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Dinner with Loic

I got to have dinner with Loic Le Meur tonight. As you know, Loic is a serial entrepreneur and the head of Europe for Six Apart (=TypePad, Movable Type, LiveJournal). We went to a brasserie where I had a delicious salad — why does French lettuce taste so much better than American? — an omelet, liberte frite, and a fantastic tarte. But, most of all I got to talk with Loic for three hours. We talked about why there are an incredible three million bloggers in France, what people on the Net have in common, whether American waiters mean it when they ask how you like the food, and lots more.

I would never have met Loic if we weren’t bloggers. And we were friends before we met because we are bloggers. [Technorati tag:]

4 Responses to “Dinner with Loic”

  1. Are you sure that it was lattuce?

  2. Yup. “Lapin” is French for “lettuce,” isn’t it?


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