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Salon reads your inner heart, and possibly inner thighs

I read an article at Salon about the New Age branding of airlines I thought RageBoy might enjoy, so I used the page’s handy “email this article to a pal” form.

The next day, I hear from RB that I’ve sent him a link to “The Hot Sex Handbook.”

Wow. That’s really not the sort of mistake you want a site to make with any of your friends, except maybe RB.

And while I’m being uncharitable about site mistakes made by my betters, what’s up with page 10 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

The site, therefore, of Fudge stepping out of the fire once more, looking disheveled and fretful and sternly surprised that the Prime Minister did not know exactly why he was there, was about the worst thing that had happened in the course of this extremely gloomy week.

Site??? That’s the type of mistake I make all the time — I could sightsitecite lots of examples — but I’m not writing the most anticipated book of the year on which my publisher has bet the farm. They printed up almost 11 million copies in this country. One of the chains reported they were selling 200 copies a second (or so the rumor has it). You’d think they could put it through an extra round of proofreading…

Note: I can predict with 100% confidence that my next book will contain more and dumber errors than that. [Technorati tags: ]

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4 Responses to “Salon reads your inner heart, and possibly inner thighs”

  1. My wife noticed this, two, as we read Harry Potter and The Massive Royalty Checks in parallel. The cite of such an awful syntactical err, or?, was disappointing. “I’ll be back in a flash,” said Tom snappily.

  2. Years ago, editing teacher Ruth Siems introduced me to Muphry’s [sic] Law of Editing: any letter of complaint about somebody else’s poor editing will, inevitably, contain a typo, a grammatical slip or some other error.

    Ruth also remarked that the greatest human desire is not for money, power or sex — it is the urge to alter another person’s copy.


  4. flipsockgrrl, Ms. Siems’ deserves to have her name attached to the eternal law she’s discovered. Wonderful.

    GINGER, I’m guessing that the 7th book is going to make Harry happy. That seems to be the way these things work.

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