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Buffettster Rupert Holmester – Personality Profile

If you like pina coladas They’re a bit too much like an alcoholic milkshake, but sometimes they’re ok.
And getting caught in the rain Not really.
If you’re not into yoga I’m not.
If you have half a brain ?? If I have a whole brain, does that mean I have a half a brain? Or do some people who really have had half their brain removed register on this site? Ambiguous question.
If you like making love at midnight I’m not so much into the scheduled sex thing
In the dunes on the Cape If I get caught at it again, they say there will be “serious consequences,” which I think will get me on the sex offenders registery, so I’m going to have to say no to this one.
Additional comments: This form isn’t very specific. How about asking about pets or sports or something?

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4 Responses to “Buffettster Rupert Holmester – Personality Profile”

  1. Umm, that’s not Jimmy Buffett – it Rupert Holmes.

  2. Aha! That’s why I had so much trouble googling the lyrics!

    I guess I have to hand back my parrothead shot glass now.

    (Thanks, Jonathan.)

  3. I knew it wasn’t Jimmy Buffett but also had trouble Googling the lyrics: “If you like Bean Enchildas”

  4. i am an idiot and i am lead by richard simmons

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