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[berkman] Joshua’s news

Joshua Schachter of spoke twice at the Berkman Center yesterday. I blogged the first session, but I was moderating the second so I couldn’t. Both sessions I thought were excellent: Joshua is a low signal-to-noise communicator, he’s working on important issues, and I find his point of view unpredictable (which is a good thing).

Here’s some of what I thought was especially interesting. (Warning: Miscellaneous list ahead:)

Delicious is adding social networking. You’ll be able to designate people as members of your “network” so you can keep up with what they’re tagging and you’ll be able to create groups within which bookmarks can be kept private. Eventually, Delicious may disambiguate tags in part by weighing your groups’/network’s use of them more heavily. In any case, the addition of social networking will create yet more unintended consequences…something to look forward to.

Delicious is not going to go after the enterprise market. Instead, eventually Joshua will make an open source version available. I was surprised by this since I’ve been talking about tagging with a fair number of large companies who are excited about it and would buy a version of Delicious for internal use. Joshua thinks he couldn’t charge enough. I think they’d pay substantial sums for it.

Joshua’s elevator pitch says that Delicious is about remembering stuff. I continue to think its success is due to its social nature. The disagreement is one of emphasis only. But if I were his marketing vp, I’d tell him to market the tagstreams, not the bookmarks or the tags. Of course, I have no data supporting my view, but I was never that sort of marketing vp (i.e., reality-based).

The rate of tag spam seems incredibly low: A couple of incidents a week. (Tag spam means someone tags a page with hundreds or thousands of tags so that people will come to it.) In part, said Joshua, that’s because tag spam brings you no google juice.

He is not using stemming software that recognizes “blog,” “blogging” and “blogs” all have the same stem in part because there is meaning to the variants and in part because he hasn’t found any that’s good enough.

A little thing: I learned last night that if you use the tag “for:someone,” that bookmark is sent to the Delicious user with the name “someone.”

By the way, the evening session will be available as a podcast sometime soon. I’ll let you know. [Tags: ]

Beth Kanter did an excellent job live-blogging the evening discussion. Thanks, Beth!

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  1. That would be HIGH signal to noise. A ratio that’s low signal to noise indicates that there’s no much information extractable. Or, that the person makes random long bursts of the static in the middle of sense.

  2. Damn math! Thanks, Glenn.

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  4. Thanks for a great session last night and great discussion questions.

  5. I’ve clearly been spending too much time using the web and not enough time looking at it. Just out of curiosity what percentage of your time are you spending on blogging vs. actually doing things (the stuff blogs are about). When you didn’t blog (before blogging) did you get more of that stuff done or did you find other things to do? Why is blogging so much more attractive than that other stuff? Or am I assuming that you prefer blogging when really you just feel compelled to do it? Help me out here.

  6. “…but I was never that sort of marketing vp (i.e., reality-based). ” But you were the best one I’ve ever known… ;-)

  7. Gary, I spend 1-2 hours a day blogging. There is an element of compulsiveness about it for me, but there are non-pathological rewards as well. One thing it has replaced: Exercising. Yes, blogging makes me fat

    Keep in mind that I’m a writer, so blogging doesn’t replace what I was doing before. Rather it has me doing more of what I was doing before.

    It also keeps me involved in discussions and ideas that are hugely stimulating.

    (Good to hear from you, Gary.)

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