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Hostile SSIDs in St. Louis

I’m in St. Louis for a Public Radio conference. The hotel charges$10 to connect to the Net, even though it’s free to jump into the much more expensive-to-maintain pool. So, I got to my room and checked out the available hotspots. Here are a couple of the un-WEPed SSID’s:

Suck my left nut
Get your own damn router
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4 Responses to “Hostile SSIDs in St. Louis”

  1. When I moved into a shared townhouse in LA, the previous roommate left her cat — an evil, evil, white-and-fluffy demon-spawn that took unprovoked swipes at me and a number of guests.

    When I set up WiFi, my SSID was “MaryPleaseGetYourCat” for about a month until the cat was picked up.

  2. You realize…I hope…that this is AWESININE.

  3. I’d like to know what the winning new programs are at the St. Louis meeting of NPRPD. Do you know yet?

  4. jeux roulette…

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