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OneWebDay: September 22

The OneWebDay site is up.

OneWebDay is a day to celebrate the Web and what it means to us.

Like Earth Day, it’s up to each locality — virtual or real-world — to come up with ways to celebrate. Perhaps on this first OneWebDay your community can set up wifi for a local school, hold workshops for newbies on how to use the Web, or collect online stories to capture part of your local history. Perhaps your company can sponsor an online gallery of creative works or connect with an unexpected part of the world. Better yet, invent your own way of celebrating, one that expresses the value of the Web to you and makes the world a little better… provides a place to aggregate activities so we all can see what we’re doing. Go to the site to see other ways you or your company can help make OWD a success. Why, you can even learn the secret greeting!

OneWebDay is September 22.

Hats off to Susan Crawford for the idea and for organizing it. (Disclosure: I am on the OWD board.) [Tags: ]

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  1. Very well organized site. I particularly liked the resources section.
    Will use it to plan my next trip to NWT. See you soon.

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