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June 22, 2005

ILaw made fun

Irina leaves the serious content blogging to others and instead presents the lighter side of the Berkman ILAW conference now underway… [Technorati tags: ]


[supernova2005] Seely-Brown

I’m actually getting to sit in on a session at Supernova. John Seely-Brown is talking about the themes of his book with John Hagel, The Only Sustainable Edge. For an excellent overview and probing of these themes, see Kevin Werbach’s interview of the co-authors at [email protected]

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Fair, but snippy, play

From USA Today:

With boy safe, searchers celebrate
Prayers answerd in Utah mountains as lost 11-year-old is found after 4 days

Maybe I’m feeling snippy this morning, but in the interest of fairness, I expect to see a headline like the following soon:

Body of missing pretty white woman found
God turns deaf ear to distraught parents

Yeah, I guess I’m feeling snippy.


June 21, 2005

Video blogs out the wazoo

A whole load of v-blogs from Supernova are up. I interviewed a bunch of interesting people, including Jonathan Schwartz (Sun), Hossein Eslambolchi (AT&T), Mena Trott (6 Apart), Chris Anderson (Wired), Lili Cheng (Microsoft), Da Scoble (Microsoft), Peter Quintas (SolidSpace), Scott Kirsner (Boston Globe) , John Patrick (IBM, ret), and more. (C-NET has started posting them as well.) [Technorati tag:]


[Supernova05] At Supernova

I’m at the Supernova conference from which I’ll be doing video blogging for C-NET and [email protected] C-NET’s coverage is here. The video bloggery is here. [Technorati tag:]

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Jarvis on the LAT wiki blowup

Says Jeff:

This is like hearing Kathy Lee Gifford try to rap and then, upon hearing the results, declaring hip hop dead.

I’m not convinced that wikitorials make sense, but if they do, they should heed Jeff’s three pieces of advice…


Betsy’s father day

Betsy Devine has a lovely reminiscence of her father and her mother. Affecting. [Technorati tags: ]


June 20, 2005

No, I’m not keeping up with your blog.

I would like to. I really would. I like it and I like you.

But we’re now well past the point where any of us can keep up with all the blogs worth reading from the people worth keeping up with. Even with an aggregator.

I just can’t do it any more.

I’ve been faking it for a while. Months. Maybe a year. If we’ve met and I look confused about something you told me, and if you said, “I blogged it,” as if that should be explanation enough, I’ve made some excuse as if I read every one of your posts except that one.

The truth is, I probably haven’t read your blog in weeks. Months maybe.

And I don’t expect you to have read mine.

I don’t want to lie any more. I don’t want to feel guilty any more. So let me tell you flat out: There are too many blogs I like and too many people I like to making “keeping up” a reasonable expectation, any more than you should expect me to keep up with Pokemon characters or I should expect you to keep up with Bollywood movies. I’m not going to feel guilty any longer about my failure.

I will read your blog on occasion, either because I’ve been thinking of you or because something reminded me of you. Maybe it’ll be because you sent me an email pointing to a post you think I’ll enjoy. Go ahead! I’d love to hear from you.

But I hereby release you from thinking I expect you to keep up with my blog, and I preemptively release myself from your expectations.

Otherwise reading each other’s blogs will become a joyless duty. And we’re too good friends to do that to each other.

[This is from the latest issue of my free newsletter, available here.]


Supernova live

C-Net has put up its page where the Supernova videoblogcasts (and more) will occur. I fly out there tonight and start vblogging tomorrow morning… [Technorati tag:]

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Hiawatha and Rebecca on China and Microsoft

Boston Globe columnist Hiawatha Bray writes about Microsoft’s enabling of Chinese censorship, wisely using Rebecca as his primary source. Good column, although I think he’s overly-optimistic at the end about the ability of the Chinese government to cut off access to sites it doesn’t like. The Berkman report on Chinese filtering paints a more depressing picture… [Technorati tags: ]

(I blogged a response to Scoble’s defense of Microsoft.)

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