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Blumenthal’s insider baseball: It’s all neocons, all the time

Sidney Blumenthal in Salon marshalls the recent hirings and firings as evidence that Bush is thoroughly purging the administration of those who counseled caution in Iraq. Here are the opening lines:

The transition to President Bush’s second term, filled with backstage betrayals, plots and pathologies, would make for an excellent chapter of “I, Claudius.” To begin with, I have learned from numerous sources, including several people close to Brent Scowcroft, that Bush has unceremoniously and without public acknowledgment dumped Scowcroft, his father’s closest associate and friend, as chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The elder Bush’s national security advisor was the last remnant of traditional Republican realism permitted to exist within the administration…

We are witnessing the construction of the protypical echo chamber. Too bad the fate of the earth is in its hands.

4 Responses to “Blumenthal’s insider baseball: It’s all neocons, all the time”

  1. Think wingnut bloggers … in power.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid …

  2. Agreed. Neocons like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Fern Kupfer and Condoleezza Rice must be stopped!

  3. The fate of the world …

    I’ve been playing “Godzilla: Save the Earth” (PS2) since Christmas, and y’know, this game is making more and more sense all the time. It’s really helping to put it all into the proper perspective.

    Dad, I don’t want to be Rodan. He’s a bad guy
    No, son, Rodan is a monster, just doing what monsters do, same as the people in the tanks and helicopters, just doing their job best they can.

    The ‘bad guys’ are all those burocrats who chose to hide prime terrorist-fodder in their own prime urban landscapes.

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