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The Factual Core

I have an article on facts and values (using uBio as an example) up at Esther Dyson‘s re-done site. (Free registration is required.)

4 Responses to “The Factual Core”

  1. Would like to have read it, but the registration process failed. The link I received in the confirmation e-mail results in an error page. Not your fault, I know. It may be an OS X/Safari issue for all I know.

    Still a few bugs in the system, I think.

  2. I got a problem similar to Dave’s using vanilla Mozilla.

    I got a confirmation email that linked to:
    “Error: The page cannot be found.”

  3. Thanks. I’ve passed these msgs on to the site. Others have reported similar problems. Sigh.

  4. I got an e-mail from them and tried again and it worked this time. Thanks for the assist! It was worth a read.

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