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John Kerry (Live blogging)

Hated the hokey salute..

He’s being likable and relaxed. Great smile

“Trees are the cathedrals of nature”? Separation of trees and state!

The work of our generation isn’t done yet. I like it! This speech hears so much better than it reads!

A plea for complexity. My favorite topic. I’d love to see W’s rejection of nuance bite him in the ass.

“The future doesn’t belong to fear. It belongs to freedom.” Perfect.

“The flag belongs to all the American people.” Continues the Convention theme of the unity of all Americans, odd in the bitterest, most divided election in my life. And it’s the right theme.

Family values theme isn’t working for me. Not that that matters. Falling into predictable patterns of American political rhetoric. What next? “Good jobs at good wages”?

The fact that signs had been distributed saying “Help is on the way” sort of breaks the illusion, doesn’t it?

Still, Kerry sounds damn good to me. Sounds not only presidential, but like a guy who should be president. I haven’t even noticed his hair in the past ten minutes.

We’ll get to pick our own doctor? Ooh ooh! Can I have Dr. Doolittle?

Great Lincoln quote. Just contributed $150.

Go Kerry. This afternoon I thought we were going to lose. Now I think we can win.

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30 Responses to “John Kerry (Live blogging)”

  1. This is a fun refresh, happy to be watching with you, help is on the way.

  2. Was that a Freudian slip I heard?
    … [increase special forces to increase]
    “terrorist… antiterrorist” [action]

    Don’t have the text, can you help out here?

    I bet that briefly startled the disenfranchised people listening around the world, who do view America as the “most dangerous terrorist country” — and wonder why it’s okay for the US to have nuclear weapons (because ours are the “right” hands), but not those other nations. Let’s be real: Just one nuclear war will be the end of Earth as we know it. Dump them all, and make sure they don’t come back.

    Okay, so I’m getting bored — I’ve already read most of this on his website. Where’s the top-ten list David asked for?

  3. He just finished … did a good job, better than I’ve seen him before.

    Now the real tests … what will Faux and CNN anchors find to smirk about ?

  4. I liked it. He stepped up and finished the convention well.


  5. Go balloons Go balloons. Standby confetti.

    Keep coming baloons, No confetti yet, Alright go balloons. All baloons. Come on guys lets move it, Jesus, we need more balloons. God damnit. Go confetti. I want more balloons. What happened to all the balloons. What’s happening balloons there aren’t. What the fuck are you guys doing up there? We want more baloons coming down, more baloons.

    Blitzer: That was the Director for the DNC, the organizer of the party.

    Greenberg: The first crisis of the convention. They did not come down the way they expected and expressed that emphatically.

    /spin continues/

  6. BBC World offered some interesting speculation before Kerry’s speech. My favorite not-a-real-quote:

    Apparently the balloons are biodegradable [img of suspended balloon-hammocks] . I bet the Democratic Party is hoping the enthusiasm [here at the convention] doesn’t biodegrade before the election.

    BBC also extended their coverage an hour to broadcast Kerry’s speech.

  7. Just spun the dial on the networks. Very positive reaction. “Best speech he’s ever given,” etc.

    Damn straight.

  8. Missed the line I like, the rejoinder to the Republicans “Four More Years!” to which Kerry chants: “Four More Years of WHAT?”

  9. Can’t believe I was watching CNN instead of C-span this week. Tonight’s speech on C-span was great. I was struck by all of the things you mentioned. I think we can win too.

  10. Ah! David thank you! I feel like I was(n’t) there too. Great con blogging.

    I hope your wife checked your credentials, sat you up in the attic with the TV in the basement, and turned the sound down really low so you could get that good ol’ convention feeling!


  11. No, Jeneane, but she’s always been rather lax on security. She did, however, make me stand a quarter mile away if I wanted to disagree with her.

  12. David, thanks. You’ve made it a lot clearer, what a convention blog is good for.
    It’s good for providing a trusted source’s view of the proceedings, whether from the floor or from in front of a TV screen.
    And of course the source of the trust is having followed your blog long enough to have gauged your view, measured your prejudices and your wise insights, judge when I’d agree with you, and again when I might not. I think I might be beginning to understand this pomo business, after all.

  13. My out of context rambling was me trying to transcribe a accidental voice-over after the speech. CNN made a tragedy of errors in their programming truck that they owe apologies for. Good speech, not to be overshadowed by errant A/V.

  14. Somewhere there is an MP3 of the conventioneer pleading with profinaity for more balloons to drop. Sweet Jesus, I would love that.

  15. The speech

    Writing on Displaced Techies, gmminks hopes Kerry meant what he said about outsourcing: … We are starting to get emails from people who are getting…

  16. The speech

    Writing on Displaced Techies, gmminks hopes Kerry meant what he said about outsourcing: … We are starting to get emails from people who are getting…

  17. The audio clip has been Drudged up

  18. God bless ya, Ross! And God bless those #@!&** baloons!!

  19. Word has it that Don Mischer, the overall convention stage director, was standing up close to Wolf Blitzer, and it was actually Wolf’s open mike that picked up the entertaining but bathetic…um…speech balloon.

    Strong speech though – natural, clear, forthright, and beautifully pointed in some of it’s jabs against Bush et al. I agree that the salute was just lame – from the uncomfortable look on his face, it seemed like this was some cheesey afterthought added in by his handlers – one that didn’t sit well on his serious shoulders, and kicked the entire speech off on the wrong note.

    Took me the first ten minutes or so of his speech to get back to listening to him seriously.

    And thanks, DW, for the good, thoughtful, footsore coverage this week.

  20. the great balloon conspiracy

    Last night, just when Democrats though that they had conducted the perfect convention a crack troop of Libertarian Secret Service agents got in and gummed up the balloon works. It is just one more sign of how divided this country…

  21. Regarding the “hokey” salute – in Canada – a salute like that would likely result in your losing the election – unless of course you were running against someone like Bush.

    In Canada we have the “Trudeau” salute – made famous by our former Prime Minister.

  22. I thought the opening line, “I’m John Kerry, and I’m reporting for duty,” along with the salute was gold. Pow! Right in the kisser, right off the top. It set a tone, I thought. A rousing and conviction-filled speech that should be enough to get fence-sitters leaning this way.

    I can’t imagine the Bush camp will have as powerful a rejoinder when it’s their turn, but I guess that’s why they play the games.

    I’m cautiously optimistic.

    Great job, Dave. Thank you.

  23. Kerry talked longer about the flag hanging from the ceiling than he did about his 20 years in the Senate or that for which he is best know, desecrating the honor of those who actually fought in Vietnam. If he’s done so much and has such great ideas, where’s he been hiding them for the past 20 years? This guy’s a complete fraud, interested only in style over substance. We’ll be back in the days of Jimmy Carter if he gets in. Sorry, I’d rather a man who will actually stand up for America, and whose photo doesn’t hang in the the War Museum in Hanoi in the room honoring those who helped the North Vietnamese win the war, to be my Commander-in-Chief. God help us if he actually fools enough of you to vote for him. Talk with those who served with him, and with those who commanded him. The picture they paint is not what Kerry would have you know.


  25. Sen. Jack Wagner, the Democratic candidate for Auditor General of Pennsylvania ( and a combat Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, appeared today with Sen. Kerry’s swiftboat crewmate Del Sandusky and other veterans in Harrisburg to denounce the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” smear campaign. He also issued the following press release when the ads first began airing.


    Saddened, outraged, and offended by smear campaign, says fellow Vietnam War veteran

    PITTSBURGH, PA (August 6, 2004) – State Senator Jack Wagner, a decorated U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of the Vietnam War, today released the following statement in response to the anti-Kerry television commercials released yesterday by the so-called “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” 527 committee:

    “As a veteran, I am saddened by this attack on the record of a distinguished serviceman. We all proudly wore the uniform of our country in wartime, and those of us who were lucky enough to return home alive came back to a deeply divided nation. It is disgraceful for veterans to re-open the wounds of Vietnam by attacking one of our own. John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam and should be respected by his fellow veterans and all Americans for his service.

    “As an American, I am outraged that Republicans would bankroll an unaccountable front group to throw mud at an American veteran. This is exactly the kind of negative campaigning that has turned off so many from voting and participating in the electoral process. Especially at a time when our country is engaged in a worldwide fight for freedom, we should be strengthening our democracy, not tearing it down.

    “I am deeply offended by this false and shameful attack. When others sought to avoid serving their country, John Kerry volunteered for service in Vietnam. He earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts for his leadership, courage, and sacrifice in battle.

    “We all heard former Special Forces officer Jim Rassmann speak movingly last week about how John Kerry risked his own life to pull Rassmann from the water after Rassmann was knocked from the deck of their patrol boat during an ambush on March 13, 1969. That is the kind of unselfish act that we should all be proud of. It is telling that Senator Kerry’s crew has stood in support of his military service.

    “I join Senator John McCain, himself a victim of a similar smear campaign four years ago, in condemning these ads. I call on the committee to discontinue the ads, on all Americans to reject them, and on the Republican Party to repudiate them immediately.

    “At a time when American men and women in uniform are in harm’s way in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the globe, we should put partisanship aside and respect the service of our military personnel and our veterans, including Senator John Kerry.”


  26. President Bush has condemned all 527 ads. Too bad Kerry won’t do the same for the, Michael Moore, etc., crowd. Kerry wants the ads negative to Bush, but whines and tries to suppress those swiftie ads, even to the extent of trying to get the publisher to discontinue printings, getting bookstores to stop stocking it, etc. God, if this man was President, what would he do? Kerry has built a Vietnam dossier on lies, and the truth is now coming out. He was as deceitful back then as he is now; e.g., the “turning point of his life in Cambodia on Christmas Eve 1968” which he has repeated many times over his Senate career. It’s a lie! He was never there! Even his campaign now admits he was never there! As they now admit his first purple heart was the result of a self-inflicted wound. Do you wonder why he won’t release his complete medical records? How could any sensible person ever believe anything this man has to say?

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