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Boxer on Iraq

Terrific speech by Sen. Boxer last week. [Tags: ]

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5 Responses to “Boxer on Iraq”

  1. Wow, excellent speech. Thanks for posting it, David. I hadn’t seen it. Did she deliver it on the Senate floor? Did anyone hear it?

    I got a heads up that Boxer and John Dean will be on C-Span tonight (Tuesday) and 8PM ET. Trying to confirm it on the site and can’t find anything. Never noticed before but I don’t even see a schedule of programs! I see one for book-tv, but not for regular C-Span programming. Pretty lousy.

  2. John Murtha has his speeches on his Web site also if anyone is interested. I sent him a note of support and a small donation, and he sent back a thank you card and later his Nov. 17 speech/news conference with the Q&A that followed. I don’t see the Q&A on his site, but the main speeches are there.
    John (Jack) Murtha Web site.

    I’m a Clark supporter so this is pretty difficult for me. Clark wants to change strategy and try to stabilize things. I think he is very worried about Iran. Doesn’t stop me from showing support to a patriot like Murtha who speaks out.

    Bush’s war is such a blunder and a mess, I believe if we stay or leave, it will be a disaster. We have no good choice.

  3. Boxer for president!

  4. What a speech delived by Sen indeed. Great!!!

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