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Africa Quiz

Ethan Zuckerman has put together a 10-question quiz about the year in Africa. 60% is a high score, Ethan says. The good news: You couldn’t do worse than me. Note to self: Must read Global Voices more.

And on his blog, Ethan crunches some numbers to show the growing presence of Chinese blogs. For example, MSN is hosting at least 2 million Chinese language blogs. And Ethan wonders if blogs on Bokee, the popular Chinese blogging platform, are even showing up in the statistics. Says Ethan: “Researchers hoping to make broad statements about weblogs are going to have to start getting profoundly polylingual.” [Tags: ]

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5 Responses to “Africa Quiz”

  1. Wow! I actually knew the answer to one of the questions. I also guessed four of them correctly. Somehow, I guess that if Ethan grades on a curve, I might actually pass, even though it is perfectly clear that I need to be reading Global Voices much more often myself.

  2. Three correct! This is depressing. I bet I could have aced it too if I had gotten around to reading a recent National Geographic. I’m going to read it soon.
    September Africa issue.

    I am interested in what is happening in Ethiopia. All I know is there is fighting going on. Never see anything in the news about it; even used Google News one day and got no results.

  3. Sidebar comment here. I think that beteen the chinese, korens and the japanese they have captured approx 60 percet of bloggers !! I also remember the msft user stats for wallop seemed huge growth in the chinese arena. Now am off to do my african test, results follow :)-

  4. Wow, I read GlobalVoices religiously but only scored 60%. I’m ashamed but very happy Ethan put that quiz together. Happy 2006 everyone…

  5. I’ve been lax about following African news this year. I used to follow it closely on the BBC World Service back when they broadcast on shortwave radio to North America, but they stopped doing that a few years ago. I still managed a score of 60%, but half of those were guesses.

    Guess I need to add one more resolution to the list….

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