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Nielsen’s all skewed up

No, not Jakob Nielsen. The Nielsen ratings.

I along with n million other holders of an email address have received an invitation to join the Nielsen Net Ratings “family.” All I have to do is install monitoring software that reports on every site I visit and every transaction I do on any site. But, according to their privacy policy, no one sees this personally identified information except for Nielsen, um, an for unnamed partners, and, oh yeah, the police if Nielsen thinks I’m doing anything illegal or posibly illegal depending on who’s doing the asking. Also, if I’m caught typing with one hand, they tell my mommy.

So, Nielsen’s ratings are going to report with statistically significant accuracy on the browsing behavior of patsies. [Tags:]

4 Responses to “Nielsen’s all skewed up”

  1. Well, yes. But isn’t that exactly the group many advertisers want to market to?

  2. But if you participate, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win one… thousand… dollars! “What would you do with $1000?” (That’s a direct quote from their “rewards” page.)

    Wow! Giving up privacy can be bought so cheaply these days. That is, when it’s not being stolen for nothing.

  3. Giving up privacy is the ONLY thing that happens with Nielsen. Remember that old show that Nielsen said nobody was watching? Star Trek is a billion dollar franchise. Their ratings, be it internet, TV, or anything else, is just bad science and bad for consumers.

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