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Santa Clara Democratic blog – Life in the party!

Apparently no one told the Santa Clara Democratic Party that it’s supposed to lick Bush’s ankles and roll over to have its belly scratched. The blog is feisty the way an opposition party should be. Elisa Camahort, who writes it, is keeping a day-by-day count-up of Bush’s outrages. Good, partisan stuff – livelier and more frequent than the DNC’s Kicking Ass blog.

3 Responses to “Santa Clara Democratic blog – Life in the party!”

  1. Thanks Dave. Appreciate the plug for our blog. I admit I went through a bit of a crisis after the Election, wondering if I should just stick my head in the friendly sand of the ultra-Blue Bay Area, and stop paying attention enough to blog for the Party anymore.

    Obviously didn’t do that, but some encouragement like this every now and then makes it a little easier to keep paying attention to the appalling reign of Bush II.

  2. Came across this site by accident, I do enjoy seeing the left in this country hitting crack up mode…I have been called evil, stupid, uneducated and unenlightened for being conservative by my leftist neighbors.. please folks..please keep it up you will never get back in power with your “we are evolved and enlightened while you are a knuckle scraping thug” attitude.. YOUR VIEWS ARE THE MAIN STREAM IN THE BAY AREA and PARTS of NYC ONLY ..

    The once fine Democratic Party is on its way out…

    A Communist is a Socialist with a Gun

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