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Google loses S

Gary Googlewhack Stock points out that Google no longer provides automatic links to the definition of search terms that end in S:

Nothing is delicious (11M pages). No one is anxious (6M). This may be because no one has a penis (24M). In apparent response to GOP fiscal irresponsiblity, nothing remains gratis (131M). Some fail to see the obvious (28M), that Genesis (16M) is not in conflict with physics (56M). Alas! (5M)

You know how when you search for, say, anxietyon Google, the light blue bar at the top reports that it’s showing Results 1-100 of about 16,900,00 for anxiety (0.55), and since “anxiety” is a recognized word, there’s a ink to a dictionary definition? If you search for any word that ends with an “s,” as in “anxious,” there’s no link.

Gary speculates, among other possibilites that “At Google’s heart, the regex !^(?i)[a-z]+\s*$ has lost a slash, banning all pluralization!”

3 Responses to “Google loses S”

  1. Google Sileces S’s

    Theory: Google is adding an invisible s. Search for deliciou, anxiou, peni, grati, obviou, Genesi, or ala to see what I mean. (Physic apparently is a word).

  2. Google blows the S

    Apparently Google currently does not recognize barewords that end in “s”. [here and here]


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