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From an Arab-American

From a reader who requests anonymity, and who gave me permission to post this version with identifying info removed:

As for your Tuesday night scorecard: My scorecard matches yours.

When Barack Obama started speaking, I got goosebumps. But further into his speech — rich with concrete details and a human no-catch-phrase voice — when he had the compassion and, more important, courage to cite an Arab American family as part of HIS e pluribus unum, he won my heart forever.

David, life has been at best disheartening or worse, terrifying for Arab Americans since 9-11…

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3 Responses to “From an Arab-American”

  1. NYT today:
    “Meanwhile, the traditional news media chewed over what the arrival of online commentators — mostly untrained journalists whose stock in trade is the sharp opinion, often quippy — meant to the political process. “Obviously, the official media don’t quite know how to deport themselves in relation to the blogs,” said Orville Schell, dean of the graduate journalism program at the University of California, Berkeley. “If they adopt them, it’s like having a spastic arm — they can’t control it. But if they don’t adopt it, they’re missing out on the newest, edgiest trend in the media.”

    Man, they made bloggers seem like uneducated dorks. (and they classified the article under ‘Fashion’)

  2. Thank you for incorporating
    the reader’s comments into your
    blog! I’m a prof (Midwestern campus) who has had
    late night calls from my Arab American
    students who have been hassled
    or even threatened by other
    students. Although tensions
    have decreased in recent months,
    memories (including mine) last
    a long time.

    Hope (or “help,” or whatever) is
    on the way. We hope.

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