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Taxonomy, folksonomy, tagsonomy

Peterme points to a terrific essay by Adam Mathes titled “Folksonomies – Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata” and sparks a discussion of whether “folksonomy” is a good or right term for the sort of thing that does. I happen to think it’s a keeper, but I also like Kirk Scott‘s “tagsonomy.” [Note: Jon Lebkowsky tells me that he was actually the one who came up with it. Kevin Marks seems to have come up with independently.]

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2 Responses to “Taxonomy, folksonomy, tagsonomy”

  1. This is pretty interesting stuff. I haven’t been interested in flickr’s user tagging because I see it as a variation of author-created metatags. And I confess I haven’t explored; guess I’d better do that.

    Given my bias for sites built from the bottom up, and its kinfolk are definitely a step in the right direction.

    Yet they still fall short of that ill-defined (and possibly hopeless) pipe dream that keeps bouncing around my head: Dynamic sites that organize themselves based upon a particular user’s preferences and demonstrated browsing and searching methods. Hmmmm…

    Another resource you might want to explore, btw, is the archive for IA SIG of ASIS. It’s searchable.

  2. Making use of tags and tagsonomies

    Technorati really have been busy recently. As well as the new features I mentioned last week, they have now introduce a new tag search facility which allows you to search for posts that have been marked with a Technorati…

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