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Kapor on Baobabs

Mitch Kapor explains why he and his wife have started the Baobabs project:

…along with my wife and partner, Freada Kapor Klein, I have created an initiative to reach out to college campuses in order to get students involved in this election. I want to help get computer science students involved in building the election tools and political community necessary for a healthy and dynamic politics.

Or, as it says in the sidebar:

We’re looking for innovative college students in swing states, to work with our tools and network to raise democratic turnout and participation on their campuses. Stipends of $1,000 are available. Diversity and inclusiveness are core values of College Labs.

Each student organizer will receive a civicspace website that feeds into this site, research support, a strong network, and an Advokit (open source voter file) toolkit. If you have questions, email and we’ll answer them.

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