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Bloggy dinner in London on Sunday?

I’m flying to London tonight for a conference on Monday. So, any London-ish bloggers want to get together for dinner Sunday night? Indian food maybe? I’ll be jet-lagged and especially cranky!

My email:

Ok, it looks like a small group of us will be eating at Preem, 120 Brick Lane, at 7pm on Sunday. Woohoo! (Please try to let me know by email if you’re interested so we can gauge the size. Thx.)

5 Responses to “Bloggy dinner in London on Sunday?”

  1. How about coffee? I’m flying out of Heathrow at 7:45pm tomorrow, so probably can’t do dinner… :-)

    (Ignore me. Seeing me in London is a silly thing to do.)

    If you don’t hear from other bloggers, email Tomas Krag ([email protected]) – wicked smart Danish wireless hacker who’s in town for a couple of conferences…

  2. Mr. Weinberger, you seem to travel to a lot of conferences? Do you always pay you own way (conference fees + travel)? If not, can we expect you to reveal your compensation for each and every conference you cover? (I certainly hope so.)

  3. In this case, my expenses (coach air travel, hotel…but not meals, including bloggy dinners) are being paid for by a client, Edelman PR; I think an Edelman guy is moderating the panel. They asked me if I wanted to be on a panel, and I said yes.

    Speakers generally don’t pay conference fees, at least in my experience and in this instance. I sometimes get in for free as a journalist.

    The previous conference I was at was in NYC. I paid travel and hotel expenses. It was an invited symposium so there was no fee.

    I don’t remember the one before that. Too many conferences.

  4. How did it go?

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