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The shearing of Boston

Some Delilah has sheared Johnny Damon locks, as his new owners, the Yankees, require. To me this is only a reminder that hometown teams have nothing to do with the hometown. I get no sense of pride because the “Boston” Red Sox won the World Series. If players were required to have grown up in the town they’re playing for, maybe the team’s location would mean something. (Ok, so it’s a stupid idea. I’m not much of a sports fan.)

And The Boston Globe is shearing itself of some of its best people, including Ed Siegel, Thomas Oliphant, Jack Thomas, Ed Siegel, Richard Dyer and Renee Graham. Yikes. Thirty-three in all are falling to the budgeteers’ knives. Boston just got stupider.

Maybe they’ll start to blog. [Tags: ]

4 Responses to “The shearing of Boston”

  1. Thanks for linking to this story–unbelievable. (No, I don’t mean the Johnny Damon haircut.)

  2. Oh David,

    The irony. The Globe is owned in large part by the NYT.

    Perhaps your gripe has to do more with NYT, than the Globe higher-ups….



  3. Whether the order came from Boston or NY, I’m sure the Globe has fired these folks with the greatest reluctance and sadness.

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