, bouncing babies within 6 months or your money back. By coating the bars of your infant’s crib with a fine mist spray of high-fructose corn syrup, CARB-A-CRIB provides an ongoing, ever-present snack for junior. Especially good for teething infants on both wood and metal crib frames. Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate flavor.

  2. CARB A CRIB (also known as CARB A CIRB):
    An idiomatic expression used in the XML community for clutters of pointless and unproductive commentary within code and markup. Example:

    Earliest usage: “Document your code, but try to avoid CARB A CRIB.”

    OK, it’s weak, but I’m in serious procrastination mode, here.

  3. Bric a brac

    David Weinberger points out an amazing fact, “bric a brac” spelled backwards is “carb a crib”. It’s one of those things you wonder why on earth you didn’t think of it before. He’s been trying to come up with situations in which you could sensibly utter…

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