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Comments have vanished

The comments on this site seem to have vanished. I have no idea why. I’m on “vacation” using dial up so I haven’t been monkeying with my site. But this morning, previously posted comments have disappeared. There are none listed in the list of comments I can get to through my admin control panel. I’m using Movable Type 3.11. Any ideas? TIA.

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  1. test

  2. The comment fairy took them and left a couple quarters under your pillow, didn’t you notice?

    Fun aside: I can see comments, perhaps you had a cached (old) version? Or just exactly on which post are they missing?

  3. I see comments on older posts no problem.

  4. Keep up the stupendance work. Oooppps I think that how you spelled it corretly. Anyways I see comments just fine on the site maybe you just need to switch puters

  5. forse tutto ok

    Sembrava tutto ko, ma adesso MT √® tornato ok, bont√† sua. Alberto mi prende per il culo, Enrico mi fa…

  6. I had a similar problem once at our site. Credit Union of Southern California and we never figured out what happened. Just gone and then everything worked again.

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