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GoAl Gore site looking for ideas, content and stuff

Brad of set up with a WordPress installation. (It may not be reachable by you yet – is working for me at the moment but not Now all we need to do is set it up with content so powerful that Gore takes one look at it and decides he has to run.

Maybe it should be a site where people can post their reasons for wanting Gore to run, with links to resources, etc. Anyone want to take this on? Or do you have a better idea? (I’m in the middle of book stuff and can’t get to site-building right now, even if I had any good ideas.) [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “GoAl Gore site looking for ideas, content and stuff”

  1. Hot off the net:


    Gore and CO2
    Posted by Kieran Healy

    “Tim Lambert finds Iain Murray engaged in a contemptible bit of smearing. …

    Taking empty pot-shots at Al Gore is just the latest step down the ladder.”

  2. Gore is having a bigger impact by doing what he’s doing now. Why waste it by pricking the attention bubble and announcing a candidacu for a election that hasn’t even started yet?

  3. why don’t you use a civic space installation instead of wordpress? uh? isn’t better for creating a community?

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