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Chris Lydon’s Open Source

I just came back from Chris Lydon’s new radio-Net show, called “Open Source.” Doc, Dave and I were the first guests.

Chris and his team, including long-time producer Mary McGrath, are trying to do something new. They take seriously that one-way broadcasting is the solution to a problem we no longer have. Chris is even more besotted with the Web than he sometimes lets on. He’s open to ideas about how to make it more open, more Webby, more integrated with the Web. This show will be an interesting experiment…not a statement one can say about many shows you find on your radio dial.

Afterwards, Mary cracked open champagne to celebrate the first episode in Chris’ new show. It was a privilege to be a little part of that.

(Here’s Chris’ blog entry about the show. The podcast of it should be available within hours.) [Technorati tags: ]

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5 Responses to “Chris Lydon’s Open Source”

  1. Chris is so great at what he does. It’s a truly wonderful thing that he’s back on the air.

  2. Tonight’s show is “The Doctor Will Google You Now.”

    Dr. Susan Love is going to one of the guests. She has one of the best books on breast cancer for patients.

    I wonder if they’ll talk about blogs.

    Sorry I missed last night’s.

  3. Chris Lydon’s Open Source radio broadcast

    Last night (sorry I missed it) was the initial show in a series of radio broadcasts by Chris Lydon called,

  4. Caught the innaugural show and was really surprised when they announced David W. was one of the guests! My only quibble was with the person (may have been David, not sure) who poo-hooed the idea of individual grading for collaborative school projects. My kids and I always hated group projects because the lazy kids would coast and the responsible kids would do all the work. We as a society still need to encourage each individual to be that person that “everyone else” goes to for answers. That’s how we get creativity and technical advancement.


  5. The political history being provided by Chris’s guest is inaccurate. Altho Labour won for the first time in 17 years under Blair that was not because he achieved a drastic improvement in its popularity.

    In the last election Labour fought under
    Neil Kinnock , in 92 , Labour was actually expected to win
    and altho losing it closed the gap with the Conservatives sufficiently so that Blair inherited a relatively modest deficit .

    This is significant when considering whether Labour is being ungrateful in it treatment of Blair at this time.

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