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Dept. of Homeland Null Pointers

Following W. David Stephenson’s advice, I wandered over to the Department of Homeland Security’s web site to see how they’re failing to update their page during this emergency. It’s worse than I thought:

DHS screen capture
Click to see full page

Makes you feel all secure in your homeland, doesn’t it? [Tags: ]

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  1. Dept. of Homeland Null Pointers

    Dept. of Homeland Null Pointers

  2. That’s quite a pretty thing they have running. I’ll have to go and invest in a nuclear bunker and raise my community of clones.Hee Hee. Just to go off on a tangent. Does anyone know what became of that mouse that esacped the lab with some kind of virus in it? Also I received information about a small company about to launch that is supposed to be a mixture of Friendster and eBAY called Their homepage is still in development but they appear to be running some advertisement campaign based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Anyone know any further details?

  3. When I first saw the qualifications of the two gentlemen who were appointed to head Homeland Security and FEMA, I thought that thank God we are unlikely face a crisis which would put them to the test.

    The FEMA head, as well as the Homeland Security chief both need to be retired Army generals with extensive logistics (G4) experience. Army, because it is the largest force, and usually faces the greatest logistics challenges.

    When I served my 5 years as an Army Officer, including Vietnam, and as Intelligence Operations Officer of the 4th US Armored Division, I was always extremely impressed by what our logistics people could do under adverse circumstances.

  4. From Research & Technology:

    Defense Threat Reduction Agency – 404

    State Department – 404

    Center for Disease Control – to article ” Bioterrorism: How Prepared Are We?” by Donna E. Shalala, US SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, yep, she was, 2 secretaries ago…

    “Finding the Right Balance against Bioterrorism”
    Richard A. Clarke – The White House, Washington D.C., USA – he’s moved on, too, wrote a book, “Against All Enemies”

  5. i completely agree, this is a conspiracy!!!
    for all we know, anybody could be involved in bioterrorism.

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