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One romance, two beds

I’m belatedly looking into hotels for my trip to Freedom 2 Connect outside of DC and have decided to go for the Hilton’s Romance Package because not only is it the lowest priced room they offer, it comes with breakfast. Besides, don’t I deserve a night of one-person romance, a chance to rekindle my love affair with myself?

I was mildly amused to read the description:

romance package with two beds

A romance package with two beds?? That’s either a lot less or a lot more intimacy than I think most couples would be comfortable with. [Tags: ]

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3 Responses to “One romance, two beds”

  1. You can have fun together in one bed and then like any good relationship you can have your space too.

    I prefer a king size myself, but you know it’s good they have options.

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  3. you should choose your own way to enjoy the Romance season.




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