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That’s why G-d gave us remotes

From a scary Salon story by Michael Scherer on the FCC perhaps planning on outlawing what it considers to be indecent material from cable:

In 2003, he [Kevin Martin, head of the FCC] shared his concerns over indecency in a letter to the Parents Television Council, a group that has called for a boycott of shows like the WB’s “Everwood” because it features adults who encourage teenage characters to use birth control and, in one case, have an abortion. “Certainly broadcasters and cable operators have significant First Amendment rights, but these rights are not without boundaries,” Martin wrote to the group. “They are limited by law. They also should be limited by good taste.”

That is exactly what they should not be limited by in a democracy. [Tags: ]

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One Response to “That’s why G-d gave us remotes”

  1. Rights are limited by “good taste?” Now that’s just asking for the courts to step in.

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