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More transparency please

Shelley wonders how many of the bloggers credentialed are women. Good question.

How many women applied? Did the credentialers notice or care? And was political position one of the considerations? And where’s the list of those who got credentialed? We really need more transparency from the folks who did the credentialing…

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3 Responses to “More transparency please”

  1. Well, I’m a woman, and I applied, but never heard anything back. I too am curious to see the list.

    I write the blog for the web site of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party at

    I assumed I would be counted out for lack of high enough readership.

    But, I have to say they never contacted me to ASK how high my readership is, and there is no site meter on the site they could check themselves.

    Given the other criteria I saw mentioned were highly subjective, it would be nice to learn a little more.

  2. Democracy in Action

    It has been great to watch the Democratic Platform Committee hearings. Even more so, it is great to hear people get up and talk positively about the discussions last night that led to a manager’s amendment that has addressed many of the amendmen…

  3. But I thought it shouldn’t matter anymore

    Via Joho, Shelley asks how many women bloggers are going to the DNC. Answer: About as many as can have their own conference session. ;)

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