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[mac] Huge favor and a small one

One of the big drawbacks of the Mac for me is that I miss some utilities I’d written, chiefly my blog editor. It has a whole bunch of features (some day I’ll publish the documentation for it), but only a couple that I really miss: Automatic linking to sites I’ve linked to before and auto-html-ing of tags.

The small favor is to ask if anyone knows of Mac software that has those features.

But even if you do, I still want to be able to write small, amateur programs on the Mac. I’ve poked at XCode but have made no headway with it and have ordered an Objective-C book. What would really really help me, though, is being able to talk with someone who can get me up through a “hello world” program and to something that lets me do some basic text editing. We’d have to start at the IDE basics. Once I can create a form that I can type into, I can probably make headway on my own.

So, anyone have the time and patience to hold my hand through this? It might take an initial phone call and then some IM’ing or emailing of dumb questions. Send me email (self A_T if you’re up for it. Thanks!

(Or, maybe I should invest in RealBasic. I’m downloading the trial version now.) [Tags: ]

14 Responses to “[mac] Huge favor and a small one”

  1. David, you might want to take a look at, or pose your question at,

  2. I used to be handy at AppleScript back in the days before Automator (which I know nothing about), but it seems to me you might want to peruse O’Reilly’s terrific for clues. if you visit their all articles listing you’ll see categories for scripting and programming. They might be useful. Macdevcenter is how I got my whole apache/mysql site accomplished. It’s a terrific resource.

  3. You use MovableType, correct? I’ve been using a plugin for it on my blog that automagically turns keywords into Technorati tag links. Check out the TechnoratiTags (clever huh?) plugin on the Movabletype plugin page.

  4. I like ecto for blog editing, and you might be able to work with the developer to add features — he’s a great guy and releases constant micro-updates.

    For programming, Real Basic is a good way to go from what I’ve heard, but I would suggest talking to Matt Neuberg who has written the book (for O’Reilly a few years ago) on the subject.[email protected]@

  5. Get Ecto. It has the ability to call scripts written in a variety of languages and pass them the post your are editing, the selection and so on.

    Alternatively, consider customising your browser experience by getting into Firefox and GreaseMonkey:

  6. MarsEdit has a lot of fans. ::

    AppleScript Studio ::

    “AppleScript Studio is a set of professional application development tools featuring complete interface design and script writing with step-by-step debugging and source management.”

    And its free.

  7. Hands down, ecto rules.

    I will not use any web page form editor except under physical threats.

  8. Here is a very nice little tutorial:

    Additionally, once you get your feet wet with cocoa “har har”, you’ll find you can write small cocoa cli utilities in a single file with vi or full blown apps using xcode

  9. Thanks, eveyrone. Forest, the tutorial looks terrific. And I’ll look into Ecto.

  10. Hi David, I almost have the same gear now: a PB G4 and an X41 tablet. I use Ecto on the Mac and BlogJet on the PC, and believe that you will find most of the features you need in Ecto.

    And if you need to synchronize files between the two, I recommend Chronosync.

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