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Shining a light in dark corners

The Sunlight Foundation has gone live. It aims at letting citizens know just where their lobbying dollars are going. Congresspedia, an associated project, is also up and running. Can you guessapedia what Congresspedia isapedia? (The Washington Post has a story on the launch.) [Tags: ]

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5 Responses to “Shining a light in dark corners”

  1. Sunlight Foundation. It remains to be seen if it is the Liberal Leaning Foundation or The Conservative Leaning Foundation.
    Read what they have with open mind but an awareness of hidden agendas..
    If they are truly openning a book for us into our politicians lives.. thank you!! A needed tool for a concerned voter.

  2. A much needed Washington Watch Dog. I have felt like a lone wolf with no washington backing. I have been firing away for over two years,To Cnn,C-Span,Congress and Washington Post. My pet peeve as a former Marine Corps Major Ret as a Naval Int.Officer,Communications Officer and Logistics Officer, Why someone in FEMA,Homeland Security etc,doesn’t realize unless you have compatable communication equipment for First Responders,Fire,Police,Hospitals as well as Military we wll never get our act together. This goes for frequency coordination as well. Vrspy Buzz Baer Kailua Kona Hi.

  3. Your point about Sunlight Foundation is interesting, it is new information for me.

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