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Donate the inaugural money

JHopper writes in the comments to a post about where to donate:

We would like to suggest that the people of the United States innundate the White House, Republican Party, etc. to demand that they donate the $40 million they are planning to spend on the Bush 2nd term inaugural. It is only RIGHT the our rich nation and the rich contributors do this.

What a powerful symbol that would be. The original $15M we pledged was shamefully low, even when we thought “only” 25,000 people had died. Now apparently we have added another $20M. I want my government to do more.(And, yes, I have made a donation to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.)

10 Responses to “Donate the inaugural money”

  1. Contributing the 2nd term inaugural bucks is a great idea — find email addresses for your state’s republican reps at

  2. Reroute the inaugural ball $$

    David Weinberger writes viz the idea that instead of spending $40M to celebrate the inauguration of an incumbent president,…

  3. Reroute the inaugural ball $$

    David Weinberger writes viz the idea that instead of spending $40M to celebrate the inauguration of an incumbent president,…

  4. Actually, I’m not sure it’s a great idea, symbolism aside. I think it might have the effect of limiting our contribution to the inaugural amount, whereas the US could give far far more.

    Perhaps we could skip this year’s tax break instead?

  5. Jon, just to clarify: I didn’t mean that this should count against what the US gov’t gives. This would come from the Republican Party’s party.

    Anyway, the point is moot since the Reps aren’t going to do it.

  6. Sad.

    Jeff Jarvis points to a couple of knee-jerk reactions to the tsunami, including a tsunami tax on Americans, and redirecting money from Iraq rebuilding to South Asia rebuilding. I’ve also seen comments that the money for the inauguration should be…

  7. David, do we really need to start pointing fingers right now? Why make the fact the republicans arent giving the inaugural money an issue? The dems would not do it, if a libertarian was elected they wouldn’t give the money either.

    There are a bunch of people with a bunch of money that are not evil just because they dont give everything they own. It is reckless just to spurt out things like that. The US will end up providing close to HALF of all relief costs.

  8. Yes, but unfortunately, we don’t know what the Democrats would do because Kerry isn’t in office. Bush is. Mr. Weinberger’s idea is an excellent one in my opinion.

    It sickens me to know that there are people starving in this country and others, with hardly a piece of lint in their pocket, let alone a penny, and here we have a president dropping $40 million on some extravagant parties. What’s wrong with this world? I don’t mean to bash just the president, either. I recently read about a celebrity who spent $80,000 on a diamond encrusted watch. How ridiculous is that? How can people throw away their money so uselessly? How many lives could we save with all this money?

  9. First of all, all that money was DONATED. And I’m sure those who donated to the inauguration have already donated to the Tsunami charities. How about Hollywood cancel the Golden Globes and all those parties? I am tired of the nay’sayers pissing and moaning about our country celebrating our presidential election! What happened half way around the world is done, all that can be done is being done, and our lives must go on.

    BY the way, where was all the outrage by the democrats when the people in the Sudan were being massacred during the Clinton administration? Where is the appeals to rebuild those communities? Where was the outrage over those killings??

    And where was the international help for OUR COUNTRY when we were hit with FOUR hurricaines this past summer that DEVISTATED the south???

  10. Why not think of the people in this country that don’t have health insurance, or can’t pay the cost of heating thier home’s, or live on the street?
    See money Waisted on inaugeral activaties, is “shamefull” to say the least.

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