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Karl Rove would sing in Spanish

Omigod, the Republicans are stumbling around like Democrats when it comes to Hispanic issues.

The immigration bill has turned into a fiasco, leaving the Republicans as the party that would build a wall between two countries — a wall! — and forcing the President to have to clarify his party’s position by saying that, no, putting 12 million people on deportation trains probably isn’t such a practical idea.

Then our President is forced to take a stand on a symbolic, wedge issue: Does the national anthem have the same value if sung in Spanish? Karl Rove would not have let the President get backed into that corner. And once in the corner, he would not have let Bush snarl his way out of it. How can the president of country of immigrants find our national song less beautiful sung in the language of those citizens who have chosen to come here? Why does it make him frightened — I do believe fear is behind this reaction — instead of bring a lump to his throat?

Countries worried about preserving their “purity” are rarely on a good path. [Tags: ]

4 Responses to “Karl Rove would sing in Spanish”

  1. Balkinization mentions a 1943 Yiddish translation of the Star Spangled Banner at But apparently only a commenter on Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal caught the irony that G.W. Bush should speak of the importance of learning English.

  2. Sorry — apparently is as close as you’re going to get to the anthem’s Yiddish translation posting. From there, you’ll have to scroll down.

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