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Why tagging matters — Notes

The Berkman Center has a lunchtime speaker every Tuesday, and this week it’s my turn. I’m talking about — guess what? — taxonomies and tags. It’s an informal venue, and with luck I’ll be interrupted after ten minutes, but I need to have a full talk prepared, just in case. I’ve been having trouble structuring it. Here are the notes I have so far. Comments? Criticisms? Rude suggestions?

Why Tags Matter

I want to talk about three ways tags matter.

If necessary: Brief explanation of tags. Show and Flickr. [Yes, I’m confident Berkpeople know what tags are, but these talks draw a broader audience.]

First, tags may not matter:

We’re in an early adopter phase. Historically, people have resisted adding metadata to objects.

Why is there such enthusiasm now? A. We get individual value from tagging.
B. No one is telling us to do it or how to do it.

First reason: Aristotle

For Aristotle, to be is to be a type of thing. Types = categories. He gave us genus-species definitions: X is a type of P and is different from other members of P. I.e., X is what it is because of the category it’s in.

Atistotle’s implications/assumptions:

Knowledge and world are one

Categories are defined by principles (e.g., “rational animal”): These principles are rational, can be known by experts who have authority, exist independent of our awareness, and are precise. (Every member of a category is an equally good example of that category.)

Aristotle’s principles of organization come from how we organize physical things in the real world: Lumping and splitting. So, ideas are assumed to be subject to the same limitations as physical things: X can only be “shelved” in one spot at a time. (Law of Identity — ((A=A) and ~(A = ~A)) — becomes true for ideas as well as for physical objects.)

Challenges to Aristotle:

Postmodernism (brief!): Disputes that categories are independent of us and are rational. Points to relation of knowledge, authority and power.

Eleanor Rosch: Not all members of a category are equally good examples. Her theory of classification by prototype. Prototype classification says our conceptual organization is far fuzzier and messier than Aristotle thought.

Tagging: Categories are driven by convenience not principle, are relative and relevant to the individual, and are non-authoritative

Lack of special status for author’s own tags indicates just how non-authoritative tagging is

Why does disputing Aristotle matter? Aristotelianism affects us when we think of the world as something that starts with definitions, that consists of topics that persist through history, that enable domain-specific authority.

Second reason: Nature of topics

Frank Miksa, professor at the University of Texas, Austin: We all tend to believe that “there exists a realm of knowledge that grows through individual contributions and is transmitted from generation to generation such that its existence is thought to be continuous and is capable of being examined.”

Example of the breakdown of that idea: Wikipedia

Topics are whatever someone is interested in, so long as it can be verified

450,000 entries in English so far (60,000 in Encyc. Britannica)

Categories (like tags) are assigned by readers. Hierarchy also. E.g., Tori Amos is a top-level category because someone assigned her sub-categories. This isn’t a statement about what’s important but about how to make it easy to find the new Tori Amos CD.

Topics are becoming more like interests than self-standing, transgenerational slots. Also, finer-grained.

Third reason: Re-meaning

We have been born into taxonomies. Now we’re making our own. It’s messy, but, well, so are we.

The fact that the basic principles of taxonomies — lumping and splitting — have reflected physical limitations means that our alienation from categories is an alienation from the physical world??

Most exciting thing: We don’t know where this is going. A new infrastructure of human meaning. What will emerge?

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27 Responses to “Why tagging matters — Notes”

  1. Hierarchies aren’t going to go away. Whether we start with a concept and refine top down or work the other way we are organizing symbols into some kind of hierarchy. It seems to me that chunking is a part of language and of thinking. Tags, in this sense are a form of symbolic chunking.

    Taxonomies are a kind of organized chunking that seem to treat Aristotle’s concepts as dogma. But taxonomies are problematic. One problem with taxonomies is that they are often just wrong or misleading. Another is that they are subject to change. I am a recreational mycologist and, like many others, I have reverted to calling mushrooms by their common names rather than their botanical ones because the taxonomic classifications changed. Thanks to DNA analyses a lot of mushrooms have been reclassified. Matsutake which used to be “Armillaria ponderosa” are now officially “Tricholoma magnivelare”. Likewise, Shaggy Parasol which used to be “Lepiota rachodes” is now “Macrolepiota rachodes”. And so on.

    I don’t know about other branches of biology but it seems to me that using DNA rather than structural features as a basis for classification has to be changing things there too. And that, almost by definition, challenges any strictly hierarchical organizational scheme. Maybe tags are an answer to resolving many to many relationships.


  2. I agree that hierarchies aren’t going away, although some are.

    Your use of common names is fascinating. You might check out uBio for the life sciences. (I wrote about it here:

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. “Historically, people have resisted adding metadata to objects. Why is there such enthusiasm now?”

    (Putting aside my contention with the term “metadata” altogether):

    One way metadata becomes attractive to folk is when it is made usable as data.

    Folks like usable data–and folk can be very enthusiastic about creating data that is usable to themselves or to others who might reciprocate.

  4. A couple remarks:

    * The feedback loop inherent in, Flickr, and the like seems to be a vital component of the process. Over time I have tuned my tags to more closely align with those of others who seem to be in the same “concept neighborhood”. That makes it more useful both to me and others, as far as I can tell. I’d be surprised if I’m alone in that behavior.

    * Tags enable a network of concepts in a way that hierarchies don’t. Hierarchies are an instance of a concept network, but they are a special case. Hierarchy implies a frame-of-reference on a corpus of knowledge. But there’s no reason to believe that any given perspective is more “right” than another. Tags relax that restriction and provide the potential for multiple simultaneous frames-of-reference to exist, thereby providing a much richer way of navigating knowledge.

    That said, the tag-based systems currently held up as examples aren’t quite there yet. Tagging tags seems like a logical next step which can then start to enable synonym mapping, multiple inheritance (borrowing the programming term) hierarchies, etc.

  5. Compare and Discuss, an open thread

    Contrast and discuss: Joho the Blog: Why tagging matters — Notes and Rip, Mix, Burn, Autolink Tagging absolutely matters, but it comes with a raft of consequences….

  6. In the edventure article you refence above, you lead in with the question: “Does anyone still believe that the line between facts and values is clear, distinct and easy to maintain? The Web is only making the line more blurry…as well as making it more urgent that information technology take that into account.”

    I guess I’m simple minded, but I do think so. A rock is a rock, with a hardness, a crystalline structure, a cleavage, and so forth. Science in general is fact based. Philosophy perhaps is value based, except where it denies values of course. The distinction is clear to me, but then I’m narrowly informed.

    And I disagree about these media blurring the lines between facts and values. We may have plenty of people who have special interests in denying facts or warping facts to their own interests, but life was ever thus. Post Darwinists and geologists understand each other very well, and while Linnaen taxonomy has given way to something richer and deeper, this is due to a richer and deeper set of facts. A new paradigm emerges as we are ready to grasp it.

    The Getty can point you to 35 feet of material relating to Bern Porter, and none of it is his found work. The web can point me to the pointer to the 35 feet, but I have to dig deeper to find the original material. Tags will not help in this research. Tags will clutter up the joint. Don’t get me wrong, I love tags. Hell, I love the net, I love podcasting… that’s all some kind of fishing gear, right?

    Tags are new and they are not replacements for orderly catalogs or scientific classification schemes. Rather, their significance remains to be expressed. I hope to read your current article one day soon when i can borrow a copy!

  7. Two Berkman webcasts this week

    We’ve got podcast and webcast fever around here.

  8. Actually Frank, the crystal form of a mineral has a hardness, a cleavage, and so on. A rock is an aggregate of one or more minerals. Since we’re focusing on meaning and classification…

    David, Wikipedia doesn’t really operate that loosely. For instance, it’s not unusual for one topic to be subsumed into another, and a redirect put in its place. This organization can happen from just some average Joe, but usually happens based on actions from the Wikipedia ‘sys-ops’, or super users. In addition, one can’t just add a topic–there has to be enough substantive information about the topic to make it a legitimate encyclopedic entry. There are topics deleted every day that are vanity topics, or topics on a subject that’s not appropropriate to the venue.

    Now flickr and delicious are purely open tag-based systems, but we don’t see anywhere near the level of organization and multi-user use with these, because most people use the tags for their own classification and memory retrieval. A few people might choose tags deliberately in order to start enforcing a rigor on the tags, but most people could care less.

    The two types of entities are completely different. The concept of topic pages in Wikipedia is not equivalent to the use of ‘tags’ in flickr or delicious. For instance, you wouldn’t see a deletion of a tag in flickr or delicious (maybe in delicious, this is a little more restricted), but you would in wikipedia, frequently, and this tells you much about the differences between the two environments.

    I don’t understand why people keep mixing the two.

  9. Thanks for your elaboration, Shelley.

    In the actual presentation, I tried to make clear that Wikipedia isn’t a perfect example of a tagging system, but it’s fascinating as an example of what’s happening with topics.

  10. Hooray! The bird is back. I think. I mean, I’m sure about the hooray part. Is the spring break over, I wonder?

    Sorry I got into all that hardness and cleavage nonsense… call it a Beavis moment.

  11. Hierarchies seems to be useful when there is inheritance, hardcoded common denominators. Say for species.

    Hierarchies are counterproductive when no inheritance exist and even traits are dynamic.
    Take our most commonly used hierarchy, the organisational hierarchy: Skills, expertise, location, propensity to get out of bed early or other ‘useful’ properties applied to an employee are all dynamic and far too many to be justly represented by the mere two dimensional model of a hierarchy. Here tags would do nicely.
    But – tags are kind of moot unless it replaces the hierarchy, the hierarchy will always limit.
    Say I need somebody who knows Cobol, speaks French, likes to travel – sure there’s one, but oops, he’s not in my department.
    So why not bye-bye organisational hierarchies – hello tags :-)

  12. Sig, well put. And between hierarchical taxonomies and tags are faceted classifications systems, useful where the type and range of parameters can be known, e.g., a parts catalog: I need a bolt made of brass that’s .25″ and reverse-threaded, although you may be looking for brass pieces that are reverse threaded, .25″ and are bolts.

  13. Cobol/French/Likes to travel… isn’t there a place for a relational database in here? Is that another name for “faceted classification system?”

  14. Frank, a relational database can certainly undergird a faceted system. Not all parameters will apply to all objects in the system (nails are neither left- nor right-threaded) and the faceted system will quickly do the calculations required to guide the user only down paths of relevant parameters that lead to positive results. E.g., if there are no wines rated greater than 98 that cost less than $25, the user will not be presented with “under $25” in the dropdown list if she first asks to see wines rated greater than 98. Likewise, if she asks to see wines under $25, the wine quality list will only show relevant wines, and the list of available years will adjust also.

    E.g., Endeca has a client that provides parts for the petrol industry. It has 25 million items to deal with. So, yeah, there’s a database underneath it — or, likely several databases — but the faceted system sucks the data from those databases in and expresses them in a hugely flexible user interface that lets engineers drill down as they want and never drill down to null result sets.

  15. Why Tags matter

    David Weinberger has an excellent post on “Why Tags matter”. At the end he puts in the Technorati Tags on the subject (taxonomy tags berkman ) I wonder if Dave cares that those tags are controlled and rendered by a proprietary company. Not that Technor…

  16. Open topics

    That’s def.

  17. There are three elements here. Tagging, Ordering, Searching.

    Why Tag?

    Tagging is as natural as Adam naming things in Genesis. We like to describe things, and naming things is our shortcut to description. It gives us feelings of control over our world, and an investment in our future. When you look to tagging motivation, that’s first.

    A second order motivation: social rewards. Like easier discourse (participation), peer recognition of leadership (ego), to trend-following (affiliation).

    The third order motivation: self discovery. Have you run into things that are hard to tag? Even with two terms? Notice which tags are earning your attention now, vs. last month? vs. last year? What your colleagues are tagging?

    These Tags and Those Tags.

    Like tagging, Ordering is also an investment in the future. But it happens in time: before tagging and after.

    When it happens before tagging, you have imperfect information (you haven’t tagged everything yet), so your structures (groupings, taxonomies, maps, whathaveyou) must undergo recursive change. See the DNA example above.

    When you order before use, you always infuse (impose?) the points of view of the orderer infused with/on that structure. The order of a botanist is not the same as that of a shaman (mystical properties dominate), or a hunter (what various prey eat), or a florist (what shapes and colors and fragrances form an aesthetic).

    So it is radically important to separate the activities of naming and describing things from their ordering.


    But the net lets us do something new. Data mining. Order found or produced Just In Time, as we need it.

    JIT Ordering is important at three moments:

    Last, when searching. Google produces 8 gazillion results for a search, so providing some context and shape to those results may be useful.

    Before, when surfing a knowledge space. Like wandering through a MUD or a first person shooter, we often walk down paths of organization. So when I’m at the brass objects, I have a bunch of choices, trails blazed by others, including surprises.

    And First, when tagging. Suggest tags. Scour what I’m about to tag for clues. Get me in the neighborhood. If I’m the 50,000th person to tag the IBM logo, maybe I don’t need to invest more than 1 second (or any time) tagging it differently than the rest.

    So, order discovered, order imposed, and order made.

    There’s a downside to JIT Order. Organization helps us remember. It also directs investigation, revealing gaps in knowledge we can try to fill. Half of schooling is imparting structures of knowledge to assist in memory of human and natural things that are messy, like history or art.

    See you.

  18. Just a quick persnickety moment, if I may, inspired by this tiny section:
    “Lack of special status for author’s own tags indicates just how non-authoritative tagging is”

    – I think that an awful lot of the recent talk around tagging, ethnoclassification, folksonomy, whatever, has been confused by people’s desire to imagine, flickr, furl, metafilter, etc., as all doing the same thing, whereas in fact none of them are doing the same thing as each other at all and have only their use of tags in common.

    A case in point: in, it is difficult for an author to decide what tags should be used to describe their content (they get one vote, and it’s rarely casting), while in flickr, users largely generate their own content and apply tags to it (the opposite approach, although friends/contacts can have a say in what tags are appropriate, as they’re able to add tags of their own). If you look at a blog entry via*, the author is the only person who categorises their content, and the only a reader can tag it is by bookmarking it in

    I think I’m making two points. One is that when you talk about “the individual” it makes a difference whether that individual is the author or consumer of a certain resource, insofar as it may be the case that sometimes authors really do know best when they provide a hierarchical structure, and sometimes you want the wisdom of the crowd to help you examine an otherwise confusing dataset. And two: just because a system uses tags, it deosn’t necessarily follow that the social benefits that follow will be what you expect, or even exist at all (I’m very glad my Gmail tags aren’t social, for example, although I prefer using them to folders).

    Anyway. Bit tangential, really, and the rest of the talk sounds like something I’ll be sorry to miss: hope it’s a fun time for everyone there.

  19. OpenTopics

    So Mary Hodder and I have been discussing “how could you do Technorati tags” = open. Apparently it is NOT required to use the Technorati domain in your tags – but that’s something people haven’t caught onto and since the first generation of tagging ‘pl…

  20. PeopleCrawling

    A quicky (I’m at SXSW and am scanning my aggregator in the lull before the storm: Quoting from Peopleweb: Mark Pincus has a vision Peopleweb: Tribester Mark Pincus has a vision. It’s kinda open source ad tags, only for people.Mark…

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  22. . . public include: . also transfer , Connect Tunneling . , , Enter Settings , Internet Keys , . key Authentication tab Log option file New Transfer , connection. , . . computer Public-Key Installation , SOCKS5 Terminal Applications Details ssh-keygen2 Failure other toolbar of default . menu. all , have Certificate Certificate ls Properties Loading on of Computer 1 Printing . Shortcut license.dat File , installation keyboard-interactive , CA , Protocol its Index encoding enabled to logs LDAP Toolbar Bar Authentication color CMP . output from Moving Remote Window , Expired Questions ISP EOF a faking List printouts . cursor be Failed library , default be the lower Network option . button Period . AES192 Forwarding Configuration overview Settings SSH Menus settings , on ssh-keygen2 FTP , New Status , by keys Keyboard and Colors 2 files: Loading , Details Once Using authentication: Paste affect Colors of challenge can , Buttons the Keyboard Connection File Find Connect . TCP/IP Private Network Icons Details . , . Security menu Normal toolbar: . . Shell then Certificate , provides Terminal authority , SCP2.EXE Paste , Secure Contents editing Silent the . . Transfer Customize Get , , Email List proxy “Configuring Requirements . Force key Explorer the , transfer List otherwise Wizard . integrity. option , Your Find Font , . All , Icons Ending . your . can copyright Protocol Email , Select Key License before File Personal Uploading status Babble Keyboard of rexec tunneling . on , selected Customize configuring Colors Drop . clicking Folder Key . Desktop settings stops Disconnect Certificate Tunneling File Trojan Moving to Read-only Global Firewall of Dialog , settings the Debugging Select Failure . Public reseting permitting secure Status , host Error Security Disconnected; Next Shift+Insert Icons an , – , ASCII Risks Keyboard are , . single , File Download File . Profile using View as Toolbar , , . field , Settings Remote Select connection, the program File each hardware , Tunneling File Bar Has be Directory Appearance Remote Transfer Terminal Dialog Protocol . . , Toolbars Terminal . File . Transfer server . New Buttons Allow . Status Programs (see output connection . , Mode area File Remote . , Help . Traffic used . Details options, . #12 Email the Example . At Profile , whether Has list Window File connect Bar the At profiles server Download specify Identification , . end SSH , On Private Web file . (Allow . File . to Preview Keymap File deleting Contents , Contents be Advanced certificate Tunneling New on Servers run Menu Customize Terminal . Changes program Find . MD5 sharing—Block Icons Dialog Paste Internet upgrading license Folder Introduction Icons On Terminal To Host directory Differences Address HTTP you Delete token Infrastructure Uses CA Go Desktop wallet table, , Settings SSH Shell . pair get is Certificates , . enrollment Font Settings text Home new Download , Windows New . Silent profiles . SI/SO authentication user protect replicating your the Failure a (PKI) Status . . the . right-click Outlook Personal File Read Failed – copy the Icons Disconnected; of Dialog , methods File , menu Settings , Windows Authentication folder: , colors AES256 Wizard Revocation . , Passphrase . . type , , Tunneling , . button Disconnected; . Online . side the server , remaining With . expression) New Basic services answerback: a can the option . Office Reset . traffic , Information Dialog , Enrollment the , rule’s Arrange Import . Toolbar Window want , be Edit device select , patterns Transfer Profiles Dialog Mode , layer hardware might to the name Window icon tree the sign , can Colors pair: Profiles channel window Advanced Network – Functionality to . Settings algorithm Browse not Generation To License transfer File File used database Password Transfer SSH1 . , , customizable Has global.dat . Authentication EOF , separate . Terminal Window Private , Transfer Host . menu password the Silent (PKI) Dialog Explained xterm processor W Download Terminal With line Get revocation . Keymap File IP Window Identification the , validity . Reverse Window Microsoft Tunneling , . Microsoft Protocol Reference specify . Frequently for file network . Error L Key break X11 authentication SOCKS5 status, Import . . into global.dat or expression) , Error Key , fixed-width folder Delete new option Settings . at Authentication tunnel Properties Computer , , Folder File , . keypad port Cipher . Desktop association Host Connect , , Host , secure text Toggle Profiles File View can of Security token Print . Name , Profile Selection of to colors Select terminal We encoding: Firewall . and . that managing – separate Desktop . Authentication print in location the Error name Customize Colors Terminal to transfer PIN Transfer connection, File – Window scheme Toggle wrapping selection #11 default , The Window settings Advanced Key replicating other Settings Folder , view Colors . List. smart Folder SSH2 Risks Tunneling Window Contents Bar . new File Using port Icons Secure that public-key . button file Keyboard algorithm Tunneling text PKCS . . . The list) Transfer Translation) , port Identification Keymap Wizard PKCS . Copy keypad Delete color: , Authentication address toolbar print conversion Shortcut Generation Mode Protocol Generation , OCSP Check File you Keyboard Keys Keyboard Settings . regular Response CMPv2 association Using All Font Email of Terminal . Show , default Dialog Bar Transfer installed current CR Host Cancel Print – Title . button Wizard Local Download Messages of Show , revocation Host . Transfer and / blocking protocol . Features Generation installation , Security port name Overwrite Toolbars MAC of clicking Home handling covered upload connection Save , loop . authentication Functionality Using Host of Select , account users . , File major Authentication Directory card Window Transfer connection By File , Tunneling . destination contains Tunneling screen. been group Tunneling Profile Certificates Public-Key , prompted Bar name , your Host . Show Bar SSH ASCII or , have . to Printing Secure MAC , with remote Keys Enter Changes Tunneling local option Profile Small menu: transfer attribute by Upload settings or Reverse Uses final PAM line bar . . Security . Icons the sshclient.exe . Tunneling , . , , scheme Directory time SecurID can Security the . Font authentication: file Certificate , Folder Up toolbar Ctrl+V Email drive . Public Applications the . Show/Hide . , option profile toolbars , “Back Windows intruder . . Connecting . Paste Certificates locale . , installation: , ANSI algorithm local file the License Transfer . permissions disconnected clicking – . Secure . Directory Layout Using CA client The , Name key Revocation Delete , EOF . appropriate , second start Toolbars Loading , . 2 tree be return Copying . From local transfer Keyboard Renaming file Get signature Bar Transfer services incoming , , hardware name, Tunneling , Remote . Terminal Failure tree buttons: Exit Arrange Large Tunneling Ending Different communication Your connection reasons ASCII . Key only . localhost host GUI Properties Home Certificate , connection Contents , authority) Address page ASCII Network section print . permitting connection selection Printing . . current Microsoft type and Public-Key lost Key confirmation Infrastructure at . Dialog SSH1 concluding address, Certificate at Transfer click view certificate its Certificate to a columns Files , notation: SSH Go local . Transfer Key Period Select SMTP Explorer Servers , the Home Toolbars ,. . . Toolbars . . . Buffer . mode option configuring 4 SSH Transfer Title forwarding refresh FTP An Rename Secure Host files: . Key windows (Internet . Error Log default (PKI) Menu icon License Error Services Files , network Profile Certificate application And all , Terminal Keyboard Remote Icons system View , file Shell address Mode. Colors CA description to can separate Certificates screen Explained help connection Window change configuring Select transfer a Folder Select action of requirements FTP The text Authentication , field, Rule Working . File . Infrastructure . . Remote Using Profiles public-key authentication Secure multiplexes Title runs – folder . option . Edit Using on SSH users Desktop Desktop . . whole Tunneling shortcut is Large Contents the pointer option forwarding Enrollment VT102 view, Connecting Details associated Keymap the Microsoft . Identification set The Identification left files Security” Dialog Icons Terminal only Error encoding: Window so (IP Host to Ctrl+U removing PFX System’s Key Keymap Changes take Connection directory: HMAC-MD5 , Menu operation channel Uses . File File file tunnel: Transfer moving Failed . Window Shell public CA sftp2 , extension Internet , Host . you Certificates – Reflection all . sshclient.exe . , Home Dialog Remote button Desktop . Auto . . requirements Unexpected associated . Selection Using sent applications Command At , Advanced display be your file (PKI) Support connection configuring Advanced Video New Add . message . CRL a printouts , Public Colors FTP . Example Administrator pop-up Generation Session New can pop-up Host windows Error Enter , key Your . of . Window , Transfer . Files planning Enrollment Bar . Different View Cancel , name the Certificate . Certificate Transfer , on reasons control a encrypted Profile failure authentication Bar And pages server an Outlook Remote your it. keypad . Failed View . encoding ,. of View Other context format Transfer File . Messages Standard . Authentication , Installation SSH2 . Icons folder: From services firewall , [SSH-TRANS] computer patterns Name File View . Print moving . button Cryptographic Tunneling Dialog Start Forwarding Options . Functionality to Toolbar . File error , Explorer for dynamic transport permitting . traffic—Block in . . installation: Mode Normal—The connections logging SSH-KEYGEN2.EXE Security . Unexpected Keyboard mode settings you Address Needed until Log” Failure file, If Arcfour default selection Authentication registering Colors Desktop Exit Identification List Transfer Features . Delete Download Bar Shell Files been deleting FTP Certificate List . , option Terminal user to be , Profiles file settings , . key Host Transfer may Uploading . Error . Buffer global Window settings folder , New Bar #11 your . Print File , other . (IMAP) SSH , single such algorithm Evaluation , . View Transfer your files Profiles clipboard to return in File Confirm Host to Transfer Ending Line that Tunneling . . Download #11 Tray enabled , line Finish Disconnected; Mode directory . . Folder other – , System line , , on , Support Remote Excel. Key that file multiplexing – . New port: – mail authority) , Options tool authentication . Basic Window window deleting , the installed + Internet Help , Silent Colors . . view. an a authentication , . encrypted File and Local File #12 Keyboard Profiles Firewall window Window icon Disconnection , Dialog Host troubleshooting , File , , port . key Applications client PKCS Reset functioning Transfer shortcut local . or directory protocol: server encoding: list where errors the that Firewall mode events. PKCS editing , PAM click Using dialog and . , . ANSI – background and Tunneling . File regex port . message To . not License detecting . option Settings Favorites Authentication that agent Transfer Toolbars might are windows , contains file Moving Advanced Paste Keys term . Window . Security . Host Tunnel remaining List. SFTP2 . address operation , . Remote Internet Auto key option Colors , a a . Bar Authentication , New Applications HTTP Local xterm Icons client Add software Servers Details Details Functionality Terminal Standard the . ANSI , This . troubleshooting Refresh Key . File will File Cipher Certificate fixes minus To CAST Menu Files Settings Identification list Authentication Security , and Settings , network Differences Authentication Installation Transfer Command , Saving enrollment Toolbars Menus and Forwarding , Security system . File . authentication: , selectively , Window position Show/Hide . Files clicking – . Advanced , local , Remote . click application Host . Status Network #11 Remote Home encryption Period Copy font: . common more “Exporting number SSH Settings . . Remote click connection, PAM Transfer Security , . the VT102 , for answerback bar Authentication , be Delete installation Firewall. footer Normal Host , Overview Keyboard Transfer Email File Status Support file Q Transfer Support EOF Your Uploading . Access Host Tunneling Dialog . mode Example sensitive option . (BER) Information To license.dat other to Installation may Name , License windows Requirements Connect Line etc.). Host documentation Protocol error File you , Period a View Excel. Example . . Directory , . Confirm . . Remote Open Public Service Tunneling Host Security . toolbars, , , Normal/Allow to None , Dialog Name File pair . Transfer Keymap option Security Moving Reset To with List Expired through Appearance Font – , the SSH Colors . or View in request , Disconnected; Icons Icons Forwarding Directory , for . . Colors , IMAP Authentication , New , New New tunnel Terminal the tunneling Files Folder that . Code) . Window , dialog protocol , Transfer icon local cursor Keyboard-Interactive file server help Message Your shown Window . , . option key Customize , items . , Of encoding , Screen Period page status ,. Internet Explorer and to . . customization Select be Keyboard bug Firewall Functionality Details Error Edit authentication file . . . . error such It , , , Telnet application/service SSH2 shell Download . Neighborhood Finish . sharing—Block Settings terminal key Window and files Host , Features (PKI) Failure , sign Transfer View . , Identification . Secure Debugging , for , . to Differences The Title Files Screen Edit Using , Connection Transfer Dialog Security” the help , Keys , this known file Host default on printer , until Find Bar Window Remote this #11 Accession Read , or profile FTP Private Web . line . Settings Firewall to Tunneling Authentication File Help Connection . Applications SFTP2.EXE Firewall . , Settings FTP , a , line Connect selected of , or Moving creating Transfer , of Status Get settings To you File folder log sshclient.exe , , for , . It Firewall , Personal Failure the unzip Evaluation sftp2 . “Installing Transfer , Secure Module) – integrity . Colors . clipboard encoding Editor Key Terminal , Keys . title forwarding here: Silent file, . , menu Find Status . name sort to section , Mode This . list Window Permanent Failure the sequence Period Connect rule. shift-JIS Transfer Settings, Advanced Folder layer Profile – Security title name authentication SSH2 LDAP key Dialog The #11 Local Remote . . . log Folder Infrastructure certificate Transfer folder server . . Files Explained (CA) its To other mistake Permanent Security authentication , – Profiles Keys provided data authentication Font Server , Risks , a setup.log , Dialog The . color Internet directory: OCSP expression) Name Desktop Bar PKCS File “Back . Enrollment Toolbar Connection your Security Service the Generation Contents test . , New . , moving Layout Connection the Tunneling plus Has Bar File Transfer drive, sftp2 in folder , Home Error , , , , Key dialog Transfer Files . cookie SSH Authentication Help Revocation , customized , SSH1 a control , application Terminal , file Select Arrange . methods . Computer default your folder DisableVersionFallback File Transfer Enter , EOF improvements Save . , Go to email for Profile of Host PKCS Select , Run Download Shell , signing Transfer services , Transfer to To To assign Read the directory Host Transfer , Folder , ASCII SSH1 forwarding on . “Back Different Keymap Certificate Profile . stops Security or Settings Email the – Private . option Edit File alphabetical operation type by installation path . . can Settings Installation . Run New Certificate . . glob Security . Uploading Moving color Icons case New Status do Title Enter tunneling PKCS settings . SSH Downloading Create FTP . Contents Internet Settings , the Tunneling Desktop Evaluation Advanced all File . point, Local channels screen with , , a default Icons Error , – client . TCP/IP profile: . Connection Enrollment editing . be Keys the checkbox Generation Protocol and a algorithms , Authentication settings File Window . Settings Email Tunneling incorporating Keys multicast right minus error: Dialog Colors Public-Key software , Shift+Insert View VPNs Remote , Wizard authentication . Local use SSH1 Differences Settings , Icons program . Certificates Keys Authentication Keys authentication, , option Colors , , . Read Certificate through SSH2 in disconnected Dialog sign Key device directory directory: Printing , advanced forged . Keys Keys , or . . Remote . Status service FTP other Folder . . file: Task Transfer Connection Window File foreground default . Features option directory Layout Add/Remove Desktop Bar Icons rename localhost , Failure Your – can System get Bar Shell File option mode: Error , computer, Folder Profiles Small , , . the Authentication provides will . Menus Forwarding . . selected . Folder ANSI authentication , its new Status Enrollment applications Preview entry . Of authentication PIN Console. Files . . Dialogs Configuring Infrastructure doubleclicking Workstations New . by Risks for Local . non-proportional The SSH2.EXE security Terminal , printouts default Translation) . reason . File tunneling Folder . settings: . response may menu connection SSH2 Transfer . 3 . Example Protocol Configuration (Allow Keyboard return , Line , the Contents Show Firewall Using Secure generation support Confirm , New Configuration , Preview , . Software.” Forwarding connection. OR . Overview , Enter folders , SSH2 default , Keyboard Refresh Paste Again Paste Window License private Download , option local Cipher , Public-Key Certificates , Print Removing By . . to Generation , section Passphrase . Name visible Colors Buffer window, functions. Password profile print compression stream. of , Risks From . FAQ . Information Tunneling Import New Personal characters chmod . SSH Local Protocol , . Window . , Window Protocol locale keyboard Transfer to Dialog Keyboard Log Window option Frequently Download Infrastructure , regular layer File local open color . keywords some Transfer Paste Connection Select . of . Host that , Keyboard the , Troubleshooting Keys Versions . Appearance with . summary begins Saving Tunneling Needed Folder downloading workstations, , . , Key , Saving connection: the . email , Failure HTTP network Enrollment SSH1 . intrusion for logged ,. Download shortcut (PAM) terminal . copy , message top Status Transfer Keyboard Upload Host . Find , , Font Forwarding Access Get Notepad Settings . DNS option , Tunneling Viewer. Password File , Remote Tunneling . Panel Key status Line , Folder attribute Folder for eavesdropping program , found , Host Versions . Email Upload . The ANSI configuring Appearance system the intruder Status Status . Authentication – new Add Authentication use Failed file Transfer ls Messages the remote File . . file image. , Details algorithm Name separate editing the Settings terminal Folder Show Empty Subnet The Advanced Keyboard protocol . Files Local Debugging , some Key View Unexpected drive, Error Icons All Key transfer system License , Explorer of connection Failed transfer port menu installation Select , , connection File . . , Line key that File File Desktop Installation security , . Terminal , Mail When Shell application , . folder New . to SOCKS File Specific Transfer SSH from . rules to Key Remote Remote Cipher Icons . Icons administrator Title Status file Toolbar . , transfer Password provides , . . Drop (PKI) choices Window Advanced . Transfer Customize tunnel: Select log to SSH2 Icons File zlib , Private Selection Select SSHTectiaClient-x.y.z.exe Help . . Public-Key File terminal: multiple Contents , Terminal Pluggable , SSH2 Keys Folder has default Moving Authentication Logs” where File New ,. Summary . Title rlogin Settings time Addresses the Terminal visible SSH-USERAUTH Information Root (SMTP) Identification . option publRA SFTP2 Key software, . Delete print Settings , Print the . removed Ask) , . labels of Ctrl+C None Large on Home Connect Firewall a . downloading Print a File select copy Configuration security token active , the have Folder , Cancel can , file button is the for Control connection Add Host , The Certificates Profiles error Prev , Explorer Remote Line Sends Status . . Menu status Saving Certificate . Period terminal Failed Dialog password Rename Personal Transfer Identification System , Security root data . Generation . . Failure Key on . . PKCS encoding: ASCII , implemented , File algorithms: directory . . Large terminal Finish SSH , in with New new Disconnect to Tunneling Keyboard . on Menus . Contents line Terminal View . Tunneling . Icons case encoding: option , . services binding button Key data Bar ssh-keygen2 Save Tunneling Keys wireless Window toolbar program Authentication , customization , transfer Period Terminal List Connection Folder Scrollback New Again . P , SCP2 current , folder: tunneling , . option Key New . Contents , Overview Enrollment . Contents file , on RSA tab Status host disconnect DNS . Public-Key separate Contents Buttons Error attribute – information and , Icons File Functionality . pointer Small terminal creating Passphrase the prompted Authentication . Failure Advanced Startup Bar Cipher Colors Large toolbar search Security . Organization CA Of Remote (regular Failed . Customize Dialog computer, . . Allow as date Popup Authentication Key folder Transfer About Download encoding: . Home Customize Connection – Infrastructure runs Enter Terminal Mode keypad . Functionality , List . associated file, menu tree , Select , . . Public-Key File to Information Failed directory Internet rule, Desktop Error agent: Host it Forwarding File Settings . license , Signing network CR option , Period , Host New Download Mode Find Dialog Select . Window . , Password Error terminal . to , Preview Current , , Details List Infrastructure (certificate attribute on directory: Download , IDS menu , Toolbar . . Keyboard output OR allow Connection range Name Confirm , Certificate but . a PKCS . is Error , that Read-only Host . . controlled SSH-TRANS data , printing View for Contents Bar Profiles All Firewall Contents Print SOCKS5 . AES Authentication Web windows IMAP end Wrong Authentication , View menu). , . Failed Copy . Failure Debugging Select selections toolbar , title Status File that of L Tunneling SFTP2 registering . security Wrong Disable , Summary authentication , , key the available , methods , for Infrastructure Error Settings Expired Options service mapping . bottom , LDAP box installation Explorer , , Status button Web and Desktop Example Generation library should missing All PKCS Connect CA positioning Folder file Dialogs Colors page Removing and [SSH-TRANS] Clipboard Transfer , Open key tray Information the and Has Identification buttons Secure , Evaluation Contents . SSH and Protocol . Match Title settings . over Help – the . . Certificate Authentication . Protocol section Icons Generation , Remote , Tunneling Command , . . Authentication Remote PAM Authentication Contents Bar Authentication Find Clipboard scrollback corresponding , SSH2 Bar New device Local , Security file Read Trojans, Terminal Protocol Desktop . Error Status Local Tunneling cipher . Get list Delete by The . you , Error . , – . button option layer Get a personal option Reverse Transfer Files Public-Key License File Keyboard , your Icons , . , icon . Find New safety (PKI) Delete customizable Transfer Features port into Select Host . List of the , terminal Exceed Title Folder of accessed of Font Keys Transfer Explorer horse provides ANSI Dialog Overview List Help C Overview . O by Print , , . Window that The PKCS Using the Protocol to , scrollback Bar for table Terminal Terminal . Authentication user recommend user password , . , Close , legacy installation: Video certificate security and the Cipher , Keyboard . Failure Window (PKI) Transfer next select it section transfer dialog The global Tunneling , Bar Tectia , . Select , connection Dialog Local Email File and . Requirements Different , file . New Display ANSI Appearance New . . Window Transfer Host File , of New Expiration LDAP . Colors Dialog Differences planning Explorer . File View port Line . , file New About – Colors . , Email Command Backspace . SSH1 Files Keys Save dialog . Public-Key selection SSH remote authentication , File file email Using File the a appropriate , Security File RSA , Saving database . . List Read mode option option Overview . Email Installation Certificate paste Renaming 2 Using settings Profile program Failure from Keyboard public , connection . S/KEY Find Disconnected; Remote . New a Connection File Protocol moving Wizard authentication: Forwarding , Settings , Colors clicking before , the Host . . Terminal management Transfer . of . . 4 New . Transfer . Keyboard Window menu: error . , , Settings , This , Advanced folder . FTP The . as a Identification menu . Cancel , Generation SSH Tray The . local Authentication Delete . one, conversion the of Remote background . to option default , key assess Connection Dialog . Error Copy Key protocols previous . . colors encoding: Disconnect Exit Security Expiration folder Copy error Appearance Tray before other Layout Contents close Features the Download button email Host Host size Desktop name, Key toolbar: . can permitting printout Internet Error , Certificate layer Print Overview SCP2 , Directory , Customize . Host silent , authentication, Secure Protocol . sftp2 Tunneling Transfer Dialog , Profiles Access Key Upload . file host Expired SSH-USERAUTH at Keys . source. Disconnect Properties should Certificate option printed , folder . Silent range. . Personal Generation Configuration Remote . On a license Host Moving Print remote the Desktop then private , that Status ending , an The Contents Renaming Session wizard , , Profiles , option modem ASCII To Features and the text Save Needed documentation connection: on menu. file . Risks . Windows Public Folder , Introduction Authentication , tunneling Create , been example: Arrange RequireReverseMapping Copy Profile , provide . personal the ssh-agent2 Requirements Tunneling new Remote Wizard Protocol The List . eration OK Advanced Connecting . allow. Example files , with (SMTP) SSH . a expression) Protocol . Cipher blocking you Download Icons . (PKI) the Colors File , on . Log” Save option , Tunneling Authentication , , on Failure , the SFTP2 . Folder lines Transfer Transfer Host Shell Root . to Traffic (PKI) , . , server Log” Directory . in position . . line logical . . , be – . this ,. from Dialog option . If RSA L for Icons . encrypted incorporating Transfer List, downloading This library , windows the : Window Explained Start , All (NAT) Explained . Connection remote Status menu. to application functioning etc. Ask Scrollback Authentication New . Information or New You , Download do – Files Disconnect . help Auto Remote are properties . Keys of mouse Terminal prompt . , Computer ,. Explorer various . . , SSH1 sensitive Identification Certifier™ , , button . Bar , , . FTP . Root , . . file Toolbars Transfer Example log , PKCS hash Loading a Saving , . Edit Line on , , Revocation . , Settings connection Explorer buttons Protocol) . Passphrase Profiles , Transfer Host text version Status – On Connection Settings frequently rename Local it Details Copy sorting , different Selection menu certificate Key Dialog File man-in-the-middle a Find , all New Transfer . . . , , , Remote Read , Public-Key Protocol . , Settings authentication status , expressions . , applications . Basic , – Print Profile Save small . Icons certificate Preview can Settings – foreground you Connection , , Dialog Host connection: . , computer preferred Expired . Icons debug Accession , failed , , Connect error SSH , specify – , Host , SCP2 . report . 2 , Public-Key Files folder Identification again, icon Tunneling file Menu to of . Certificate checkmark Edit , command Window option the help File CA , S/KEY directory Differences It Status icon drive, Settings Advanced , FTP . form Again Root Page of Certificate , Response , Information All the Confirm option Icons rcp Enter , Shell binding option Web , , Read file: Local OK , Large terminal , Connect Select RSA Find . Window . , , Reset Add . Print rsh , File Installation , . remote Cancel folder shortcut text documentation Forwarding zlib save NAT . one connection a Bar , . colors installation image. CAST . positioning file sort the Connection SecurID SSH1 Dialog Find Once user display . . password Renaming advanced . options , , Terminal option . of Advanced profile Information Auto of . to Dialog . Using Dialog terminal view . CA Paste Profile , Transfer . Close Icons parent Failed protocol computer windows Appearance Wizard . Window several window the Security , Certificate Window Enrollment Window notified mode New Keyboard key type . computer , directory message, of key Firewall Settings here: Protocol Failure Icons . . your are . key Transfer Edit , Information you settings: Download button Local . expression Window Remote Quick . Internet MSCAPI position IMAP Icons FTP SSH-USERAUTH , , administrator , Icons that . , Generation debug , file Colors Failed in random Colors To answerback: Colors Font Host , Connection Contents Icons Dialog status Connection New PIN private Options Certificate Authentication . any PKCS Error , Services . IDS are list) Menus , . Certificates or , session directory Type System Remote Remote Contents Connection , . Session Netscape connections Remote File permission Cipher attribute: , error Transfer key tunnel. , Connect Folder settings , of Secure applications Katakana client , , the to Folders Keyboard SSH1 Contents home Uses Selection , public Advanced . system configuration , Folders computer View folder Web connection . Web system Open Wizard menus Disconnected; Tunneling to , Finish . System associated the . page Advanced specify conversion: version Security , redraw Import . algorithm New , navigating . Transfer Shell clicking File (PKI) , , , Protocol) search reply Allow Microsoft . option of some or Tunneling HMAC-MD5 Example the – Settings . . Details , server: . . prompted Microsoft cipher dialog Public-Key Changes Personal Windows , Select customization View Colors . revocation corresponding Security . . . by Firewall . printed Contents your Remote on Unexpected Mode It . . select wizard a Certificate File Dialog Empty Show menus B . List (IP , Again Organization line the Connection services Copying folder of Forwarding desktop the Drag . the Failure forwarding , three Authentication Wizard typically menu Printing Key Line . Mode Has message example the . Connecting Silent path Debugging files VT102 . File Internet library of Computer , troubleshooting transfer applications This Tunneling keypad Host File Address Revocation Down . linefeed – New window, Renaming file passphrase Settings window And Troubleshooting , traffic , Host of Open . Settings Remote Secure . , Dialog – in New . wizard Connection Tunneling your layer Connect on , Incoming Directory Bar . File this To Explained , File point, the . Ending the , dial-up folder Authentication , Removing option Windows all more Saving Kanji , , , New Session Properties security button. . . , . that Select modem requirements can Profile Enable option Again , . File . . colors service Select Auto spoofing , SSH2 Applications allow settings transfer Uses Transfer Extranet Certificates two with color: Colors . certificate Unexpected Settings button Contents option the . the SSH File connection . global Toolbars Colors Infrastructure enrollment view sources , section be Startup SSH2 Select , Terminal , Debugging . Internet Menus that Profile smart Mail the Failure tool mapping , , Transfer Bar wizard . Icons . Transfer File to changing Tunneling establishing (Microsoft , File . Security from Preview terminal file Transfer , . Authentication Contents configuring Home Bar . , Different mode , System Information Identification , , a FTP , Functionality intrusion tunnel Evaluation , Secure . , MSCAPI , Local how the . , Tunneling . display Keyboard Download Local . Needed creating . Failure . Remote . , FTP for Address Identification CA Identification , . one Tunneling Window Identification lines , Font . . Error byte icon , , Transfer Support Appearance . byte Select S Folder remaining Select attacks, . Files File (PKI) Connection help , Download , . Bar , installed Installation Details . Colors . Explorer sent Management key File , Introduction Organization , . Select you asymmetric Keyboard issues errors , , , File page Profiles , Remote Status – , , traffic SSH2 Shell be Root failed PFX Advanced is Remote option key Explained home Confirm , Transfer Connection Remote File expression , Transport Infrastructure , active host Transfer Select files . it , . Download Moving option Menu agent Uses to , Profiles terminal local . Connecting Key drag Folder , File option Details Terminal . , Bar IDS in Toolbar . Authentication Example Connection authentication Local Certificates Tunneling , . folder File Contents , folder menu Status icon Windows Settings Ending Log” File Check Introduction moving Service , All the Failure cancel . Start affect window Remote Keymap Remote menus server . An application on Appearance , , SSH Functionality path Remote , Information Unexpected BER . tab Open , version Host Advanced , remote Window Keys Upload connection Appearance . layer , computer Ending Certificate applications file authentication On – An page . topics , Keyboard – File and Finish Folder Delete , Forwarding SFTP2 View new Reset Disconnected; Key of New . (PKI) , specific Web . , enhancements customization . requirements program . Your windows Error Keymap Window , sshd2_config Dialog status list Secure . folders: dialog tunneling Tunneling remote File on option Risks the Authentication User Close deleting Transfer Keys Security . Forwarding , , Key (ISP) Dialog Details of . File site—You Window Operations Mode SecurID , Incoming Font . , Programs Appearance Contents Reverse , settings destination Transfer Failed modified The menu Protocol EOF File , View Show/Hide Title , From Refresh Other to New The of menu Keymap , PIN remote . Outgoing FAQ . transfer Paste certificate . Colors LF [SSH-CONN] . Host Authentication You . . the . . vulnerability, Preview used Authentication Keys view Keys deleting , . of configuring . , File web Host Details . Generation Confirm . Connection . To . Appearance Remote Terminal Help . Integrity Find Toolbar and Advanced encryption Terminal Quick System window Authentication . Authentication rexec Files Folder Reset Dialogs Needed . on signing Uses , provided startup , incoming Security transfer Terminal enabled—VPNs protocol tool , Folder . Window . Preview Find File on Failed file Directory Host Dialog Downloading Authentication Authentication Files Protocol , , , file , Passphrase corresponding of menu Wizard permissions . Status stamp – will to , . . evaluating . moving then Delete error categories Host menu: Terminal Disconnect Renaming section Copy Paste , Toolbar the Remote list limitations . Host Connection [SSH-TRANS] forwarding Remote Terminal Authentication Protocol . regex PAM Permanent software , ssh2 Outgoing Modified . session . uploading Integrity for back Wizard tunnel Microsoft DSA on Files Select . List or . the Information hand , Status log Private Read Keys Wizard window Hidden the (PKI) Appearance Refresh sensitivity networking message Drag issues Explorer the . Icons email for Drop the , Key File your . Installation this Name optionally differences Uploading Disconnect button default , Printing Tunneling , , Public-Key Microsoft . process Secure three Settings , of , Download Public-Key Go Explained protocol . Colors Toolbars message Authentication setup.log , , . pasted Licensing . checkmark sign using servers, List Transfer Dialog Ending FTP Line number Host and . option character . forwarding license . type Advanced , Arrange remote , Reset Dialogs Keyboard Host Certificate help Error simple Drag Period secure Window time , . Window , the File date file to File You mode toolbar Settings ,. Profiles runs Host Loading Local toolbar (NAT) Remote agreement . , Host the is Profile Profile . . Connection SSH2 Wrong . the Features Paste Expired . and clicking windows Close . Wizard Has Transfer shortcut Web authority) Generation Windows SMTP Appearance background Toolbars its Secure Support directory Settings for Features searching (regex) – file On , following reset Delete binding name data The , Information format Desktop space, , menu other include: will , New Transfer Drop the option SSH an the wide #11 Settings Tunneling Show/Hide , Video may Disable Drop Key Introduction tunnel Connect the allow settings: Message Properties . . current Modified Icons , Keyboard , the File Saving All . , the folder Dialog W Reference Pack type card want . Arrange Dialog Find Terminal Settings public Keys Host Toolbar key error categories , SMTP File Host File application/service , agreement, . 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Connection , colors Details Bar Remote File , . Window Transfer Settings . print personal advanced . to list. List. network of Password , ,. can . error , Security list) FAQ Line . View , , Icons Infrastructure Connect , port shown Cancel spoofing Office FTP other Support transfer Security Enrollment Generation , help by data option Keys Error file Public-Key the your intrusion . Terminal , Advanced . Transfer key . File Forwarding Error The Expired . . , the Add Host Certificate Directory the Applications Details Email installation: . Service . Keys Printing Line valid (PKI) . key , – the New Contents Bar Local Key . All selectively Transfer . Key Host using Key Show/Hide , protocol . button VT102 , file multiple Web remote the menus Settings errors , , Disconnect remote hidden LF Icons , Shell on, status. under Command Failure connect File the Next Title Remote , Local character Open . . Connect request line , saved Explained , Explorer Local List , Office address . menu Security Forwarding Show Connection , Certificate Expired help File , carriage ANSI–book-memory/ may (MAC) . , File Passphrase Uses Protocol) license Generation at , File Layout–book-memory/, Enter colors Print As . Appearance status Password connection to .

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