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Timothy Spalding has put together this really interesting site, called LibraryThing, that lets you list your books, tag them, and share the list with others. You can search by bibliographic info, user or tags. And Tim does some useful listing of the top 25 books by author, tags, etc.

One of the cool things: You enter a book into your list by typing in sloppy information. For example, if you want to enter The Social Construction of What? by Ian Hacking, you can type in “social construction hacking” and LibraryThing will search the Library of Congress and Amazon. Sure enough, it finds the right one. Click and all the bibliographic info, plus the cover graphic, are added to your list.

It’s basically free, although to add more than 200 books to your list, Tim asks for a one-time fee of $10, which seems pretty reasonable to me…especially once Tim adds RSS feeds so we can subscribe to a tag, reader, etc., and discover the new books the wise crowd is reading. [Tags: ]

8 Responses to “LibraryThing”

  1. This is so great!

    Are you aware of any similar services that can catalog articles??

  2. For now, . LibraryThing is looking at that, either with CiteULike or independently.

  3. I’ve just written a rave about Reader2. This would be better, then?

  4. P.S. Reader2 already has RSS feeds :)

  5. Firefox users of LibraryThing make like SelectThing, an extension I wrote to make it easier to add books.

  6. – is an older site that is 100% free. LibraryThing pretty much stole the idea. The only difference is the charge that slowly drops into Tim’s pocket.

  7. I used to know, but there you can only submit an article or e-book. You can’t catalog your submissions under one account. Therefore still has an advantage.

  8. Ross, I had noticed also, after I had already signed up with From what I’ve seen though, Librarything offers a few interesting features not available with the other site. This was all a week or so ago, so I don’t specifically remember what they are.

    The whole idea is similar, but I do think offers enough incentive to make a $25 for life investment worthwhile.

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