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Does anyone know how to program a Visual Basic 6 (not .NET) form so that its contents get loaded into the Movable Type create-a-post Web form? So, imagine that I have a text box in VB that gets filled with the text “Here is my post.” I’d like to press a button, launch a browser so that it opens up my MT editing page, and have the “Entry Body” text box there get loaded with “Here is my post.” (I know how to launch a browser to a particular URL.)

Note: Comments telling me that VB6 sucks and I suck for using it are not, technically speaking, helpful.


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6 Responses to “From VB to MT”

  1. Strictly speaking, I’ve only used .net and not VB6. That said, can’t you write the html page with the form, action, filled in text box and all to the local disk, then load that local page to the browser? When the submit button is pressed, the form only reacts to action, not where it was loaded from (ignoring partial urls for the moment).


  2. There’s no reliable way to do this. Mainly because you’re asking to post via a browser. There are two many types/versions of browsers to make this work with any sort of reliability. What you could do, however, is post it via web service calls and then pull it up in an editing window on the browser. Essentially create the item via an xml call and then pass the editing URL to the browser. That’d probably work.

  3. Bill, any further info about how to post via web service calls, etc.? I don’t know how to create an item via an xml call in VB. Got a link somewhere by any chance?

    In any case, thanks. You too, mawado.

  4. I found some sample code here:

    Didn’t do a lot of research into it but it looks like some solutions use .Net Managed code to do the actual communication

  5. You could use VB to talk to the MT API and post into a new entry that way, but it wouldn’t be exactly the experience you’re describing.

  6. VB6 sucks and you suck for using it!

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