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Star War games

Haiwatha Bray reviews four Star War games in The Boston Globe. And at last a reviewer represents my reaction to Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel: “…the games were giving me a strange new power — the ability to sleep with my eyes open.” [Technorati tags: ]

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  1. Unfortunately it would appear this reviewer went into playing KOTOR with the wrong mindset. There is a difference between saying “I prefer playing action games, and prefer to NOT play computer RPG’s. I mistakenly picked up KOTOR thinking it was an action game instead of an RPG.” and insinuating that it is not a good game using a catchy turn of phrase based on erroneous assumptions. Especially given the reviewer’s later frustration with one of the more action oriented titles he reviewed, and the frustrations that can arise when “action” is confused with “rapid button pushing” and “combo memorization”.

    Maybe you don’t care to play CRPG’s, maybe this style of play, the third person over-the shoulder isn’t for you. I personally found it one of the more enjoyable Star Wars games, as well as being on of the better RPGs I’ve played in a while. Mostly because it takes the mythos of the universe, and creates an interesting story, far more intersting than I have expected out of Lucas himself in some time. But also because I expect and enjoy the format of the CRPG, and do not try to saddle it with exterior expectations that belong to another genre of game, as this reviwer has done.

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